Watch MyLongevityKitchen.com food blogger Marisa Moon share how she went from naturally dispensing Paleo/Primal recipes with others to becoming a Certified Primal Health Coach with a growing coaching practice. The Primal Health Coach Institute gave her the confidence and credentials to stop piggybacking off other health coaches and personal trainers and start her own business.

Her advice to newbie health coaches?

“Get used to talking about your point of view in a very approachable way. Be confident saying that you’re a health coach to anyone and everyone you meet because you’ll usually find a response like, ‘Oh my God, I need one of those!’ A lot of people are waiting for someone like you to walk across their path.”

Learn about her experience renting out a co-working space, what she has gotten out of the Illinois Mastermind Group for Primal Health Coaches, the community benefit of the Primal Health Coach Facebook Group, and how she’s utilized the ever-evolving Primal Health Coach Institute Business Resource Center and additional education offerings.

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