Last Updated: October 03, 2018

Back in April, we talked about some updates we’ve been making to the Primal Health Coach Institute curriculum—from 12 brand new Business-Building chapters and a new chapter on Scope of Practice, to practical, hands-on exercises you can use in the real world. And now we’re at it again with even more improvements to the course, starting this summer and continuing through to the end of the year.

Since establishing the program in 2014, Mark Sisson and his team have helped thousands of graduates turn their passion for health into a meaningful career, and we’re not stopping any time soon. Through feedback on our Facebook page for PHCI Students and Graduates, our 3-day Masterclass like the one we held in Miami Beach last July, plus emerging research and information in the fields of health, fitness, coaching, and marketing, we’re making significant updates to make the first and preeminent ancestral health coaching school even better.

Ready to see what’s new at Primal Health Coach Institute? Read on.

Take a Deeper Dive Into Coaching

Building on the foundational coaching chapters we’ve featured in the curriculum for over two years, our newest chapter, Advanced Coaching Layers, tackles techniques that our own Coaching Director, Christine Hassler, uses personally in her sessions. These techniques allow you to go deeper with your clients on a variety of levels so that you can connect with them better and get better results. The chapter also has downloadable exercises that help you dive into figuring out what kind of coach you are. Plus, you get access to live coaching demos that give you a real-life sense of what a coaching relationship actually looks like.

This chapter covers topics such as:

  • Coaching best practices (how to build rapport, get centered, and set intentions)
  • Tactics for working with clients on emotional, behavioral, mental, and spiritual levels
  • One-on-one coaching demos led by Master Life Coach Christine Hassler

Be Your Own Marketing Manager

There’s also a new business-building chapter on Marketing for Small Businesses. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create a marketing plan that works, understand what the heck a sales funnel is, and tackle any preconceived notions you may have about email campaigns (yes, you actually do need them). We’ll even show you exactly what to say on an enrollment call, so you can turn those leads into paying clients.

In addition, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a website and blog in WordPress
  • Help clients find you using inbound marketing
  • Attract clients with relevant content marketing
  • Generate traffic for your website
  • Create email campaigns and set up autoresponders
  • Secure new clients and keep them coming back for more

Watch and Learn, Live!

Did you know Primal Health Coach Institute hosts a collection of monthly live webinars on everything from how to find new clients to how many carbs to eat if you’re a Crossfitter? These live webinars are great because while online coursework will give you the information you need and train your mind, webinars give you a chance to interact with other students, ask questions, and get real-time answers to all your pressing Primal health concerns.

Recent webinars have included:

  • Live Coaching Role-Play. Adapted from an exercise in PHCI’s Masterclass weekends, this webinar immerses you in the role of the health coach.
  • How To Be a Health Coach on Social Media. Christine teaches you how to find your unique brand voice to deliver a message that makes you stand out on social media.
  • How to Find New Clients. See how your marketing efforts play a major role in how clients find you and hire you.
  • Health Coaching Advocacy. Learn how to fight for your right to practice in your state or country from Jonathan Posey of the Council of Holistic Health Educators.

Of course, watching a webinar is always better live, but students and grads can catch the replay anytime in the Educational Resources section of the curriculum.

Get a Higher Caliber Education

Unless you’ve been out hunting and gathering for the past few months, you’ve probably noticed that Primal Health Coach has transformed into the Primal Health Coach Institute. Why the name change? With all the advancements we’ve been making to the curriculum, including chapters on in-depth coaching and ones on building and scaling your business, we wanted our name to reflect the caliber of education you get with our program, one that’s on par with programs like Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Duke Integrative Health Coaching Foundation Course, and the Nutritional Therapy Association.

Check Out the Business Resource Center

There’s no need to create your own forms, handouts, or even presentations. As a student or grad of the Primal Health Coach Institute, you can download just about everything you need to work with existing clients and promote your business to new ones. In the Business Resource Center, you’ll also find exclusive content including:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset Masterclass videos
  • Interviews with our board of expert advisors
  • Marketing assets including logos, graphics, and brochures
  • Coaching forms and educational handouts
  • 21-Day Challenge materials to run your own group challenge online
  • Tips on how to be an effective Primal Health Coach
  • PHCI perks like wholesale pricing and affiliate programs
  • PCHI partnerships and collaborations
  • Recommended reading list (Got a favorite book that’s not on the list? Let us know and we’ll add it.)

Look for these updates coming soon…

Knowing What to Do After the Sale

We’ll be adding a new chapter on onboarding clients and programming by the end of 2018. Based on the Primal Health Coach Institute’s 12-Week Coaching program, we’ll show you how to build a successful coaching relationship with your clients once they’ve hired you. You’ll learn how to hold one-on-one coaching sessions, how to motivate your clients to make lasting changes, and all of the practical hands-on elements of working as a health coach.

See How to Easily Scale Your Business

Now that we have thousands of Primal Health Coaches working out there in the world, they want to know how to advance their businesses without stretching themselves too thin. That might mean hiring employees, writing a best-selling book, creating an online course, or automating their entire practice. A new chapter on scaling your business is scheduled to hit the Primal Health Coach Institute curriculum in the coming months, so stay tuned for it.

Level Up Your Certification

Want to take your Primal Health Coach Institute training to the next level? We’re well on our way to rolling out the first of our specialty certifications. Be on the lookout for the Keto Reset specialty certification, coming soon.

Watch Us Grow

We’re always looking for experts to add to the faculty list here at Primal Health Coach Institute. Know any practitioners you think we should add to our team? Someone who can support our students in their education, coaching, and business building endeavors? Let us know at hello@primalhealthcoach.com.

Meet Up With Us in Person

If you made it to our Masterclass last July in Mark’s new hometown of Miami Beach, you know what a blast it was. Paddleboarding, networking, learning, growing, sharing, and making lifelong friends. For those who didn’t make it, we’re in the planning stages for Masterclass events in 2019, and will keep you posted on dates as soon as we have them. We’re also planning a large Primal Health Coach VIP dinner party during Paleo(f)x this year (that’s April 26-28, 2019, in case you don’t have it on your calendar yet). Our community is huge at this event, so don’t miss this opportunity to rub elbows with other Primal Health Coaches and paleo experts.

In Summary…

We’re constantly improving our curriculum here at the Primal Health Coach Institute. With new chapters on coaching, marketing, onboarding, and scaling your business, plus an ever-growing collection of webinars, resources for students and grads, and exclusive meet-ups, there’s never been a better time to enroll. What are you waiting for?

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