Last Updated: June 01, 2019

Our new Day in the Life series gives you a sneak peek into the lives of...

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Last Updated: February 21, 2019

Ever wondered what a Primal Health Coach’s day looks like? Where they work? Who they work...

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My primal journey started in 2010. I had just attended my last Weight Watchers meeting ever....

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Last Updated: December 08, 2018

 Former Elite Marathon Runner Peter Maher chats with our own Brad Kearns at Paleo (f)x...

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Last Updated: November 24, 2018

Though his background is in corporate sales, Jim wanted a career that was aligned with ancestral...

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Last Updated: November 09, 2018

Nanette Mackenroth’s family was in the grips of a health crisis. Between the four of them...

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Last Updated: November 04, 2018

As a radiologist for 30 years, Ted Metzger has witnessed people aging more and more rapidly...

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At age 30, Hannah McChesney was diagnosed with an eye disease that, according to doctors, would...

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This martial arts enthusiast was looking for a competitive edge—eating six small meals a day and...

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