Last Updated: September 03, 2019

Have you seen the headlines? Our industry has been making some major news this summer. We’ve been reading about everything from doctors favoring prevention over prescriptions to the uproar around a new weight loss app for kids. Check out today’s post where I’ll be sharing some of the top stories, including:

Why people are pissed off at WW
Where to use your health coaching certification
How to reduce work-related stress
What health benefits are important to millennials
Why you need to know the laws in your state
Where health-focused foodies are flocking to
And more…

Top Stories in the News

In early August, WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) launched a healthy eating app for kids ages 8-17, called Kurbo by WW. And people are pretty outraged at the message it’s sending, saying, “It’s dangerous to promote dieting behavior in children,” and “It breeds obsession with weight, calories, and food.” The app’s co-founder Joanna Strober, however, disagrees, stating that the app is designed to prevent eating disorders and inform family members about kids’ dangerous behaviors around eating.

Florida-based health coach, Heather Del Castillo, was in the news again this summer. You might remember her as the woman who was issued a fine and a cease-and-desist order for practicing without a license back in 2017. Unfortunately, a US federal judge in the Florida courts system ruled that giving nutrition and dietary advice as a health coach (in Florida) isn’t protected by the First Amendment, adding that Del Castillo could continue to give advice as long as she didn’t charge money for it.

Work-related burnout was declared a medical condition by the World Health Organization earlier this year, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise to those of us in the health and wellness field. But according to new research shared in this article, doctors (who are at an increased risk of burnout) are getting the help they need by working with health coaches.

Wellness in the Workplace

Employee health benefits are getting more expensive for companies, and they’re expecting to rise another 5% in the next year. To help combat the costs, a lot of employers are implementing initiatives such as virtual health coaching, which is great news if you’ve been thinking about pursuing a job in corporate wellness.

Speaking of corporate wellness, this segment of health coaching is continuing to grow. Companies around the world are adopting wellness programs that include everything from health risk assessments and screenings to fitness classes, weight management plans, and smoking cessation programs. The reason? Corporate wellness programs are proven to increase productivity, decrease sick days, and improve quality of life for employees.

And guess what? Millennials now consider workplace wellness to be among the top criteria when considering a new job. And companies are listening, offering health and nutrition coaching, gym access, fitness trackers, and onsite and offsite health talks.

Prevention Over Medication

Turns out scolding patients in an effort to change their habits—or even just to take their medication—isn’t working. Health care providers are interested in working with health coaches to help patients prevent their health problems with diet, exercise, and lifestyle strategies instead of over-prescribing pills.

At the American Association of Diabetes Educators conference in Houston, Dario Health presented new clinical data that shows improvements in blood-glucose levels in diabetes patients. It’s all part of a program that uses the company’s digital therapeutics platform, plus dedicated one-on-one personal health coaching.

More and more studies are coming out about how changing certain lifestyle habits can prevent and even reverse diseases like Alzheimer’s. Researchers are measuring how exercise, diet, cognitive engagement, and working with a health coach can affect the biological markers of dementia in the brain.

Who’s Hiring Health Coaches

If you live in Washington state, you may have heard of Seattle-based Vera Whole Health. The company is spearheading a shift from sick-care, where people go to the doctor when something is wrong, to health-care, where communities proactively invest in preventative health—and they’re partnering with Premera Blue Cross to bring their health coaching programs to patients in the Spokane area. Oh, and if you’re looking for work, they’re hiring 

It’s refreshing to see more gyms offering services like nutritional therapy, weight loss programs, and nutritional counseling for athletes. So, if you’ve been thinking about how to use your health coaching certification at your local gym, check out this article, which highlights San Antonio’s best gyms combining fitness and nutrition to help their members achieve better overall health.

Tell Your Clients This

Whole30 announced a collaboration with Grubhub and a major restaurant group to create the first Whole30 delivery-only restaurant. Customers in the Chicago area can order dishes including spaghetti squash with chicken meatballs and Thai chicken coconut curry soup, all made with unprocessed ingredients that adhere to the program’s rules.

Companies are starting to take work-life balance to the next level. In fact, these 12 organizations are not only insisting that their employees take a vacation (and giving them tons of vacation days), they’re helping pay for them.

In summary, health coaching continues to grow and expand, providing countless new opportunities for coaches. Stay tuned over the coming months for more news roundups featuring the most noteworthy headlines in health coaching.

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