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Alvaro Chahin

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I began this journey weighing 288 lb, in 2010 I read a book about ancestral nutrition and fitness and it changed my perspective of everything I knew about health.
I've continued reading, researching and studying about evolution, nutrition, metabolic diseases and gene expression, among many other topics that include mental health and spirituality. I refuse to accept the belief and consensus that disease is genetic, IT ISN’T.
From 2010 to 2017 I followed (not strictly) a Primal lifestyle, I ate mostly meats and vegetables, I felt great and lost around 80 pounds, at the end of 2017 I was a little lost in my journey, I was drinking too much and kept falling off the wagon on my nutrition, I gained some weight and was feeling depressed and anxious. On December 2017 I decided to get my shit together, I went full Primal, I began to lose weight effortlessly and something changed about my addiction to alcohol, I cannot explain it but I was able to quit somewhat easily. Today 4/3/2021, I weigh 184 pounds and have never felt happier and healthier, my sense of well-being is at a level I didn’t know was possible.

Anti-aging, Autoimmunity, Chronic health issues, Digestive disorders, Fat loss, Fatigue, Gut health, Health mindset, Hormone balancing, Intermittent fasting, Ketosis, Lifestyle change, Metabolic syndrome, Obesity, Online/distance, Weight reduction
MBA, Chef, Primal Health Coach Certified
47 years old


Luna Del Tezal
Cabo San Lucas


Certified Primal Health Coach