Last Updated: December 31, 2019

As we wrap up the last few days of 2019, we want to share our gratitude for our growing health coaching community. Our industry is changing the world’s perceptions of health and wellness and we couldn’t do it without you. In fact, there’s never been a better time to be a health coach.

Check out the top health coaching headlines of 2019, and stay tuned for more newsworthy stories coming in 2020.

Keto Goes Mainstream

With more people discovering the health benefits of a ketogenic diet, eating high-fat/low-carb is on everyone’s minds (and plates), including top Pentagon officials. According to this article, the government is considering using it for U.S. military divers, saying that “…[ketosis] changes the way your body handles oxygen deprivation, so you can actually stay underwater at deeper depths for longer periods of time.”

Not only that, researchers from Ohio State University College of Nursing were awarded a national grant earlier this year to study the effects of ketogenic eating in a clinical setting.

The Rise of Corporate Wellness

The World Health Organization declared work-related burnout an official medical condition this year. To combat that, companies like these ones have started integrating wellness programs into the workplace to reduce burnout, decrease sick days, improve quality of life for employees, and lower health care costs, which, as you might have guessed, are getting more and more expensive.

But it’s not just employers who are looking for ways to improve wellness. Millennials now consider workplace health programs to be among the top criteria when looking for a new job. Companies are listening too, offering health and nutrition coaching, gym access, fitness trackers, and onsite and offsite health talks.

Prevention Over Prescriptions

Studies are proving that behavior change is the best way to manage (and even reverse) chronic disease. In clinical trials where overweight, diabetic patients worked with a health coach, researchers saw significantly greater weight loss compared to other methods of support. This study from Children’s National Health System in Washington D.C. backs up the claim, showing the beneficial effects of managing Type 1 diabetes through ongoing health coaching.

Doctors are following our lead as well, stating that changing patients’ behaviors can have a “profound influence on overall health and reduce the need for many medications.” And thanks to the CHRONIC Act passed by Congress, Medicare is adding new benefits for 2020, giving members with diabetes and other chronic conditions access to non-medical services like health and nutrition coaching.

Most Profitable Trends for 2020

Wellness has become a 4.2 trillion-dollar industry. According to findings from the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) held this year, some of the biggest trends for 2020 are group meditation, personalized nutrition, and getting outside in nature. Other organizations have released their own lists, stating that functional fitness, recovery-focused training, intuitive eating, and non-alcoholic drinks will be top wellness topics in the year ahead.

Health and fitness-related technology is on the rise too, with apps designed to help your clients build healthier habits and make workouts fun. Be on the lookout for a variety of intermittent fasting apps, 3-D exercise experiences, and more coming soon.

Weight Watchers Keeps Making News

Last year, Weight Watchers revealed their own transformation, rebranding themselves as WW, a health and wellness company that goes beyond weight loss. But by July 2019, their stock took a huge nosedive, losing 80% of its value. According to a quote by WW’s CEO Mindy Grossman in this CNN article, the aforementioned keto movement is to blame.

WW made news again later in the year when they released a healthy eating app for kids ages 8-17—and people were outraged, saying it sent a message to children that breeds an obsession with weight, calories, and food.

The Meat Vs. Plant-Based Debate

For years, public health officials have told Americans to limit their consumption of red meat. But reports published earlier this year state that there’s no actual connection between eating animal protein and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer (as, of course, you already know).

Right on the heels of this news was the highly controversial release of Game Changers, which strives to convey the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Did you see it? If not, give it a watch or check out this interview where Chris Kresser debunks the documentary on the Joe Rogan Experience.

PHCI’s Curriculum Gets Even Better

2019 was a huge year for Primal Health Coach Institute. We’ve added more updates than ever before, giving prospective health coaches and PHCI grads a strong competitive edge in the industry. If you’re a current student or grad, you’ll want to see what’s new, including brand new chapters on coaching skills, practical real-world coaching assignments, 12 new business-building tasks, a full 12-week coaching demo led by seasoned Primal Health Coach, Erin Power, a comprehensive final exam, and a fresh look, feel, and sound for all of our course work.

Primal Health Coach Institute also launched the Heath Coaching Success Virtual Masterclass earlier this year. In this free 5-day online program, hosts Laura Rupsis and Erin Power take you behind the scenes with 20+ world-class health coaches and business-building experts, where you’ll learn everything from how to become a master of sales and marketing to how to create a lucrative career you love. You can sign up for the course here.


With exciting new opportunities in corporate wellness, monumental changes in preventative care, and valuable updates to the Primal Health Coach Institute curriculum, 2019 proved to be a great year to be a health coach. And we can’t wait to see what happens next. From our PHCI family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy New Year and prosperous 2020!

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