Last Updated: November 06, 2019

We’re rounding the corner into the holidays. For a lot of us, that means crisper temperatures, raking up leaves in our spare time, and planning primal-inspired menus for any parties we’re hosting over the next few months.

It’s also means we’ve got a new batch of health coaching headlines to share with you, including:

Emerging Trends

Wellness has become a 4.2 trillion industry. And according to findings from the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) held last month, some of the biggest trends on the horizon are group meditation, personalized nutrition, and getting outside in nature.

More and more people are understanding the benefits of adding health coaching to their list of services, including gyms. If you’ve been considering bringing your expertise to your local health club (or you’re a health club owner thinking about hiring a health coach), you’ll want to check out this article.

Health and fitness-related technology is on the rise, too, with apps designed to help your clients build healthier habits and make workouts more fun. Be on the lookout for a variety of intermittent fasting apps, 3-D exercise experiences, and more.

The Straight Answer

Are your clients’ heads spinning over the news about red meat? For years, public health officials have told Americans to limit their consumption. But recent studies state that there’s actually no connection between eating animal protein and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer (as you already know).

A year after its initial release, experts are still chiming in on why it’s a bad idea to shame kids into losing weight. They’re referring to Weight Watchers’ app for children and teens, saying things like, “It’s concerning that half of an avocado and almond butter are [in the] same category as Skittles.” And “…it convinces them there has to be a strict, regimented way of eating.”

Who’s Following Our Lead

There’s good news for seniors who want to stay healthy as they age. Thanks to the CHRONIC Act passed by Congress, Medicare is adding new benefits for 2020 that give members with diabetes and other chronic conditions access to non-medical services like nutrition coaching.

Keto continues to go mainstream. A national grant was awarded to researchers from The Ohio State University College of Nursing who are studying the effects of ketogenic eating in their clinical practice as a way to reduce cardiovascular disease in African American women.

Right now, your clients can’t use insurance to pay for health coaching services. But according to this article, that might be changing since the American Medical Association recently approved new codes for health and well-being coaching.

New Partnerships

Health coaching platform, Noom, and the global healthcare company, Novo Nordisk, have announced a collaboration focusing on weight management and education for people living with obesity following a successful 8-month pilot program.

People living with diabetes can now go into their local Walmart to manage, or even reverse their condition. The retailer has partnered with digital therapeutics company, One Drop, selling their smart glucose meter in-store and giving customers a year of free access to One Drop’s certified health coaches.

This Niche Keeps Growing

If you saw our post about Corporate Wellness a few weeks back, you know this industry is on the rise. Companies from engineering firms and financial organizations to hospitals are integrating wellness programs into the workplace in an effort to reduce health care costs, decrease burn out, and improve the quality of life for employees.

We’ll start to see more companies targeting corporate clients over the next year as well, including San Diego-based Kind Health Group. And in this article, the COO of Fitbit Health Solution talks about how to design an effective employee wellness program that works for everyone.

Updates + Events

The Primal Health Coach Institute program keeps getting better. Over the past few months, our team has added more great content to the curriculum, including a “Why Primal” chapter explaining the benefits of working within this niche, plus updated audio files, new coaching webinars, and a deeper dive into the types of behavior change theories out there (which we also discuss in this post). If you’ve already graduated, we encourage you to go back through the course to see what’s new. And stay tuned for even more content over the next year, including video testimonials from our graduates, and a special message from PHCI founder, Mark Sisson.

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