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I have been living primally for a decade now. The Abundant energy, effortless fat loss and weight maintenance, stable hunger levels, and amazing athletic performance almost has me feeling like I am cheating at life.

Do these spound like qualities you'd like in yourself? What if I told you that feeling this way is not only attainable, but once you are armed with the right guidance and knowledge, it is easy and effortless. Thats right, you are supposed to feel this way!

Unfortunately our modern lifestyles have led us astray from optimal gene expression and effortless health and wellbeing. I'm here to help you get that back!

That is WHY I am passionate about this work and about this field. I really do want to help and I am looking forward to helping YOU get back to being your best self.

Are you ready to enjoy living life Peak Primal?

Athletic performance, Children, CrossFit, Fat loss, Gut health, Hormone balancing, Hypertrophy, Intermittent fasting, Online/distance, Strength training
Primal health coach, Sports therapist, Onnit Kettlebell Specialist, Animal Flow Instructor
29 years old


Tyler Hill
United States


516 344 7179

Certified Primal Health Coach