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Health and vitality did not come easy to me until in 2009 I came across and article in a bicycle magazine titled "The Caveman Diet"(at this time of my life I was an overweight, chronically exhausted long distance bicycle rider to the tune of 7k miles a year). The article fascinated me and referenced a guy named Mark Sisson. I soon embraced the Primal Blueprint laws for eating, moving and living and felt better every day. Kicking the sugar addiction was hard. By cooking and eating nutrient dense foods and healthy fats I was able to loose my taste for sweets. My Gourmet Chef career experience has been very helpful. Planning and cooking good food for the week became my anchor and I can help you do this, it is very important! I have been coaching and cheering people on for a long time in my career as a Chef. My main driver in life today is keeping a positive vision for healthy eating, daily functional fitness, good energy, researching ancestral health topics and truly keeping it all simple. Let me help you live awesome today!

Fat loss, Fatigue, Gut health, Intermittent fasting, Lifestyle change, Nature connection, Strength training, Weight reduction
Certified Primal Health Coach, Gourmet Chef
61 years old


Ft. Collins
United States


Certified Primal Health Coach