Last Updated: July 29, 2020

Here we are, collectively standing witness to rising interest in health and prevention, on a global scale, as we experience the evergrowing challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Never before in our lifetime has the word “health” taken on such a high level of importance, and the headlines certainly reflect this.

How is the coronavirus impacting the health coaching industry, and what are health coaches doing to adapt to these trying times? We’ve rounded up some of the top health coaching headlines for the summer of 2020, starting with the pandemic and finishing with the do’s and don’t’s of health coach marketing.

But before we get into the above-mentioned headlines, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate a big win for the industry. The American Medical Association has now approved “Health and Well-Being Coaching” as part of Category III, which means that we’re two categories away from permission to file for reimbursement of services that are provided in a clinical care setting. Learn more about these ongoing efforts of the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) as they “continue to assist in educating those in primary care on the fact that:

Certified Health Education Specialists [AKA Board-Certified Health Coaches] have been academically prepared in behavior change and possess specialized skill-sets that truly enhance medical care teams.”

This is an exciting time as The Primal Health Coach Institute has been approved by NBHWC (the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching), and we are accomplishing our first cohort of students in our new Level 2 Certification Course as we speak (join the waitlist). This is a key landmark for us and our students, as NBHWC has become the board-certification standard in the health coaching industry.

How Coronavirus Is Impacting Health Coaches and Clients

Client Stress Resulting From the COVID-19 Pandemic

As health coaches, we’re here to serve and do what we can with the skills we’re trained in. Coaches can help clients cope with the pandemic by guiding them with their values to better accept the things they cannot change.

For coaches who have personal or work-related experience with mental health challenges, now is the time to collaborate with other mental health professionals, perhaps following the example of the app, Ginger, a leader in on-demand mental healthcare.

In this article from Harvard Business Review, authors Ken Banta and Orlan Boston state that “The pandemic is causing many people to reflect on their sense of purpose,” and leaving some coaches with extra time on their hands. Is this a time to consider doing discounted or pro-bono work?

Public Health Concerns: A Call for Health Coaches

The effects of obesity are an urgent concern during the pandemic, and a new remote solution for obesity, called OPT-IN, is more successful thanks to the help of health coaches.

This Canadian mission sets out to engage families in increased daily activities for a more physically active lifestyle, and it’s made effective with the help of health coaches.

“We can seize this moment to truly reimagine prevention of chronic disease, with everyone having the opportunity to receive evidence-based lifestyle coaching and with the surrounding structural, economic, health care and social supports to be successful,” states the American Medical Association, in this article about rising interest in prevention.

How Certain Health Coaches Are Adapting During the Pandemic

This gym owner, trainer, and health coach adapts during the pandemic because he sees new opportunities where his services are needed.

Health coaches can collaborate with telehealth and telemedicine software companies, some of whom are now targeting obesity with technology and virtual health coaching.

Coaches are urged to go digital: “Understanding the role health coach professionals will play in planning for the ‘new normal’ is critical. EGYM, a global fitness technology leader, “invites gym owners and operators to an important discussion on the future of trainers and health coaches.”

Marketing Do’s and Don’t’s

Pandemic-Related Options for Health Coaches to Consider

Do you have an offer you can share discounted or for free during the pandemic? This can help grow your following, and your business, while solidifying your sense of purpose during these trying times, and providing new and existing clients with some much-needed guidance.

Here’s an idea. Health coaches can collaborate with digital companies that offer full-service support for corporate wellness initiatives. Prevention is a key concern during this ongoing pandemic.

Many overbooked health professionals are looking to grow their teams, and health coaches, with our unique skillsets, can be the perfect candidates.

How NOT to Market Yourself as a Health Coach

Some coaches try targeting new moms, preying on their pain points, with trending hashtags and direct sales pitches. This is especially common for coaches who work for MLM companies (multi-level marketing), and it’s not the way you want to find new clients.

How Health Coaches Can Attract New Business and Stand Out

A tried and true strategy to attract new business is to write and submit your coaching program as a press release. Take the next step by demonstrating scarcity or limited availability to make your press release even more effective, like the team at Precision Nutrition has done here.

Niche your efforts to help underserved populations who are disproportionately affected by obesity or heart disease, like here in this randomized controlled trial aimed at reducing cardiovascular disease risk in black young adults with the help of health coaching.

Luckily, the health coaching industry isn’t crowded like other coaching industries are, but we can still learn a tremendous amount about effective marketing with the help of this Forbes article: 15 Ways to Stand Out in the Saturated Coaching Market. They make some great points that reiterate many of the marketing lessons we share inside The Primal Health Coach Institute curriculum.

Try this posting formula for increasing social media follower engagement, so that your followers turn into clients.

2020 set us up for some unthinkable experiences, no doubt, but the health coaching industry has been making a notable impact all year long. Check out our earlier health coaching headlines roundup, and help us spread the word about this important industry. 

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