In 2014, Mark Sisson and I formed the very first ancestral health coaching school. At the time, we knew that untold hundreds of millions of people were suffering unnecessarily, that the ancestral approach to diet and lifestyle works, and that health coaching is effective. Further, we knew that there was a large contingent of aspiring health entrepreneurs just waiting for the right opportunity to turn their passion for ancestral health into a career they love, and we believed that with enough health coaches we could collectively make a big impact.

Our aim was to help 100 million people reclaim health and wellness through education and coaching, and so we set out on a mission to build a global network of well-trained coaches that deliver excellent health outcomes to their clients. We attempted to do this by providing an unmatched education experience, training individuals in the areas of ancestral diet and lifestyle behaviors, coaching skills, and business building.

In the years since then, thousands of people have passed through Primal Health Coach Institute’s certification course. Along the way, we’ve listened closely to student and graduate feedback, and taken everything to heart. It’s safe to say we are out of the creation phase and into the innovation phase of our company life cycle.

These last several months have been spent knee-deep in developing numerous improvements and additions to our program. We are answering the growing demand for health coaching education by fleshing out our already robust educational offerings, and we’d like to share these updates with you today.

Let’s take a look at the updates that are rolling out IMMEDIATELY:

12 New Business Building Chapters

One thing we’ve learned from our Primal Health Coach grads—they aren’t your typical health coach. We’ve watched with immense pride as our students have gone on to build successful businesses in myriad different ways. Check out the breadth of entrepreneurial opportunity summed up by this Mark’s Daily Apple blog post.

We’ve also learned that every entrepreneur needs to learn to build a business from the ground up, regardless of the avenue they choose to explore. And not just with general guidance, but with very specific, comprehensive business-building training.

The bulk of our course updates were developed with this in mind: teaching the basics of getting started in business, including practical exercises to enable graduates to put the business wheels in motion immediately upon graduation, in whatever capacity they choose.

A New Scope of Practice Chapter

As the business of health coaching grows, the rules of engagement will continue to evolve. Whether a graduate wishes to branch out on his/her own or go to work for someone else (in a clinic, gym, corporate wellness setting, etc.) understanding scope of practice and practicing within it are non-negotiable. So, we’ve put a lot of eggs in this educational basket and will continue to keep you up-to-date on what you can and cant’t do as a health coach as the landscape continues to evolve.

Practical Exercises

If only the doing were as easy as the learning. Arming you with information is step one. But teaching you how to apply that education in real-world circumstances is the launchpad to success. We’re dedicated to solidifying the learning by DOING, so we’ve developed practical exercises for valuable hands-on learning.

We also have updates rolling out LATER THIS SUMMER:

Marketing and Business Development

In addition to our 12 New Business Chapters, we’re adding marketing and business development sessions where students will embark on developing their own marketing strategy. You’ll become your own marketing manager via a deep dive into the essentials of digital marketing. This coursework answers the question we get asked DAILY: How will I find and secure clients?

Deep Health Coaching Education

We’re adding an entire new series of health coaching education led by our Coaching Director Christine Hassler. We are taking the mastery of coaching to new heights. This new Coaching Chapter focuses on working with clients on the emotional, behavioral, and mental levels…plus much more. Because Health Coaching isn’t just about fish oil supplements and lifting heavy things! Clients need coaches who can coach to every nuanced component of the human condition. A good coach knows how to uncover what’s really going on with the person in front of them. We’ll teach you how to do that.

Live Coaching Demos

For the kinesthetic learners of the world, the best way to learn is by experiencing…and that’s pretty much all of us! Watch Master Coach Christine Hassler walk clients through coaching conversations and learn how she uses her tools of the trade to get deep to the root cause of clients’ challenges and limiting beliefs.

And then there are the ONGOING course and community updates:

As new research emerges, as new regulations are conceived, as more students and graduates come on board to tell us what they want and need from us, we listen. Look for these updates later this year.

More Accreditation

PHCI is already accredited with the AADP and is putting wheels in motion to accredit with the ICHWC this year. Health Coaching accreditation is still very much in its infancy, but we’ve got our finger on the pulse of it and are committed to ensuring our coursework meets accreditation requirements.

Level 2 Specialty Certifications

In our program we focus on the advantages of a niche-based health coaching practice. Yes, even more of a niche than ancestral health! To help support the success of your business, we’re going deep into areas of expertise. Wishing you could specialize in Keto? What about Endurance Training? Functional Medicine health coaching? Thyroid support? Gut health? We’re working on level 2 specialty certifications, so you can be a Primal Health Coach with an area of specific focus and expertise.

Peer Mentorship

Learn from a supportive community of Primal Health Coaches who’ve been where you are and have ventured out into the world of entrepreneurship already. We’re committed to building a network and helping each other thrive.

Business Resources

Our Business Resource Center, available to graduates, is already chock full of incredible business advice, turnkey health coaching programs, presentations you can download and deliver as live workshops, handouts, forms… we are always adding to this repository of information. What’s ours is yours, and our resources are ever-expanding and evolving.

Collaborations and Alliances

We’re partnering with some great allied brands like MoveNat, TMac Fitness, Marie Forleo’s B School, the Practitioner Liberation Project and more, building an affiliate network of brands we trust to help take your business to the next level.

An Expanding Faculty

Primal Health Coach Institute is working to round out its faculty with leaders in specific health areas, including dietetics, functional medicine, fitness, and more.

Live Events

Our Masterclass retreat weekends, featuring founder Mark Sisson and our Master Coach Christine Hassler, have been a huge hit so far with our student and graduate body, and we’ll be adding more.

We hope you’re as excited about these improvements as we are. To support updates such as these and continue to grow as a business, we do need to implement a slight increase to our program costs. (We are still, by far, the most inexpensive health coaching program around, especially considering the depth of offerings!)

We also want you to be able to lock in the existing rate, so if you’re still interested in exploring a career in health coaching, then now is the time to take a leap and sign up.

Give us a call at 844-307-7662 (or 310-579-6596 for international callers) so we can hook you up with the best payment option to get you started on a brand-new career.

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