Last Updated: June 27, 2018

How Would the World Change If Everyone Had a Health Coach?

Imagine a world where…
everyone has access to a health coach.

Imagine a world where…
a health coach is covered by insurance to help you maintain your optimal health BEFORE you become another chronic disease statistic.

Imagine a world where…
preventive health care is the norm, instead of a novelty.

Imagine a world where…
it’s easy to find products, services, and counseling to help make lifestyle improvement effortless and approachable.

Seriously. Take a moment to envision how different our world would be if the majority of inhabitants knew how to take care of themselves in alignment with the way humans evolved to eat, move, and live. The impact this could have on our ecology…our economy. Can you see this planet full of earthlings living up to their awesome human potential?

It’s not fantasy. It’s not science fiction. It’s a world in the making, and Primal Health Coaches are leading the charge.

1. What it would mean for the healthcare system

A world full of Primal Health Coaches means an optimized healthcare system that is able to care for and cure more patients suffering from chronic conditions. It takes consistent wellness coaching to change health, habits, and lifestyles.

Doctors and patients need the support of health coaches now more than ever. Doctors spend almost no time with patients. According to Statistica.com, as of 2017, 6% of U.S. doctors reported spending less than 9 minutes with each of their patients. About 60% said they spent between 13 and 24 minutes with each patient. And more than 50% clocked in 30-45 hours per week seeing patients. That may be enough time to diagnose, but it’s certainly not enough time to develop a wellness plan, and help patients implement that plan on a daily basis.

How can doctors devote more time to patients when they are having to make up for the doctor deficit that America and the world at large are experiencing? The American Association of Medical Colleges sets the physician shortage at almost 60,000, and estimates that by 2025, the United States will be short 130,600 doctors.

The system, and doctors in particular, are in desperate need of support. That’s why many medical practices are adding health coaches to their rosters. Doctors understand that patients, especially those battling chronic conditions, need more hands-on attention than a single doctor’s visit can provide.

Health coaches can act as intermediaries between doctors and patients to improve patient outcomes.

Not everyone wants or needs to become a doctor, especially not with the rigorous 12-14 years of training. The healthcare system needs well-trained, specialized healthcare practitioners who can focus on specific areas of medicine. Niche-based health coaching such as Primal Health Coaching offers this specialized training, with much less time in school and at less expense.

2. What it would mean for clients/patients

Imagine you’re struggling with a health-related issue…or think back to a time when you were.

What if you had someone to call when you were feeling particularly bad—whether your physical symptoms were flaring up, or your state of mind was such that you wanted to drink the soda that you knew would exacerbate your IBS? And what if the person on the other end of the line held you accountable in a nonjudgmental way? What if you had a health coach helping you align your will and your habits, and supporting you in positive behavior change through it all? Imagine how much easier it would be to manage your chronic condition, create sustainable health habits, and reach your wellness goals!

Now, consider the impact this type of support can have on a large scale—fighting the obesity epidemic, for instance. Objective research shows that health coaches can help in chronic disease prevention and treatment.

2010: An integrative review of 15 studies published in the American Journal of Health Promotion suggests health coaching helps patients foster healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent and control chronic diseases.

2014: A systematic review of 13 studies published in PEC: The Leading International Journal for Communication in Healthcare concluded: “Health coaching improves the management of chronic diseases.”

2016: UCSF researchers examined the efficacy of health coaching one year after intervention. Were patients able to maintain significant improvements in diabetes management, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels? Yes! Results showed that “Most improved clinical outcomes persisted one year after the completion of the health coaching intervention.”

3. What it would mean for aspiring health professionals

The healthcare industry is welcoming health coaches with open arms. Health coaching is a burgeoning industry for aspiring health pros, with a relatively low barrier of entry. It provides an excellent income and supports a great quality of life, and the work is purposeful and satisfying for those who enjoy the world of wellness and helping others live their best lives.

To learn how you can get involved, gain access to the free ebook How to Become a Health Coach here.

4. What it would mean for the world at large

See our recent success story post on Mark’s Daily Apple! There is no limit to what you can do with your specialized training as a health coach. Some health coaches with particularly entrepreneurial spirits branch off into other areas of business interest.

We’re seeing ancestral heath dentist practices popping up. Primal-aligned shops and restaurants full of primal foods. Hotels and resorts designed to provide patrons with opportunities to eat, play, sleep, move, and live in accordance with our human evolutionary biology while on vacation. Our coaches have opened primal gyms, become primal chefs, are positioning themselves as primal business coaches, and running private primal practices! Each and every one of these businesses are impacting the world by spreading ancestral health knowledge and giving people access to services, foods, and opportunities that didn’t exist even a few years ago.

So, while we still have a ways to go before the world we imagined at the start of this blog post is actually realized, it’s amazing how far we’ve already come in just a few short years.

Want to help us create this world? Then join the tribe! We have big plans and all sorts of evolutions and enhancements in line for the Primal Health Coach Institute. We’re dedicated to shaping the best coaches possible for the best client outcomes possible, so keep reading our blog posts for more details in the coming week.

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