We’ve been busy around here. Over the past few months, we’ve shared our brand new podcast, unveiled the latest chapter in the Primal Health Coach Institute curriculum, introduced you to successful Primal Health Coach grads, and provided tips and tools for growing your health coaching business.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it all, don’t worry. Today, I’ll be rounding up all the recent must-see posts from the Primal Health Coach blog.

Health Coach Radio Is On the Air

Lead by hosts Laura Rupsis and Erin Power, Health Coach Radio is a new podcast for health coaches, by health coaches, designed to help you become a better coach and entrepreneur. In each podcast, the duo discuss the art, science, and business of health coaching, and interview expert guests including Chris Kelly, Ali Watts, Laura Rupsis, Dr. Bo Neichoy, Michael Rutherford, Kama Trudgen, Ste Lane, Lauren Schwab, and Primal Health Coach Institute founder, Mark Sisson, to showcase how they’ve made it in the growing heath, nutrition, and fitness industry.

A Sneak Peek at Chapter 20

Our new onboarding and programming chapter answers the question, “How do I actually do this?” As in, after you have the ancestral health knowledge, coaching skills, and business-building tools, what are the tangible, hands-on steps you need to take in order to work with clients? If you haven’t already read this post—or completed the chapter in the curriculum, you can expect to learn things like how to figure out what to charge, how to transition group participants into one-on-one clients, and what to say during your sessions.

Life as a Primal Health Coach

If you’ve been curious what a day (or a week) is like in the life of a Primal Health Coach, check out our new series. We went behind the scenes with Rachel Barber, who helps chronically ill women heal through shifts in mindset, energy, and beliefs—and works on specific aspects of her business throughout the week. And Adan Rios, who works full-time for Virta Health in Denver, Colorado, helping people with diabetes lose weight and get off their insulin medications.

Inspiration for Images and Words

Wondering how health coaches make their graphics look so great? In this post, we show you the best tools for creating professional-looking images for your blog, social media posts, and promotions—no design skills required. Speaking of blogs, if you’ve been struggling to come up with ideas for what to write about next, you’ll want to read our 38 kinds of blog posts health coaches should be writing.

Why Your Why Matters

You likely got into health coaching because you (or someone you know) had some kind of health transformation. Maybe it was ditching the Standard American Diet, reversing high blood pressure, or overcoming an addiction to chronic exercise. Whatever it is, this is your story. In this post, we tell you why it’s so important to get clear on what your story is and how to start sharing it with your audience.

Looking for a Good Read?

If you want to transform your health coaching business (and potentially your life), give the books on this list a read. Authors like James Clear, Simon Sinek, and Mel Robbins share their expertise on mindset, perspective, and being an entrepreneur to help you dramatically change everything from how you work with clients and structure your days to how to visualize your success.

Your Tax Prep Checklist

Tax time has come and gone for 2019, but keep this Health Coach Checklist about filing your taxes handy for next year. In this post, we show you what documents you need to have ready if you do business as a sole proprietor or LLC. It includes things you’d probably expect, like year-end earnings and 1099s, as well as a few things you might not expect. We’ve also linked out to the IRS’s website and discuss common deductions for self-employed folks. This checklist is a great resource, but be sure to check with your accountant or CPA for specific questions.

Do More With Your Certification

If you’re feeling stuck, uninspired, or think working with clients one-on-one is the only way to use your health coaching certification, you’ll want to check out this post. We share 21 different ways to use your certification—and introduce you to actual health coaches who are out there living their dreams right now.


There’s so much happening here on the Primal Health Coach Institute blog, and we’re just getting warmed up. Stay tuned every week for more Health Coach Radio podcasts, more Day in the Life posts, and more resources to help you continue to improve your knowledge, your coaching skills, and your business.

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