Last Updated: March 12, 2019

Health coaching is making its way into mainstream media now more than ever. We’re reading articles about the benefits of corporations working with health coaches, hearing how grocery stores are promoting a ketogenic way of eating, and seeing a trend in getting to the root cause of illnesses instead of just prescribing medications.

It’s great news for those of us working in health coaching, which, by the way, has become a $6 billion industry. In today’s post, we’ll show you the top stories making headlines, including:

How health coaches are reversing the chronic disease epidemic

Who’s the latest retailer to go keto

Which company is taking health costs head on

Why food really is the best medicine

…plus so much more!

Accountability Makes Resolutions Stick

Know someone who’s already ditched their New Year’s resolution? Have them give this a read. I don’t typically hand out unsolicited advice, but I can usually see my friends’ and families’ healthy habits start to slide by the time the calendar hits early March. Most people know what they need to do to reach their goals. The challenge is figuring out how to do it—and how to make it stick. That’s where health coaches like you come in.

Wellness Coaching for Wounded Warriors

A survey by the Wounded Warrior Project found that 32.6% of veterans say physical activity is one of the things that helps them cope with stress. Recently, the organization held a three-month, one-on-one wellness coaching program in Richmond, Virginia, where wounded warriors could learn about exercise, nutrition, and managing their mental health. Not only was it customized to fit each person’s individual needs, the program was completely free for wounded warriors.

Weight Watchers Stock Takes a Nose Dive

We told you about Weight Watchers’ transformation and the company’s new tagline, Wellness that Works, a few months ago. But according to a recent CNN article, it’s actually not working. Since July, the company’s stock has lost 80% of its value, something CEO Mindy Grossman attributes to a growing interest in what she calls a “keto surge.”

A Prescription for Healthy Food

Patients at Florida’s Jupiter Medical Center are being prescribed fruits and vegetables by their physicians, and local restaurant, Lox Farms, is doing their part to help. Through their Fresh Rx initiative, the restaurant provides patients with a free weekly bag of produce. Plus, they’re hosting a fundraiser called the Fresh Rx Dinner Series, with funds going towards construction efforts at the Medical Center where nutrition education and health coaching courses will be held.

Behavior Change is Key to Long-Term Success

The rates of chronic disease are skyrocketing, despite all sorts of screenings and medical research. According to this article (and everything you already know as a health coach), more pharmaceuticals aren’t the answer—changing behavior is. Studies are backing it up, too, stating that in clinical trials where obese individuals and diabetic patients worked with a health coach, there was significantly greater weight loss compared to those who received remote support only.

Reducing Costs with On-Site Coaches

Vitamin and supplement company New Chapter is lowering costs for employees, thanks to their partnership with Wellness Works. The organization provides on-site nurses and health coaches to orchestrate wellness programs, injury prevention classes, and one-on-one sessions. The partnership allows workers to get the care they need without leaving the building, plus it helps them make diet and lifestyle changes on a daily basis to reduce the potential for serious health issues down the road.

Local Grocery Store Goes Keto

Based on Mark Sisson’s Keto Reset, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage launched a six-week program to support customers’ New Year’s resolutions by introducing them to the ketogenic diet. The program guides customers through their journey with a series of “how-to” classes, cooking demos, free samples, and personalized coaching sessions. During the store’s second annual Resolution Reset Day on January 18, customers also received a 30% discount on Mark’s book, The Keto Reset Diet.

Sleep Protects Against Heart Disease

In a study funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, researchers found a connection between a good night’s sleep and heart disease, which is currently the leading cause of death in the US. They discovered a mechanism in the body that appears to prevent the development of atherosclerosis during healthy and sound sleep.

A Trend in Treating the Root Cause

Have you heard of Parsley Health? The membership-based medical service is revamping health care with functionally-trained specialists and treatments that apply an East-meets-West philosophy. Recently the company raised $10 million to expand its operations, opening a flagship center on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Designed to be 180˚ from typical doctors’ offices, this urban oasis triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to help the body relax and heal the minute patients step through the door.

Eat Your Way to Better Mental Health

You know the importance of eating fresh produce for your physical health. The latest research suggests that it could be good for mental health as well. Two recent studies found that subjects reported an increase in psychological well-being and life satisfaction after the consumption of fruit and vegetables over a 5-year period. In fact, they found that adding just half a cup of cooked vegetables per day can be as beneficial as physical activity, which is proven to be therapeutic for those struggling with anxiety and depression.

23AndMe Adds Wellness Coaching

Our clients will always need the personalized attention of an actual human health coach, but it’s exciting to see companies empowering people with chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease to take charge of their own health. Now customers who use 23andMe can receive wellness coaching through the DNA service’s new partnership with Lark Health, which uses artificial intelligence to improve general wellness, and manages chronic conditions using customers’ genetic information.

News in Review

Health coaching is quickly becoming a huge part of how our world learns to eat right, lose weight, and even reverse chronic illnesses. These articles are just a small example of the impact we’re having. Stay tuned for more health coaching news over the next few months, and if you haven’t already, check out More High Fives for the Health Coaching Industry and Health Coaching Round Up: Year in Review for more inspiring stories.

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