Last Updated: June 23, 2018

One of the most daunting yet exciting moments in a health coach’s career is when you decide to take your first step toward your new calling and enroll in a health coaching course such as the Primal Health Coach program.

For some, taking this first step towards a career in health coaching is arguably the most challenging. It may have been years since you were last enrolled in formal education, and the thought of returning to study while juggling work and family commitments may seem like a near impossible mission.

It’s also completely natural to feel a little apprehensive about taking this first step towards a new career, despite believing that health coaching is your true calling, especially if you hold a well-paying job in your current profession.

The reality is, studying while working full-time isn’t easy, but for many of us, it’s a necessary step toward pursuing our dream of turning our passion into our profession.

This post is for all the soon-to-be health coaches who are currently enrolled or strongly considering enrolling in the Primal Health Coach program as we provide 5 handy tips on how to best manage studying while working full-time.

1. Set Your Own Deadlines

An appealing aspect of the Primal Health Coach program, is that it is self-paced and all the course material is available online, which means you can study anytime, anywhere.

Rather than taking the approach of “I’ll see how long this will take me,” you’ll actually find that you’ll be most productive if you create your own study goals and deadlines.

Having a visual representation of your study goals and deadlines will help with accountability and a handy tip is to record them in Google Calendar or on a wall planner.

The idea behind setting your own goals and deadlines is to keep you focused, motivated and on track to finish the course in the time you’ve allocated yourself.

It is important to never put any unnecessary pressure or stress on yourself to reach your own deadlines. If you feel as though your deadlines need adjustment, simply reassess a more feasible timeframe that you believe is more manageable.

2. Plan Study Time Into Your Schedule

The best way to fit study into your week is to book it into your schedule.

When planning your study time have a think about which time of day suits you best.

If you’re someone that feels more alert first thing in the morning, then allocate some study time before you head off to work.

If you work better in the evening, then allocate a couple of hours to your study before bed.

If you have a long commute, the Primal Health Coach program includes audio sessions that you can listen to while you’re driving or on public transport. You could also study during your lunch break or allocate several hours to studying on a Saturday or Sunday.

It doesn’t matter when you fit your study into your schedule, but it is very important that you keep it regular and consistent, as you’re more likely to stick to it.

It’s also essential to avoid filling all your available time with study, especially if you’re working full-time or caring for children and family members. Make sure to leave yourself some free time for social activities, meal preparation, rest and self-care.

3. Find the Perfect Place to Study

Finding a quiet place to study can be just as challenging as finding time to study!

Here are a few ideas to help you find your most suitable study nook.

1. Study at work. Depending on your workplace, you could ask your boss if you could come into work early or stay later to study. You’ll find that the office is quiet during these times and you’re in an environment where you’ve developed a habit for working, so study is likely to be highly productive.

2. Study at home. If you have a quite spot at home, try and set up a comfortable workstation, where you can study undisturbed; away from the sound of the TV or other members of your household.

3. Study at your local library. Libraries have free Wi-Fi and are notoriously quiet, so you’ll definitely be able to get some undisturbed study time there.

4. Keep Yourself Motivated

Throughout your study, your motivation will definitely follow many peaks and troughs, so it’s important to find some motivational strategies to help you through the more challenging times.

A great tip to help re-spark your motivation is to re-visit your initial goals and the reasons why you began your journey to become a health coach. It’s also important to think of the bigger picture and remember how gaining your Primal Health Coach certification will change your career and your life.

Another important tip is to let your loved ones know when your motivation is waning as they can help you re-focus if you seem a little distracted or unmotivated.

If you’re still not feeling it, take a short break from study. Sometimes a short break (2-7 days) is all you need to come back refreshed and energized for your study.

Don’t push through if studying has become a real struggle, as this may be an early sign of burn out and it is unlikely you will retain information if you are forcing yourself to study.

5. Stay Balanced

This may seem like an impossible task when you’re working and studying, but it is an absolute must.

As eager as you may be to finish your course as soon as possible, it’s important to avoid over-committing yourself.

Try and maintain a healthy balance of work, study, down time, social activities and play.

In order to do this you must be organized, and disciplined with respect to your schedule. This means avoiding blowing off your study for a social activity. It’s important to consider your study time as something that can’t be skipped. Conversely, think of your social activities in the same manner. It’s important not to skip a dinner party or a hike with friends for study time if it has been pre-arranged.

Juggling work and study isn’t easy, so it’s vital you put an effective strategy into place to give yourself the best chance of success. The 5 tips we’ve outlined here will help you manage your time most effectively, so you can start the next chapter of your health coaching journey.

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