Fast Track the Success of Your Health Coaching Business

Join Mark Sisson and Christine Hassler at
This Exclusive, Life-Changing Event
Location: Austin, TX
Date: April 23-25, 2019

Take your business from concept to reality with in-person coaching with Mark and Christine

You are a part of a select group of people that have followed their passions and invested in becoming a health coach. As a coach or coach-in-training, you’ve proven that you have a deep understanding of nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle principles. You’ve learned the tenets of being an effective coach. And you’ve secured (or are on your way to securing) your professional credential. Congratulations are due. But what you do next is pivotal to whether you fulfill your personal and professional ambitions as a health coach.

Take a minute to reflect on where you are with your health coaching pursuits:

  • Have you hit a point of overwhelm with all the material presented in your course curriculum?
  • Do you have specific questions/issues with your health coaching practice that you’re craving guidance on?
  • Are you grappling with where to start?
  • Not sure where or how to get your first client(s)?
  • Struggling with how to “sell” yourself and your services?
  • Not feeling so confident with your coaching abilities?
  • Wanting to take your fledgling health coaching career to the next level, but aren’t sure how?

Health coaching students will learn how to hit the ground running upon graduation, accelerating their business building and health coaching success. And existing coaches will get guidance on the specific concerns and roadblocks they’ve encountered in their business since becoming a professional coach. We want to provide you with some extra and very personal support to help kick overwhelm to the curb and get your business booming. We want to help you break through your roadblocks and become a successful coach!

This private training is personal and hands-on, so we only have space for 50 participants. It’s first come, first serve, so if you’re looking for direct guidance for getting your health coaching business off the ground or taking it to the next level, then we encourage you to sign up now before all slots are claimed!

Is Paleo f(x)™ on your bucket list? You're invited and can attend for FREE!

The timing and location of next year's Masterclass couldn’t be better. Not only can you take part in an intensive retreat with Mark, Christine, and special presenters, but you can also extend your stay and attend Paleo f(x)™ at no additional cost to you (a $172 value). That's right, when you attend Masterclass you'll receive a free Expo pass to Paleo f(x)™, the premier annual event for the ancestral health community.

Paleo f(x)™ 2019 is shaping up to be a great one. Mark is on three panels and giving a workshop on the Evolution and Future of the Ancestral Health Coach. He’s joined by Chris Kresser, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and many other Paleo experts. There’s no requirement to attend, but there will likely be 100+ Primal Health Coaches at Paleo f(x)™ this year, so we encourage you to stick around, network, and expand your knowledge.

What You’ll Learn

We tackle so much in our Primal Health Coach course and supplemental Business Resource Center. The Primal Health Coach Masterclass goes above and beyond to help you take what you’ve learned and apply it to your coaching practice. It’s not a Level 2 Certification, and it’s certainly not required to become a Primal Health Coach. It is a chance to get your personal questions answered and resolved, in real-time, by the experts. Mark and Christine will address your specific stumbling blocks, so that you can push forward and create the career of your dreams. Put simply: there’s nothing like learning in-person, live, and hands-on, from the best of the best.

Get applicable and individual coaching on…

  • Turning your passion into a career: go beyond lip-service and into action with practical and personal guidance.
  • Making money as a health coach: specific money-making techniques take your health coaching aspirations from pipe-dream to profit.
  • Becoming a better salesperson: gain confidence and get better at enrolling clients; learn how to turn top objections into coachable moments.
  • Excelling as a confident, effective coach: get your clients results, become more comfortable in your abilities and knowledge, and release fear and self-doubt.

Mark Sisson and Christine Hassler will work with you as a group and one-on-one to make sure you have the internal and external resources you need to succeed as a health coach. And you’ll get to spend the weekend in gorgeous Austin, Texas!

Get to Know Our Trainers Better!

Mark and Christine will be joined by Spotlight Coaches offering specific expertise for a maximized and well-rounded weekend. Here’s who will be joining you!

Master Coaches

Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson

Mark is recognized as one of the nation's leading authorities on the low-carb movement and evolution-based health, fitness, and nutrition. A noted researcher, author, and lecturer, he has dedicated his personal and professional life to offering sustainable solutions to health, wellness, and weight-loss. He is publisher of, one of the most popular health blogs on the Internet and the author of the best-selling Primal Blueprint book series. He is also founder and CEO of Primal Nutrition, Inc., a provider of lifestyle-enhancing nutrition supplements; Primal Kitchen®, bringing uncompromisingly delicious, high quality, nutrient-dense sauces and dressings to kitchens everywhere; and Primal Health Coach, the first and preeminent online ancestral health certification program.

Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler, M.A.

Christine is Coaching Director of the Primal Health Coach program and author of Expectation Hangover, The 20 Something Manifesto, and 20 Something, 20 Everything. For over a decade, as a speaker, retreat facilitator, spiritual psychologist and life coach, and host of the top-rated podcast "Over it and On With It," Christine has been teaching and inspiring people around the world.

Spotlight Coaches

Erin Power, RHN, PHC

Head of Student and Graduate Support for the Primal Health Coach program, Erin brings over 20 years of marketing communications expertise to the table, alongside 20+ years spent in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Erin's health coaching consulting company eat.simple has helped 200 clients and counting achieve an effortless relationship with food, once and for all.

Laura Rupsis

In addition to heading up the admissions process for Primal Health Coach, Laura is also owner of Out of the Box Nutrition and a Primal Health Coach herself. As co-owner of Absolution CrossFit in LaGrange Illinois, her focus is bringing functional fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle change to her local community and beyond with her blog Mom Gone Paleo. Laura successfully made the transition out of a lucrative 20-year career in sales and financial services to pursue a career in health coaching, and is ardent about helping others follow their own passions.

Ryan Rouse

Ryan Rouse is the former chief marketing officer and co-founder of Factor 75, an organic meal preparation and delivery company. In the last year, Ryan has become a certified Primal Health Coach and transitioned from holding a stressful corporate job to becoming a successful one-on-one and group health coach. He is also the owner of R2 Digital, operating as a consultant to e-commerce and health driven entrepreneurs.

Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright

Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright are Primal Health Coaches and the founders and co-owners of Ketogains. Over the past 3+ years, their group coaching program has helped well over 2,000 people achieve improved health, body composition and performance. Their clients have documented weight losses exceeding 100,000, and their rates of recidivism are lower than any documented program currently in existence.

What to Expect

We’ve got a superb lineup scheduled for the weekend.
Take a look at the itinerary!

Tuesday (1pm to 5pm):
Afternoon Icebreaker and Tactical Sessions

1pm to 1:45pm: Three Content Strategies you can Implement Today - Erin Power

Before clients can find you, you need to be findable. Where will they find you, and what will they see when they get there?

Content Marketing is an inexpensive (free!) and easy-to-implement marketing strategy that you can begin doing today, no matter where you are in the development of your coaching practice.

In this workshop, Erin will provide actionable strategies to encourage you to get your brand voice into market right now, so your prospective clients can find you, get to know you, and begin to get excited about working with you.

2:00pm to 2:45pm: How to Earn $150/hour as a Primal Heath Coach - Laura Rupsis

You want to follow your passion. You want to help others. You want to help save the world and make it your life work, but... an you do that and be financially successful at the same time?

The answer is yes!

Put your business hat on and learn how to plan a scalable business structure that allows you to make the income you need without working 60 hours a week. Learn how to structure scalable product offerings and layer revenue streams to produce the income you need in order to live a life of purpose without giving up financial independence.

3:00pm to 3:45pm: Tales from Ketogains Bootcamps: Secrets of a Successful Online Group Program - Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright

Luis and Tyler will offer up their wealth of insight into creating virtual and highly-scalable businesses, leveraging technology to supplement human effort. Having only recently begun teaching their approach to a very small number of coaches, this will be among the first time that they open up about how they got things right, and the lessons they learned along the way.

4:00pm to 4:45pm: Transitioning from Corporate Job to Health Coaching Career - Ryan Rouse

Certified Primal Health Coach Ryan Rouse will show you how he made the leap from high-powered, high-octane corporate job to becoming a successful health coach. He’ll share how he used Facebook advertising to generate leads for a group coaching challenge. He’ll show you how he ran the challenge, and how he used it to convert prospects into paying clients and a reliable stream of income. You won’t want to miss this session!

5:30pm to 6:30pm: Field Trip - Kettlebell Class at Onnit Gym

To cap off the day, we'll be making an excursion to Onnit Gym for a group training session with the one and only Eric Leija, aka Primal Swoldier (@primal.swoldier). As a leader in kettlebell training, Eric Leija aims to empower you in your pursuit of excellence. He’s developed the world’s best kettlebell courses, workout plans and online training available today. He will lead our group through an incredible workout designed for all fitness levels and help us end the day on a high note.

Wednesday (8:30am to 5pm):
The Business of Health Coaching

8:30am to 12pm: Welcome and Keynote - Mark Sisson and Christine Hassler

Mark and Christine will show you how to turn your passion into a profitable business by adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur and business owner while mastering your mission as a healer and coach. See the coaching model in action as they address your biggest hurdles in business. You'll have the opportunity to ask specific questions about your business, and there will be plenty of time for group interaction and feedback.

12pm to 1pm: Catered Paleo/Primal Lunch

Eat, be merry, and connect.

1pm to 3pm: Mastering Marketing - Mark Sisson and Christine Hassler

Mark and Christine will teach specific techniques for attracting opportunities and securing clients, and offer personal suggestions for branding and marketing your business.

Spotlight Coach Erin Power will share her health coaching journey and the marketing tactics she has used to successfully launch and grow her business.

3:30pm to 5:00pm: Sales and Enrollment - Christine Hassler and Laura Rupsis

Christine and Laura will walk you through the art of enrollment and how to get the sleazy out of selling. You’ll learn:

  • What to do to get a YES, and how to deal with the NO that will inevitably come your way.
  • How to overcome the most common objections, such as "I can't afford it."
  • How to truly connect with your potential client within the first 30 seconds of your discovery call and create instant rapport.
  • How to shift your limiting beliefs around "sales."

Spotlight Coach Laura Rupsis will share the marketing methods that have made her CrossFit gym such a success, taking her from a full-time career in sales and finance to a full-time career in health.

Practice makes perfect, so we will divide you into small groups so you can try out the art of enrollment on your peers!

Thursday (8:30am to 5pm):
The Art and Science of Health Coaching

8:30am to 11:30am: How to Coach - Christine Hassler

Christine will deep dive into coaching fundamentals so that you leave 100% confident about your ability to coach. She will be sharing specific coaching tools to support your clients on the emotional, mental, and behavioral levels. You will be able to witness Christine coach live as she explains the techniques. You will also have the opportunity to practice your skills and receive feedback from your peers in small groups. This is a super empowering way to learn and uplevel your coaching practice. We'll take advantage of YOUR remarkable Primal Health Coach skills and add to your coaching toolbox.

11:30am to 12:30pm: Catered Paleo/Primal Lunch

Community is part of our mission, so we're taking a long lunch to network and connect. We will be assigning people to "zones of genius" so that we can support one another with the expertise we naturally bring to the table. Those of you who are tech savvy most certainly have something to offer those of you who are already super confident in sales, and vice versa! We will mix and match accordingly for the opportunity to connect and network with others of a different genius zone.

12:30pm to 2pm: Open Panel Discussion/Q & A - Mark Sisson

We want to make sure we get all your questions and concerns answered so that you are pumped and primed to build your business exponentially. Mark, Christine, Laura, and Erin will lead this open forum panel, discussion, and Q & A.

2pm to 5pm: Design your Business Plan and Action Steps

Before you leave we will make sure you have your business plan and action steps in place. No more overwhelm, no more getting stuck, no more wondering what the future of your business looks like. We've got this!

Bonus: As a Masterclass VIP, Attend for Free!

6:30pm to 10pm: Exclusive Networking Dinner

We’re hosting a special networking event of dinner and socializing on the evening of the 25th and inviting all Primal Health Coaches and special VIP guests from the ancestral health community. Limited to just 150 people, this is a not-to-be-missed evening for all Primal Health Coaches, and Masterclass attendees are guaranteed a ticket and can attend for free. Meet more of your tribe and ancestral health movers and shakers, and have dinner with Mark, Christine, and the Primal Health Coach Institute staff. It’s the perfect way to cap off the Masterclass experience!


Give Me the Details

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, April 23-25, 2019

Location: CANVAS at The Refinery, Austin, TX

Ticket price: $1,895 per person

We only have space for 50 attendees, so if you believe in your mission, then make the investment in yourself and your business today.


Looking Back on Past Masterclass Events


What Do Past Attendees Say?

"Christine and Mark were attentive, responsive and interested in all of us in achieving what we needed. I am so so grateful for the experience and it will serve me for years to come." - Chloe

"Taking this class was a stretch for me, both financially and personally. I had no idea truly what I was in store for, how this would help me, or how I was going to afford it. But I had this feeling (bare with me) that I NEEDED to go for some reason. [...] This weekend was such a powerful, eye-opening, mind blowing experience for me. I'm so grateful to all of you for all your knowledge and for sharing your experience in life and business!" - Bri

"The content seemed well thought out, relevant, and a nice blend of theoretical and practical learnings. I especially liked the exercise where we took turns being coach, client, and neutral observer. Very helpful in all 3 seats!" - Carolyn

"I loved the weekend, the course, the stories, the practice drills and all the wonderful people I met. I will benefit greatly in building my business with the new confidence I gained." - Thomas

"I have to say that I am amazed at how completely relevant this was for everyone—from people like myself and a couple of others who are still at the beginning of the course to folks who've been in the industry for ages. Excellent work all the way around." - Seth

"I gained reinforcement and clarity to my vision which not only strengthens my commitment but elevates my sense of purpose to things unimaginable and limitless. I truly feel liberated to dream infinitely and know that they are attainable—beautiful life!" - Tressa


Where should I stay?
Masterclass will be held at CANVAS at The Refinery at 612 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701, USA.

Just across the Colorado River, about a half hour walk or five minute car ride, is the Palmer Events Center where Paleo f(x)™ will be held.

There are dozens of hotels to choose from near both locations in downtown Austin, so finding a suitable place to stay should not be a challenge as long as you book early enough. Rooms near Palmer do tend to fill up as Paleo f(x)™ approaches, so we recommend you book as early as possible. More budget friendly options are available the further you venture away from downtown Austin. Additionally, AirBNB can be a great option depending on your budget and needs.

Last, consider sharing accommodations with fellow attendees. Connect with each other on our Private Facebook page!

How will I get to the event?
The nearest major airport is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights and is approximately 15 miles (30-40 minute drive) from downtown Austin.

You can compare car rental options at And here are some other transportation options, to and from the airport, and otherwise while in Austin.

Check out our Private Facebook page to set up ride shares.

Are payment plans available?
Yes! Please call our toll free number 844-307-7662 (or 310-579-6596) and speak with Laura. We’d love to make this work for you!

Are there any discounts available?
If your partner would like to attend with you and you purchase the tickets together, there’s a $200 discount on the second ticket. Call us at 844-307-7662 (or 305-394-6960) to receive this partner discount.

Will meals be provided?
Lunch will be catered and provided at CANVAS on Wednesday and Thursday, and is included in the cost to attend. We’re working with caterers to ensure you receive paleo-friendly meals. Dinner is catered on Thursday night. Breakfasts are not included.

Will there be any physical activities during Masterclasses?
Yes! We will be making an excursion to Onnit Gym for a group training session with the one and only Eric Leija, aka Primal Swoldier (@primal.swoldier), early evening on Tuesday. The cost of this group training session is covered in the cost of your Masterclass ticket.

Will you be holding another Masterclass event in the future?
This will likely be the only Masterclass event held in 2019. We anticipate holding additional Masterclass events in the future—maybe one each year—perhaps in other locations, but nothing concrete is planned.

Can I bring a partner, co-worker, or friend?
Yes, and if you purchase the tickets together, the second ticket can be purchased at a reduced cost. If your partner or co-worker isn’t a Primal Health Coach student or grad, this is the perfect time for them to enroll. Give us a ring at 844-307-7662 (or 310-579-6596) and we’ll be glad to help you.

What is your refund policy for this event?
Cancellations that occur prior to March 15 will be refunded in full minus a $300 deposit. Cancellations made on or after March 15 will forfeit 50% of the full ticket price. This is a special event with limited space, so please only secure a ticket if you are certain you are able to attend.

Are tickets to Paleo f(x)™ included in my Masterclass ticket purchase?
Yes! Paleo f(x)™ Expo tickets cost $172, but we’ve partnered with the team at Paleo f(x)™ to allow you to attend for free as a Masterclass special guest. If you’d like to upgrade your Expo pass to a Premier or VIP badge contact our customer service team. We can get you a $172 discount on either of those badge options in lieu of your Expo pass. (There is no requirement to attend Paleo f(x)™. Paleo f(x)™ tickets are non-transferrable and not redeemable for cash or other prizes.)

What if I’ve already purchased a Paleo f(x) badge?
Unfortunately, Paleo f(x) has a strict no refund policy, so you’l be unable to return your existing badge and acquire a new one through us. However, we will be happy to deduct the negotiated rate at which we’re acquiring badges from Paleo f(x) from the price of your Masterclass ticket. Call us at 844-307-7662 (or 310-579-6596) to make these arrangements.

Is there anything else I should know?
Yes! This event will be filmed and photographed. At least some of the footage and photos will be used in the Primal Health Coach coursework, the Business Resource Center, and in marketing materials. You’ll be asked to sign a release waiver prior to the event date.