Blogging remains one of the most worthwhile time investments as you build your new health coaching business, website, or niche and establish yourself as a go-to resource in your field. 

Don’t take it from me, take it from two-time Forbes awardee for the Top 50 Social Media Influencers, Neil Schaffer. “Blogging is as effective a marketing tool as ever. In fact, it’s supercharged. A recent study by Data Box in 2019 showed that 68% of marketers find blogging more effective than they did 2 years ago.

It’s not easy getting traffic to your new health coaching website, but if you create click-worthy blog posts with headlines that capture your ideal client avatar’s (ICA) curiosity or help to solve their problems, then you might become their go-to health coach soon enough. 

Remember to pack your blog post with value. Don’t be afraid to give away most of your best insights and tricks! The more valuable your posts are, the more they’ll be shared and devoured, and the more loyal followers and clients you will attract. Include a relevant call-to-action in your blog post—whether it be an invitation to download your freebie, to schedule a call, or simply to comment or share that post.

What’s in a great headline that makes a reader click?

Some of the most tried and true formulas still work—like numbered lists and cliffhangers—and you’ll see plenty of examples here in this list of fill-in-the-blank headlines to use in any niche health coaching content. We’ve rounded them up into the following categories and tactics:

  • Curiosity and Emotional Triggers
  • Solution-Oriented
  • Storytelling
  • Pro Tips and Tricks

Enjoy these totally customizable blog post headline templates, and, at the end, we give you 5 more prompts to brainstorm 20 more of your own!

Curiosity and Emotional Triggers

1. X Surprising Things About ____ [niche problem/solution] That No One’s Talking About

12 Surprising Things About the Paleo Diet That No One’s Talking About

2. X Signs That ____ [niche- or opposing strategy] Aren’t/Isn’t Doing You Any Favors

8 Signs That HIIT Workouts Aren’t Doing You Any Favors

3. X Things Every ____ [ICA with adjective] Needs to Know About ____ [method/diet/trend]

15 Things Every Busy Mom Needs to Know About Cooking With an Instant Pot

4. X Unexpected Reasons _____ [method/diet/trend] Helps You Live Free From/Achieve More______ [undesirable symptom or desirable outcome]

10 Unexpected Reasons Intermittent Fasting Helps You Live Free From Hunger

5. The Truth About _____ [misconception in your niche]

The Truth About Plant-Based Veggie Burgers


6. How to _____ [niche behavior/conflict] When You Have No ______ [resource or belief]

How to Stop Eating Fast Food When You Have No Time to Cook

7. X Effective Ways to Overcome ______ [niche struggle]

10 Effective Ways to Overcome Emotional Eating

8. What Happens When You _____ [behavior/activity/strategy] With/Without ______ [resource/behavior]? (It’s Good/Bad News)

What Happens When You Exercise Without Food In Your Stomach? (It’s Good News)

9. The Real Reasons Behind/Why You Have/Can’t ______ [ICA’s symptom/behavior] and What to Do About It

The Real Reasons Behind Your Angry Outbursts (and What to Do About It)
The Real Reason Why You Can’t Do More Pull-Ups (and What to Do About It)

10. How to Save/Spend Less Time _______ [essential habit/activity] With This Must-Try Strategy/Solution

How to Spend Less Time Meal Prepping With This Must-Try Solution

11. Exactly What To Do Next Time You(r)_____ [ICA’s negative experience or family/friend’s behavior] and How to Prevent It

Exactly What to Do Next Time You Hit a Plateau and How to Prevent It

Exactly What To Do Next Time Your Child Refuses Dinner and How to Prevent It

12. How to Crush/Conquer/Reverse ______ [desirable behavior/strategy] (When You Feel Like ______ )(and 5 More FAQs/Tips About _____ [niche topic])

How to Reverse a Panic Attack (and 5 More FAQs About Managing Anxiety)

How to Crush Your Workouts When You Feel Like Quitting (and 5 More Tips About Exercise Motivation)

13. Next Time You Feel/Have/Get _______ [undesired symptom] for/While/During _____ [trigger/behavior], Try These Simple Hacks That Work

Next Time You Get Hungry During a Fast, Try These Simple Hacks That Work


14. X Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started ______ [niche approach]

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started the Carnivore Diet

15. How (My) ______ [limiting belief or undesirable habit] Almost Ruined My Life/Marriage/Career

How My Obsession With Running Almost Ruined My Life

How My Low Self-Esteem Almost Ruined My Marriage

16. The One _____ [solution/activity] That Finally Helped Me Put a Stop to _____ [undesirable symptom]

The One Solution That Finally Helped Me Put a Stop to My Sugar Cravings

The One Stretching Exercise That Finally Helped Me Put a Stop to My Neck Pain

17. X Reasons Why I Will Never ______ [relevant trend]

10 Reasons Why I Will Never Go Vegan
10 Reasons Why I Will Never Take Sleeping Pills

Pro Tips and Tricks

18. X Top Mistakes to Avoid When You Try/First Start _____ [desired behavior/strategy]

5 Top Mistakes to Avoid When You First Start Exercising After a Long Break

5 Top Mistakes to Avoid When You First Try Eating Less Carbs

19. XX Must-Have/Try ______ [foods/resources] for _____ [desired outcome/strategy/behavior]

20 Must-Try Tools and Tricks for Intermittent Fasting Success
10 Must-Have Ingredients for Easy Weeknight Cooking

20. XX Easy Ways to ______ [desired habit or result] Without ______ [ICA frustration]

15 Easy Ways to Fit in a Morning Workout Without Waking Up an Hour Earlier
15 Easy Ways to Get Your Family Eating Healthier Without Annoying Them

21. Does Your ______ [person, physical attribute or condition] _____ [undesirable symptom/outcome] When/After You _______ [activity/behavior]? Here’s What You Need to Know

Does Your Stomach Hurt After You Eat? Here’s What You Need to Know
Does Your IBS Flare Up When You’re Stressed Out? Here’s What You Need to Know

22. X New Things to Do With ______ [food/tool] That Won’t Bore You/Your Family

10 New Things to Do With Carrots That Won’t Bore You

23. You Don’t/Won’t Want to Forget/Skip/Miss These 6 Hacks/Pro Tips for _______ [strategy/habit/desired outcome]

You Won’t Want to Miss These 6 Hacks for Getting Better Sleep
Don’t Forget These 6 Hacks for Shopping on Instacart

24. My Top 5 Favorite ______ [solutions/resources] for ______ [descriptive niche client or desired outcome]

My Top 5 Favorite Apps for Time-Saving Workouts
My Top 5 Favorite Stress-Relievers for Moms Who Hate Meditation

25. X Popular/Trending ______ [diets/strategies/tools] and Which Ones You’ll Want to Stay Away From

5 Trending Diets and Which Ones You’ll Want to Stay Away From

5 Prompts to Brainstorm 20 More Blog Post Ideas

    1. Misconceptions in Your Niche: What are some major misconceptions when it comes to your ideal client or the niche topic you specialize in?
    2. FAQs: What are the most common questions your followers, friends, and clients look to you for? What are some frequent dilemmas your clients face? Remember how little you knew about the topic years ago, and bring things back to that beginner’s level; your readers will appreciate it!
    3. Social Posts: Which of your posts have generated the most comments/shares/saves or DMs so far? How can you go deeper into this topic or branch off from it to make more posts?
    4. Amazon Qs and Reviews: Which book is a go-to resource for clients in your niche market? Go to that book’s Amazon page and review the questions people ask. Then, scour the reviews, too. This should leave you with dozens of ideas about what your ideal client wants and needs on this topic.
    5. Authenticity and Controversy: What’s something your followers would be surprised to know about you and your journey? Or what’s something your competitors would never post about or admit about themselves? Shock people with a daring post like “Why You Should Say Yes to the Donut Next Time They Offer”—if it makes sense and rings true to you, go for it. Controversy attracts attention and helps differentiate you in a crowded market.

What Next?

Start a Google Doc or digital note that’s just for capturing content ideas. Cut and paste the headlines you find most inspiring from this post, then braindump how you can fill in the blanks with your own niche phrases.

Contrary to popular belief, quality trumps quantity when it comes to blogging. Aim to create 1-4 quality blog posts per month, and be sure to repurpose them into social media posts and snippets to help drive traffic to the full post. The real reason blogging is so worth your time is because once you’ve created a decent number of blog posts, you’ve got yourself a content library…and that means you can repurpose those articles to save time and attract new followers across a variety of trending mediums and platforms. This is the start of something empowering, coaches!

Hungry for more? Here are 38 kinds of blog posts you should be writing, and then learn about how you can master SEO so that Google searches send new traffic your way.

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