Last Updated: September 01, 2020

You’re new, you’re passionate, and you want to help as many people as you can. At first, you might be hesitant to hone in on one specialty because you want to share all of your new health knowledge and passion with the world. But there’s a saying in marketing that deserves your consideration:

When you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.

Niching down is a critical step for new health coaches to take if they want to increase their impact and help more people, and that’s why the Primal Health Coach curriculum leads our students through niche-development training.

Today you’ll see how 5 health coaches crafted their perfect niche by identifying a common thread between their former careers and a passion for health. Here’s a preview of whose stories we’ll take a look at:

    1. An overworked corporate professional who was able to leave his full-time engineering job to coach other career-driven professionals on how to overcome the pitfalls of the modern office and transform their physiques.
    2. A warrior woman who’s endured decades of physical pain and limited mobility as she found her way into two niche health-focused businesses that centered on her passion for the culinary arts.
    3. A dentist who took Primal nutrition into his dental practice so he could help address root cause dental disease, stand out in his industry, and create a memorable brand.
    4. A former financial planner who helps people connect the dots between the prevention of chronic disease and a lifetime of financial savings.
    5. A burned-out veterinarian who used her Primal Health Coach education to help her fellow veterinary pros find balance in an otherwise taxing profession.

Let their stories inspire you!

1. Michael Van Scoyk, Dissemination Health and Wellness

Michael Van Scoyk comes from the tech industry—which is prone to high stress. Due to the overwhelming demands on his time and resources, he realized how difficult it was to stay in shape while climbing the corporate ladder.

“This prior work experience is precisely what I base my health coaching practice on today. I teach busy, career-driven business professionals how to overcome the pitfalls of the modern office and transform their health and physique into that of a Working-Class Superhero.”

When Michael first started taking clients as a health coach, he hadn’t defined a niche yet and found himself working with clients on a wide range of challenges. This experience pushed him to get crystal clear on the ideal client he wanted to attract—corporate office workers—and the exact outcomes he wanted to help them achieve—physique transformation.

Once I focused on a niche audience, literally everything became easier! Content creation, marketing, client attraction, client engagement, and even client results all became streamlined. Once you know exactly who you’re talking to and what result you provide, people start to pay attention!”

Michael was able to leave his corporate 9-5 job and finally go full time with his health coaching practice. That’s a pivotal moment that all of us strive for!

2. Ana Gonzalez, Primal 24/7

Perhaps your journey will be more like Ana Gonzalez’s, where life takes you in many different directions that challenge and inspire you in ways that allow ideas and opportunities to come to fruition. Ana struggled with hip dysplasia since birth, which recently forced her into several hip surgeries and long periods of disability.

Ana went to culinary school and became a traditional pastry chef. Another key point in her journey was when she transitioned from a vegan diet to a paleo diet, looking for solutions that could help her body recover more optimally.

“My body responded greatly…I felt I was alive in about 5 days, and I became an instant believer. After a few months, I signed up with PHCI to become a Primal Health Coach…I literally wanted to just pay it forward; to train and teach others.”

At first, she used her culinary experience to create ready-made Primal meals for members of her local CrossFit gym. She wanted to teach them, not just cook for them, so she began teaching “Meal Prep 101.”

During a break from her last hip surgery, Ana closed her meal prepping business, but, she says, “It didn’t stop me…I came up with an idea to make paleo-friendly cake mix and cookie dough. I applied Primal principles, used the best ingredients possible, and I now own a company that makes them…My business has taken a full turn after my last surgery. I offer a better alternative to cake and cookies to others, because, in the end, I am a pastry chef and that is what I love doing.”

3. Dr. Matt Standridge, Ketodontist

Sometimes you have this inner-knowing that your existing field of passion is missing a critical element. That’s what it was like for Dr. Matthew Standridge, Ketodontist, who became disheartened early in his career as a dentist as he faced the prevalence of dental disease, and comorbidities like diabetes and heart disease.

“I felt like a mechanic, simply fixing what was broken, but not getting to the root cause of why this was happening in the first place.”

He pursued his PHC certification driven by his desire to help cut through common misconceptions and get the word out about Primal nutrition.

“The vast majority of dental disease is preventable, and the #1 driver of our oral health is our diet. Adopting a Primal-aligned diet and eating strategy is often one of the best things a person could do to improve their oral health.

Dr. Matt explains that he decided to brand himself as Ketodontist, “not because I focus solely on a keto diet, but because that’s who I am.” He shares his philosophy in his dental practice, through his blog, and on his thriving podcast, Ketodontist.

By combining his expertise in dentistry and paleo principles, Matt was able to stand out as one of the few practicing dentists bringing paleo principles into the lives of their patients and followers.

“This niche has given me a unique selling proposition (USP) and type of authority in this space. It’s opened door to interviews, speaking engagements at meetings, and ultimately broadened my audience. Locally, it’s helped establish my dental practice as the premier health-centric dental office in the region.”

4. Jonathan Timmermann, Awakn Health

Jonathan Timmermann’s story is a great example of how your niche can sometimes hit you unexpectedly. With a background as a financial advisor and CPG marketer (consumer packaged goods), the only common thread he initially saw was his knowledge regarding human behavior and how that parallels with behavior change in health coaching.

“I struggled to find a niche…however, earlier this year I came across a study regarding annual out-of-pocket healthcare costs in retirement. The research compared folks with no chronic disease to folks with two or more chronic diseases.”

The wheels started turning in Jonathan’s head thanks to his prior experience as a financial planner, and he began to “connect the dots between health optimization and the mitigation of long term financial risk.”

“I am now working with several financial planning firms to bring this idea to life. By leveraging my past career experience and knowledge, it allowed me to come from a more authentic place and have a more authentic voice. It gave me a clear prospecting path, meaning I had more direction on where and how to look for clients.”

5. Dr. Jenny Elwell-Gerken, Happy Vets

After experiencing the transformative power of a Primal diet and lifestyle, Dr. Jenny Elwell-Gerken decided to become certified as a Primal Health Coach and help other veterinary professionals better cope with the stress of the job: “We have one of the highest burnout and suicide rates of any profession,” she revealed.

Once I got certified and started to develop my coaching skills, it gave me the confidence to start expanding to where I had always wanted to be! Being in the field already gave me lots of credibility, because they look to my story and know that I’ve been where they are.”

Dr. Jenny is now coaching veterinary women through a blend of life coaching, career coaching, and health coaching. She’s also a medical director and loves it, because, “my job now is basically to keep my vets happy and functioning, and I use my coaching skills for that as well!”

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