Make an impact as a fitness coach. Image: Adobe Stock

Top 5 Reasons You Should Become a Fitness Coach

Most fitness coaches are like you. They’re not elite athletes, they’re everyday people who understand that health

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Manifest health in your clients using growth mindset strategies. Image: Adobe Stock

How to Manifest Health in Your Clients

Is it possible to manifest health? That’s the topic of today’s post. But first, what does it

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Motivational Fitness Quotes for Women

It’s our job as health coaches to motivate our clients. In this post you will find 124

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What Is Motivational Interviewing?: The 4 Processes of MI for Expert Health Coaches

Contrary to popular assumptions, it is not a health coach’s job to convince the client to change

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Coaching Accountability

Coaching Accountability: 15 Reasons Why Accountability Makes Health Coaching So Effective

What if you could increase your chances of following through with something you planned to do by

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12 Reward Strategies to Motivate Your Health Coaching Clients

On the surface, the concept of rewards seems simple because we equate it with incentives like winning

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