Last week we shared 21 types of social media posts to boost your health coaching business. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read it and are feeling inspired, confident, and ready to put your very important message out into the world.

But coming up with what to post is just half of the equation. You also have to figure out the best days (and times of day) to post, which social media platforms you’ll share them on, and, to be really effective, you’ll also want to track which ones are performing better than others.

According to research, people who proactively plan their projects and campaigns are 356% more likely to be successful. Thankfully there are lots of social media tools out there that make the whole process easier. Wondering which one is right for your health coaching business? Then read on, because today we’re sharing the pros, cons, and costs of 5 popular social media management tools that take the hassle out of posting.

1. Hootsuite

This was one of the first social media tools on the market, and it’s still a top contender, thanks to its ability to manage multiple profiles and automatically schedule up to 30 posts in advance—all with a plan that’s 100% free. Of course, if you need more features and capabilities, Hootsuite has that, too. It just comes with a heftier price tag.


  • Integrates with every social media channel, including WordPress and YouTube
  • Lots of tutorials to get you up to speed quickly
  • The easy-to-use interface is organized by tabs
  • They have a plan that’s completely free
  • Access to more than 100 apps for platforms from Salesforce to Google Drive
  • You can read and respond to followers in one place
  • Get weekly analytic reports sent straight to your inbox
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems


  • Lots of features, so there may be more of a learning curve
  • Some analytic reports are free, but others cost extra
  • If multiple people need to access your social media account, the price goes up

Cost: The Free plan is fairly limited, but you get access to 3 social profiles and 30 scheduled messages. Need more? Try the Professional plan for $29/month or Team plan for $120/month. Whichever you decide to go with, do the 30-day free trial first.

2. Buffer

Newer on the social media scene, Buffer lets you craft the perfect posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn from one simple dashboard. Similar to Hootsuite, this platform has a free plan, which is great for health coaches who don’t want to spend a lot up front. They also have plans with more features which make it easy to collaborate, analyze, and reply to followers whenever and wherever you want.


  • Simple to set up and start using right away
  • Integrates with most social media networks
  • You can review all posts at a glance to get a big picture of what you’re sharing
  • Analyzes content performance to help you refine your strategy
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Ability to post the same image with different captions to multiple platforms
  • Great customer support if you need it
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems


  • The free plan doesn’t include scheduling options or analytics
  • Even the paid Pro plan only gives one user access
  • Isn’t compatible with WordPress blogs or YouTube

Cost: Buffer also has a Free plan with access to 3 social media accounts and 10 scheduled posts, but if you need more, the Pro plan comes in at just $15/month and gives you unlimited scheduling capabilities. Whichever you choose, get started with the 7-day free trial first.

3. Everypost

This all-in-one solution gives you everything you need to manage your social media accounts without breaking the bank. You can curate content, customize and automatically schedule posts, and soon you’ll be able to get social metrics to make smarter decisions about what and when you post. Everypost also help make sure you’re posting a healthy range of topics, from testimonials and industry news to promotional content.


  • You can see your entire social media workflow in one simple display
  • Indicates the best times for posting on each social channel
  • Calculates your top posts and compares them against competitors
  • Easy-to-use collaboration feature lets you co-create content
  • Lets you pull multimedia content from sources like YouTube and RSS feeds
  • Can manage or delete previously published posts
  • Can modify posts to add or remove hashtags and @mentions for each platform
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems


  • The free version limits the number of channels you can manage and doesn’t include analytics
  • The Pro plan only gives one user access

Cost: Everypost’s free plan has similar capabilities to the others on our list, like 10 scheduled posts and content creation for 3 feeds. If you need more, check out the affordably priced Pro plan for just $9.99 a month (even less if you pay annually). You can also try it out free for 14 days.

4. Sendible

While this platform is a smart choice for organizations that need to collaborate, it’s also great for solopreneurs just getting their health coaching business off the ground. With tons of automated features, Sendible lets you spend more time crafting your message and less time trying to figure out optimal times to post and which ones are performing the best. Plus, you can preview your posts before you share them with the world to make sure they look exactly how you want.


  • The integrated dashboard lets you plan, publish, and get analytics in one place
  • Geo-targeting features help you reach specific segments of your niche
  • The shared interactive content calendar lets multiple people see every planned post
  • You can schedule one-off or multiple posts as far in advance as you need
  • Set your best-performing content on repeat to your keep social media profiles active
  • Seamless integration with Canva helps you design better-performing visual content
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems


  • Less intuitive interface, but good customer support if you need it
  • Analytics don’t allow you to personalize the metrics that are important to you

Cost: The least expensive plan is $29/month and comes with everything you need to manage your social media accounts. Try it free for 30 days here.

5. Sprout Social

With a comprehensive dashboard that lets you see all your activity in one place, Sprout Social is an all-in-one solution that streamlines your entire social media management process. You can manually set post times or have the program’s algorithm do it for you, engage with followers, turn social media engagement data into business-building insights, and even collaborate in real time if you have more than one person running your accounts.


  • Supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Intuitive interface that’s easy to use
  • Option to manually or automatically post
  • Ability to respond directly from the dashboard
  • Discovery feature with engagement suggestions
  • Constantly updating with new features
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems


  • It’s on the pricier side for health coaches with a limited budget

Cost: Plans don’t go any lower than $99 per user per month, but you can check them out for free with the 30-day trial.

Which Is Right for You?

Whether you’re just graduating from a program like the Primal Health Coach Institute, or you’ve been coaching for years, just know that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. There are tons of automated tools out there designed to make your life easier. And social media management is no exception. Find the right one for you by reviewing the pros and cons of the options listed above, then ask yourself three important questions:

  • Does it support the social media platforms I use?
  • Does it have the features and functionality I need?
  • Is the monthly cost within my budget?

Check out the free trial first to make sure it’s a good fit, and remember, as your health coaching business grows, you can always upgrade your plan.

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