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Jenn Maples

As an advertising writer turned nutritional therapy practitioner, Jenn Maples thrives on sharing her knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and marketing in conversational, easy-to-understand ways that won’t make your head spin. She has built two businesses from the ground up, including her health coaching practice, Running on Real Fuel, which helps busy working moms (like herself) learn how to fuel themselves with the right foods for their individual needs. More recently, Jenn co-wrote the Business Building curriculum for the Primal Health Coach Institute, which gives PHCI students must-have tools to build a successful health coaching practice. Jenn is also a long-distance runner, having completed her first ultra marathon in the spring of 2018. She lives in the Seattle suburbs with her Primal Health Coach husband Adam, their two daughters, and their Australian Shepherd, Belle.

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Last Updated: August 15, 2018

If you’ve been spending more time studying or seeing clients than you have catching up on...

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If you’re anything like I was when starting out as a health coach, you probably thought...

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Trust me, you’re not alone. We all experience self-doubt from time to time. And taking a...

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You just got your first client. Congratulations! It’s exciting to realize you’re actually moving toward making...

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When you think about the type of person who becomes a health coach, you probably picture...

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Chances are you got into health coaching to help people, not take a deep dive into...

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In the past few posts, we’ve talked about how to generate leads and how to turn...

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Most health coaches offer a free discovery call for new clients. Why? Because working together is...

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Starting your own health coaching business can be a challenge. Between designing your website, nurturing leads,...

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