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  • Health coaching is a booming $7 billion dollar a year industry (and projected to hit $25B by 2030)
  • Millions of clients have shifted to online health & fitness coaching in the last 2 years
  • As an online health coach, you have the freedom to set your own schedule and become your own boss
  • You can run your business remotely from anywhere in the world
  • And you can earn 6-figures or more doing something you’re actually passionate about (by making a real difference in people’s lives)

If you can invest just 5-7 hours per week, you can build a profitable online health coaching business.

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Student Success That Speaks For Itself

Stephen Decker

Salt Lake City, Utah

“The Primal Certification program was excellent. The materials were some of the most comprehensive, up to date, and pertinent information in the health field. I took this program while completing my MS in Kinesiology, and this was some of the most rigorous material I received in the duration of those two years.”

Carolyn Coffin

Courtenay, Canada

"The Primal Health Coach program is exactly what I needed to take my health coaching business to the next level. For the past 5 years, I've been health coaching without even realizing it's a "thing," but simply because I've felt a calling to do so. I've gone from feeling like an imposter to feeling like I belong in this amazing community of like-minded people who are on a similar mission. But most of all, I'm far more confident in my ability to create lasting change for my clients and finally enjoy a fulfilling and profitable career doing exactly what I love.”

Sarah Appleby

Courtenay, Canada

“I have a PhD in cell biology, and I am very impressed with the scientific content within the Primal Health Coach program; it explores aspects of cell biology, metabolism and physiology in the context of nutrition and exercise. The knowledge I have gained as a graduate of this course has enabled me to provide an entirely new dimension to my services as a personal trainer and a Crossfit coach.”

Greg Mason

Elkridge, Maryland

“Enrolling and completing the Primal Health Coach program has changed my life in so many ways. I already thought I had my finger on the pulse in regards to food and exercise, but this program allowed me to integrate even more aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Things like ditching grains, punctuated but concentrated exercise, and the importance of play and sleep. The program included just the right blend of science and business and was presented in an in-depth yet approachable manner. Overall, the program was amazingly thorough, informative, and supportive! I would highly recommend it to all aspiring health coaches or anyone else interested in bringing about positive change in their life.”

Marcus Farris

Bend, Oregon

"When I first set out to learn more about Health Coaching, Primal Health Coach Institute immediately stood out to me. The message that bucks conventional wisdom paired with abundant experience in endurance sports resonated immediately. I devoured the course material and can't wait to put this into practice!”

Shannon Shattock

McLean, Virginia

“I had studied nutrition through my local University, but the information never really resonated with me. It couldn't just be about calories in/calories out, lower your cholesterol and the low-fat narrative. When I came across the Primal Health Coach Institute I knew I had found the right fit. The content delivered the right mix of scientific curriculum, balanced with video tutorials and business building practicums. By the time I had completed the course, I felt ready and confident to become a health coach. It gives me confidence now as I embark on my new career that I will always have the Primal Health Coach Institute to provide professional development and ongoing support, I feel a part of the growing primal health coaching community.”

Here’s Why The Online Health
Coaching Industry is Exploding

Check out these statistics on how fast the health coaching industry is growing…

  • The Health and Wellness industry is a $4.2 trillion dollar market that is routinely ranked among the top industries to build a start-up business because of its boundless expectancy for growth (Global Wellness Institute).
  • Health Coaching has emerged as a $7 billion service industry according to the US Health Coaching Market Report in January 2021 (Marketdata LLC).
  • The current shortage of primary care doctors is expected to get worse by 2025…we would need an additional 50,000 primary care physicians to accommodate population growth, aging population, and insurance expansion (Annals of Family Medicine).
  • Google Trends shows the following top 3 “health coach”-related search queries that are globally on the rise:
  • Health Coach UK (up 250% since January 2021)
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (up 140% since Jan ’21)
  • Primal Health Coach (up 120% since Jan ’21)

As you can see, this is a fast-growing industry with unlimited opportunity for anyone looking to turn their passion for health into a new career.

Ready to Switch Gears? Here’s How to Go
From Zero to Profitable Health Coach


Become an Ancestral Health Expert

Learn a nutrient-dense, whole-food, low-inflammatory approach to food choices and the most research-supported ways to sleep, move, and live.


Master Coaching Skills

Get a complete education in the art, science, and business of health coaching and learn to wield transformative tools that positively impact the health of individuals.


Create a Profitable & Purposeful Business

No other health coaching program offers so much support and a wide array of resources and materials to enable a speedy and successful launch of your thriving health coaching business.

Why Trust Primal Health Coach Institute?

Global Reach

Since our inception in 2014, our network has expanded to thousands of Primal Coaches in 75 countries around the world—all while maintaining 5-out-of-5-star Google reviews.

Gold-Standard Accreditation

We’ve earned the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) seal of approval, exceeding the NBHWC standards for health and wellness coach training and education.

Teachers and Doers

We don’t just teach coaching—we coach clients ourselves. Staff and faculty operate their own health coaching businesses, and our myPrimalCoach service provides 1:1 coaching to wellness seekers online.

Created By: Mark Sisson

Primal Health Coach Institute™ was co-founded by Mark Sisson. Mark is a bestselling health and fitness author of over 20 books and the “godfather” of the paleo/primal movements. He is a former world-class distance runner, triathlete, and Ironman competitor, and coach to hundreds of professional athletes, including former #3 world-ranked professional triathlete Brad Kearns.

His book, The Primal Blueprint, is a Wall Street Journal bestseller. It became so successful—with over 500,000 copies sold worldwide—that it catapulted the ancestral health movement into the mainstream and spawned a nutrition and lifestyle program that has helped hundreds of thousands of people reach their health and fitness goals. His award-winning blog, Mark’s Daily Apple, has received upwards of 3 million unique visitors per month, and continues to be a source of information and inspiration for individuals looking to reclaim their health and wellness.

Mark is also the founder of two other successful nutrition companies: Primal Nutrition™ and Primal Kitchen™.

Become a certified online health coach so you can quit your 9 to 5 & build a profitable online business.

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