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Like many women, I have had my own combats and struggles with body image and self esteem. Over the years, I have wasted hundreds of dollars on supplements and programs that just didn't have a lasting outcome. Prior to giving birth to my son, I had no issues with my weight. Post-pregnancy, I began my journey into the world of diet and nutrition, seeking guidance on weight loss after having a baby. In the process, I developed a genuine interest and passion for health and wellness along with diet and nutrition after completing schooling for my nursing licence. I have accumulated several years of self-education in diet, nutrition, and wellness, with a particular emphasis on weight loss, using myself as a guinea pig with my own wellness supplements and programs. I took an interest in how the body works and what herbs make us react differently regarding hormone levels, energy, sleep, etc along with long term lifestyle changes. I decided to embark on an educational journey in ketogenic diets for health and weight loss, receiving several certifications in Ketogenic and Health Coaching as well as certificates in personal training.

Athletic performance, Autoimmunity, Fat loss, Fertility, Food intolerances, Gut health, Hormone balancing, Intermittent fasting, Ketosis, Lifestyle change, Sleep , Weight reduction, Women
Licensed Nurse | Certified Ketogenic Coach | Certified Health Coach | Primal Health Coach
38 years old


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Certified Primal Health Coach