Last Updated: May 21, 2019

In terms of preventing chronic diseases, there is almost no doubt that the modern health care industry continues to fall short. Dr. Bo Neichoy chose bariatrics as his medical specialty because he felt it was one of the most effective ways to bring true health to people who were desperate for it. At the Panhandle Weight Loss Clinic, they don’t view weight loss surgery as a “rescue mission;” instead Dr. Neichoy’s patients are taken on with preventative health in mind. In a unique approach to bariatrics, Dr. Neichoy has had nearly his entire staff trained as health coaches to fully support that preventative weight loss vision. Coaches spend actual time with patients to teach food, lifestyle, movement, behavior, and mindset techniques to keep the weight off and actually transform health. If you’ve been curious how health coaching can really work in a collaborative medical practice, and how the medical insurance machine has been failing sick (and healthy!) people, this episode delivers.

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The 685lb Teen
Kate the Healthy Habiteer

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