A fitness coach helps their clients become the healthiest they can be.

Fitness Coach Versus Personal Trainer: Which Is the Best Choice for You?

Fitness coach versus personal trainer? They may seem like similar roles, but as someone forging a career

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Make an impact as a fitness coach. Image: Adobe Stock

Top 5 Reasons You Should Become a Fitness Coach

Most fitness coaches are like you. They’re not elite athletes, they’re everyday people who understand that health

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34 Tips for Co-Creating Wellness Visions with Your Health Coaching Clients

An aimless coaching process is like a marathon with no finish line. Without a clear destination that

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6 Ways to Structure Group Health Coaching Online

Once you’ve settled into your niche with one-on-one clients and a coaching methodology that works, you may

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How Do I Decide Between One-on-One and Group Health Coaching?

It’s tempting, as a new coach, to offer all sorts of programs to your audience. You’ve got

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5 Behavior Change Theories to Make You a Better Health Coach

You know your stuff, you’re an all-around awesome coach, and you’re ready to change lives. But just

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