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Marisa Moon

Driven by the discovery of her non-celiac gluten intolerance in 2013, Marisa entered the field of nutrition with a recipe blog called My Longevity Kitchen and obtained a certificate in Culinary Arts from Kendall College of Culinary Arts in Chicago. The early blogging and culinary experiences provided Marisa with collaborative opportunities from businesses like the cutting-edge cafe called Hi-Vibe Superfood Juicery. She fulfilled roles as the Paleo recipe developer, nutrition researcher, content creator, and marketing manager, over the next 5 years. Today, Marisa focuses her practice on 1-on-1 health coaching that fuses together health + life coaching to help busy adults put an end to the confusion about what’s healthy—and finally achieve results that last. Other projects include hosting and producing The Foundation of Wellness podcast, public speaking, writing for the Primal Health Coach Institute blog, and teaching Intermittent Fasting in her signature online course (a book is in the works!). After 5 years of intermittent fasting in her own life—to combat ADHD symptoms and sluggish energy—and then educating others in workshops, podcasts, and summits, Marisa is becoming known for her flexible I.F. approach that emphasizes nutrient-dense foods and intuitive, enjoyable fasting.

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Last Updated: June 22, 2021

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