Last Updated: October 28, 2019

If you’re a health coach, health professional, or have even been toying with the idea of pursuing a wellness career, then be sure to read this blog post…I’ve got a not-to-be-missed opportunity for you to take advantage of that will change your life, or at least your mind, forever.

I’ve been touring the speaking circuit for decades now, giving presentations on everything from primal living to the keto diet on the stages of Paleo f(x) in Austin, Texas, all the way to Australia at the THR1VE Symposium.

But my most recent talk was much closer to home, on a topic that’s my latest obsession: the growing demand for health coaching and why it’s so important.

I sat down to have a chat with Laura Rupsis, our Director of Admissions at the Primal Health Coach Institute, and we got incredibly frank and in-depth about the vast number of opportunities that are available to health coaches, why I think health coaching is the way of the future, and how the demand for health coaching continues to grow.

My interview kicks off a 5-Day Health Coaching Success Virtual Masterclass of the best and brightest health coach and marketing experts on the planet who share their insider information with you.

We picked the brains of 20+ sought-after coaches and marketing gurus—my pals like… 

  • Celebrity nutrition expert and New York Times best-selling author JJ Virgin 
  • Author, cardiologist, and staunch health coach advocate Dr. William Davis
  • Michelle Leotta of Health Coach Power Community
  • Michelle Norris, CEO of Paleo FX and IDLife Nutrition

And recorded interviews on topics like:

  • What 4 Health Coaches Wish They Would Have Known Before Becoming Coaches
  • Getting Started: The Foundations of Building a Health Coaching Business
  • How to Launch the Health Coaching Business of Your Dreams
  • How to Know Whether You’re an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Employee, and Why It Matters for Your Health Coaching Career
  • On Being Your Own Boss and the Power of a Personal Brand
  • How to Use the Power of Story to Make You a Better Coach
  • Health Coaching in Clinical Practice: Delivering Health to Patients Within the Sick Care System

If you are a health coach—or any health professional for that matter—or have ever even thought about turning your passion for health and wellness into a career helping others, then I urge you to tune into this exclusive Virtual Masterclass (while registration is still free).

There’s nothing to lose…only expert knowledge to gain.

Click here to register for the Virtual Masterclass and discover how top health coaches from around the world have created careers they love…and how you can too.

Here’s to changing the health of the world, together!

Mark Sisson, Co-Founder of Primal Health Coach Institute