Last Updated: September 22, 2020

As we head into fall and things slowly begin to shift amidst this challenging year, we’re rounding up a list of health coaching news headlines to motivate and inspire. From hearing how the youngest health coach ever started out in order to heal her dad through holistic living, to an integrated health coach walking us through her Wellness Toolkit for COVID-19, let these headlines inspire you, wherever you’re at, to keep living in health and wellness and doing work to transform ourselves and our communities.

Health Coaches and Functional Medicine Are Transforming Lives

1. From a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis to Becoming a Health Coach and Thriving in Ancestral Health

This podcast interview with Dr. Al Danenberg, D.D.S., is well worth a listen. Dr. Al was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer in 2018, and doctors told him he had 3-6 months to live. He forewent chemotherapy and sought to study evolutionary nutrition from places like the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health to the Primal Health Coach Institute, and is healthy and thriving today. Hear more of his story and his experiences with ancestral health through his book, Crazy-Good Living.

2. The Youngest Health Coach Ever Gets Creative in the Kitchen

Back in December, we interviewed Haile Thomas on our Health Coach Radio podcast. This 19-year-old activist, international speaker, social entrepreneur, and health coach is beyond inspiring. In 5th grade, Haile started on the path to becoming a certified holistic health coach when her dad was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Well + Good profiles more of her incredible journey as she shares with us her delicious recipe for Creamy Beet Pasta With Garlicky Greens.

3. Functional Medicine Practice Helps Patients Get to the Core of Their Health Issues

Have a look at this article profiling Dr. Bill Blueter, a certified functional medicine practitioner who heads a team of professionals at his Revive Functional Medicine practice in Ravenna, Ohio. “For typical doctors, functional medicine just isn’t on their radar,” Dr. Bill says. His functional medicine practice incorporates a team of wellness experts, including health coaches, and his patient testimonials tout the life-changing effects of their comprehensive approach.

Health Coaching Tips for Wellness Amidst Adversity

4. Integrative Health Coach Talks Coping With COVID-19

In this Encore feature, integrative health coach Chelsea Thornhill walks us through various coping strategies people have used to deal with the ongoing, seemingly never-ending stress of COVID-19. She guides us through how to set up your own “Wellness Toolkit,” using core components like exercise, meditation, food, and routine to try and stay on track and stay well during difficult times.

5. New Healthy Habits in Quarantine

This Washington Post article talks change in quarantine, and how cues and rewards are the keys to all behavior change. “Consider the fact that many people find it easier to quit smoking on vacation, for example, when ‘your cues and your rewards are suddenly destabilized in a useful way,’” the article shares, referencing author Charles Duhigg who wrote the book The Power of Habit. Other professionals such as a mind and movement health coach and a personal trainer weigh in on long-term motivation, embracing “good enough,” and finding your “why.”

6. The Global Mental Health Research Community Assesses the Impact of COVID-19

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) looks at how research can impact and improve increasing demands for mental health care. Among their recommended actions: “apply a whole-of-society approach to promote, protect, and care for mental health…and support recovery from COVID-19 by developing mental health services for the future.” The research-based article by Atif Rahman, spearhead of the Institute of Population Health Sciences program in Global Mental Health, et. al., goes on to discuss the importance of this field and the lack of attention and funding it receives. Creative strategies which promote community engagement are suggested, such as utilizing technology to educate, train, and assess risk. Surely health coaches have a place in supplementing some of the gaps within our mental health care system, and this article inspires with many real-world examples from around the globe.

Shaking Up the Industry

7. Revisioning the Physician’s Role in Healthcare

The Wall Street Journal just published an article on how the healthcare industry is moving toward teams of healthcare professionals which may not always include a physician. They talk about how healthcare teams now may consist of mental health professionals, social workers, nurse practitioners, and of course, health coaches. The landscape of healthcare towards a more holistic, bodymind approach and away from traditional medicine has been happening for some time now, and, as Mark Sisson says, “I feel like I helped more people achieve their wellness goals and ideals than I ever could have done as a doctor.”

8. Big Developments for Biohacking

Bioniq, a European health tech startup, has landed a cool $7.2M to invest in biohacking developments. Biohacking, which you’ve likely already heard of, is “the practice of using nutrients, supplements, technology, and do-it-yourself treatments to increase life expectancy, look younger, and become better versions of ourselves.” One of their verticals is a health coaching program, which can be done in person or remotely. Bioniq is seeking to make biohacking a normal practice, focusing first on the Russian market, then spreading outward into areas like the U.S. and the Middle East with their diverse set of programs and products.

9. New Study Shows Those Who Work With Health Coaches Achieve Higher Weight Loss

A study by Pennington Biomedical Research Center found that those “who met regularly with a personal health coach over two years saw impressive weight loss.” This article by the Advocate profiles a study published previously in The New England Journal of Medicine on weight loss in clients with health coaches versus those seeing their routine doctors. On average, those seeing health coaches “lost 5 percent of their body weight. That’s compared to a 0.5 percent of body weight loss for the volunteers in the group who got ‘usual care.’” Based on the results, the Advocate asks whether it’s high time insurance starts extending coverage toward health coaching costs.

10. NBHWC Approves Community College Health Coaching Program

The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) has approved Randolph Community College’s Health and Wellness Coach program in North Carolina. Its graduates are now eligible for the HWC (Health & Wellness Coach) Certifying Examination, and RCC joins Duke Integrative Medicine as one of two NBHWC-approved programs in North Carolina, as well as the second community college to have an approved program in the nation. We hope this trend of health coaching education and awareness becoming mainstream continues!

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