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Engage in your passion for health with Primal Health Coaching. In just 6 months you’ll be an expert in all aspects of health, a guru of habit change, an empowered leader and a successful business owner.

Powerful Coaching

Pursue a purposeful life helping others reach their health, wellness and fitness goals. A Primal Health Coach is a wellness expert that works with clients to create individualized and holistic mind-body health plans.

Powerful Principles

Ancestral health principles go far beyond fitness trends and fads into scientifically-grounded, evidence-based practices. Primal Health Coaching  is your exclusive invitation to start or elevate your practice.

Powerful Presence

YOU are the solution to the modern health crisis. Primal Health Coaching will help you transform "crisis" into "calm" and turn chronic conditions into cures for your clients worldwide. Take that first vital step today.

The Primal Health Coach Program Is Different

The Primal Health Coach program provides the most in-depth and up-to-date ancestral health education in the world. Arm yourself with an arsenal of well-informed alternative choices based on science and experience in order to best serve your clients’ goals. Spark your clients’ craving for knowledge and help them access their sense of purpose and live according to their core values. Up-level your ability to motivate and inspire lasting change and graduate with the ongoing support and business acumen you need to launch and grow your health coaching career.

What You'll Learn In The Certification Program

  • Become an expert in evolutionary health science so you can train others to reprogram genes for optimal cellular function. 
  • Discover how to best coach clients toward lifelong functional fitness, efficient fat burning and moderated insulin production.
  • How to break through weight-loss plateaus and exercise for maximal health. 
  • Gain a complete understanding of the best-to-worst spectrum of food choices and how to help clients implement lifestyle behaviors that support their health and wellness goals. 
  • Strengthen the coach-client bond with a practical approach to securing clients, structuring sessions, asking questions and motivating transformation. 
  • Graduate a true entrepreneur, with the business skills—including marketing, sales and scaling tools—you need to easily and effectively take your health coaching career from theory to practice.

What Our Graduates Are Saying...

The Perfect Candidate

Expert coaches and aspiring health professionals alike will benefit from the course material and the prestige of being certified as a Primal Health Coach. That said, this is an intensive educational program that's similar to an upper-division level college course in health sciences. So be prepared to get those brain synapses firing!

The Primal Health Coach program lays down an excellent, detailed foundation of knowledge to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle and achieve body composition goals. With this knowledge, I’ve added an incredible amount of value to the service I provide as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Pilates Instructor and increased my total income by adding nutrition programs to my services.

Kelly Weston, Certified Primal Health Coach

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Establish clout. Elevate your career. Enrich your health, coaching, and business knowledge…with the only comprehensive ancestral health certification program in existence.

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