Deciding on a business name is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking experiences for any new health coach. You want to choose the perfect name, so you scour the internet for inspiration—like our list of 149 health coaching business names. We hit you with another list, and yet another since then, but still, it takes some research to get it right.

This time, we interviewed health coaches who decided to change their business name once the original name presented challenges. The following 5 health coaches have something else in common—just when they thought they had the perfect name, they discovered an existing business with a name just like it.

Could this happen to you?

It’s surprising how many ways this can sneak up on you. Thanks to these unique examples, you can prevent, or rise above, this all-too-common business challenge:

When an Existing Business Has a Similar Name


Inspired by her own healing journey with a Paleo-style diet, Angela Blanchard began sharing her results with the world under the business name, Paleo Mom of Two. “It wasn’t until I started getting more into the Paleo scene that I realized another prominent blogger had a very similar name. I wanted to distinguish myself and avoid issues down the road, so I did my research (to avoid making the same mistake), and came up with Mom Eats Paleo.”

Angela understood the importance of letting her audience know about the name change and rebrand so she “could continue to have their trust.” Fast forward 3 years and Angela is still happy with the new name, “but looking back—and after learning more about the business world—I would have gone a different route by using my real name. Who knows, maybe that’s still in the cards.”


Janiece Schwehr implemented her name change right before she began establishing her business in January 2020. Via Google search, she discovered that the name she originally chose was already claimed by a supplement company created by a dietitian with a popular Instagram following…

“I was so bummed! I didn’t want to potentially infringe on her brand or trademark, much less create confusion for my potential clients! I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to research your potential company name before formally establishing your business! Google the name and any close iterations of it, check all social media platforms.”

She went back to the drawing board and loves her new name, Simple Sustenance Health, even more. She also added the word “Coach” to her logo, so that even without context, it tells the viewer exactly who she is.

Janiece even went the extra mile and snatched up slight variations of her new domain to help prevent someone else from infringing on her brand.


Deepak Saini started his business with the name FIT BODY HEALTH. He liked that name because, he explains, “Fit Body encompasses everything including mind, spirit, and physical health.”

He did his research upfront to see if anyone in Canada had the original name, and no one did at the time. But about 6 months in, a company with the same name moved to Canada from another country! Who could predict that?

“Besides confusion there, people I knew assumed I was only a personal trainer [because of that name]. Another mistake I made was forming my company and choosing a name before I had secured a website and all the social media domains.”

After 2 years in business, Deepak decided to change his business name and rebrand for a couple more reasons:

“My practice and knowledge have expanded, so, I wanted something that encompassed more of what I do and didn’t make people assume I was only a personal trainer. Also, I had an avocado incorporated in my original logo, but it became overused [in the industry].”

Deepak decided to go with his name .com, however, his full name is very common in India. That’s why he added the word “health” to make it Deepak Saini Health. Since his company was already incorporated, he did not change his legal name (yet?).


David Littlechild is still in the transition phase of changing his business name. Before he began coaching, he started an Instagram Account with the name @beKETO.uk. He chose beKETO because it represented what he wanted to do: help others on their journey to becoming keto.

Just recently, another Instagram account with a near-identical name, selling “BeKeto” branded products, came to life (after being inactive for a long time). Now, Dave is slowly migrating his business over to Keto Coach Dave, because he wants a name that he can grow with.

“Who knows what I might want to do with my original beKETO name in the future…I now realized that to grow with it would be very difficult as there’s already a company out there using the name. I chose @ketocoachdave because I wanted something that was more personable to me…I still haven’t changed the name of my website though as I am still deciding whether I want to use ‘ketocoachdave’ or come up with another name for my coaching business and website. It’s not easy, ya know!”


Jennifer Michelle Essary started coaching under the name of Jen’s Primal Health. She reflects back on the name choice, realizing, “As more coaches came onto the scene, many of us have incorporated the word “primal’ into our business name…my name began to lose its uniqueness.” She even came across another Facebook page with the exact same business name.

“I’ve learned a lot since 2016. I feel I’m much wiser about marketing and branding than when I first began… I completed Marie Forleo’s B-school and her advice was that if you are your brand, then you should make your business name your name.

Jen’s last name is Essary, which she says is often misspelled, and that’s why she went with her middle name, Michelle. In migrating over to this new business name, JenniferMichelle.co, she realized all of the technical things to consider and resolve…

“How do you change your URL without losing current traffic? What do you do with your affiliate accounts? How do you handle your old e-mail address? How can I maintain that traction I’ve gained on Pinterest? What do I need to do for my LLC or bank accounts? What about old social media links and the name on my social media accounts? These hurdles made me wish I put more thought into choosing my name from the beginning, but I also realize that you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Jen solved a primary issue by redirecting her old URL to her new one, and she says, “Thankfully, having a parked URL with Bluehost is free.” She’s in the process of designing a new logo now. Jen suggests, “Anything you can hire out I highly recommend doing that so you can save yourself time.”

How will you use these lessons to help decide on the perfect business name? Get started with your research, and snag up the domain and social media handles right away. Best of luck!

Interested in more real-life business naming stories? Check out our follow-up post, How 4 More Expert Health Coaches Chose the Perfect Business Name.

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