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Primal Health Coaches around the world are running their own independent health coaching businesses. If you want to lose weight, get fitter, and be happier, connect with a Primal Health Coach to learn more about their coaching services.

(Disclaimer: Primal Blueprint has no formal or legal business associations with any of the coaches. They have been through rigorous training and are certified as Primal Health Coaches by Primal Blueprint, but they operate their businesses independent of Primal Blueprint.)

Alessandra A Ribeiro


Campinas, -, Brazil


I am a health enthusiast and absolutely passionate about nutrition, who experienced the effects of LCHF/Primal life style myself. I cured my high blood pressure and lost several pounds just by changing my diet and life style, and I want to be able to help people do the same.

Marisol A Suarez


Guadalajara, -, Mexico

My passion is to motivate and teach you through education, inspiration and example to improve your health through a comprehensive Primal nutrition program, physical activity and lifestyle that suits your needs and goals.
Instagram: @cambiateapaleo

Mark A Thomas


17 Whitecastle Street
Brisbane, -, Australia


As a Naturopath of 26 years I enjoy empowering people to take back control of their health and well-being. Applying and living a Primal Wellness Lifestyle is an important integral part of living and experiencing an energetic, pain-free and vibrant life. I look forward to guiding you through to feeling and looking the very best that you can. Get excited about the possibilities!

Tony Adams


apt 7D, 8 Knox St
Double Bay, -, Australia


After retiring from the financial markets, I started to try and reclaim my health. This journey took me to embrace the primal/ lchf/paleo/Mediterranean way of life.
One of the most important aspects of my healing was using bone broth to help heal my gut. I was so enthused about the results that we started a bone broth business in Sydney Australia. We are the first Certified Organic fresh bone broth product in Australia and can be found in over 100 stores. See

Helen Albrightson


5566 Highway 5
Douglasville, GA, United States


l'm a 59 year old working mom living the 80/20 paleo life style since my first 30 day reboot in 2014. I am ready to share my passion, experience and knowledge with others who want to affect positive changes in their health and fitness. It's about embodying the 10 Primal Laws resulting in a longer, happier life.

Marcus Alexander


Luxembourg/Boston, -

A runner, duathlete, and triathlete. Nationally ranked top 5 for duathlon and All-American in the triathlon. Heading to the World Champs in Australia later in 2015. Originally from Wimbledon, UK now live in Luxembourg and USA.

Have been a total primal athlete over the last two years and the results are great.

Shimere Alexander


15050 N 59th Ave
Glendale, AZ, United States


After working with clients 1 on 1 for years, I realized the problem was much more than simple portion control. Its about what we put in our bodies and thats when I shifted to Primal Health Coaching. As a person who battled with autoimmune issues surrounding digestive problems, I have made it a mission to help others overcome health related problems.
I am a CHC, PCHC, an avid crossfitter, hiker, kayaker who believes in ancestral healing roots for wellness. Currently obtaining my CPT.

leanne anders


Victoria, VI, Australia


I live in a beautiful country town in Victoria, Australia with my husband and 3 dynamic kids. We live a primal, nature connected, active lifestyle. I am passionate about empowering parents to help their kids live a life of optimal health and wellbeing, along with educating my own family about the benefits of a primal lifestyle. I love to share how we apply these key concepts in our everyday lives and how easy it actually is to live by them.

Jason Ang


Singapore, -, Singapore

I wish to help others to be physically healthier, especially the elderlys, special needs personnels and the less fortunate who has limited access to useful health information due to their financial conditions or are too tied up with their commitments. I consistently read up on health blogs to enhance my knowledge so that i can be more proficient in helping others.

Sarah Appleby


Adelaide, -, Australia

I'm a mother and health and fitness coach with a PhD in cell biology. I want to empower women to nourish their bodies through healthy eating and lifting heavy weights.

Benjamin Arnold


2000 Dryden Rd.
Houston, TX, United States


I provide primally aligned nutrition, conditioning and peak performance coaching for athletes. I am a board certified Anesthesiologist and Assistant Professor in the departments of Anesthesiology and Peri-operative Medicine and Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Rob Arthur


210 Calibre Chase Dr. apt. 305
Raleigh, NC, United States


National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Coach (PN1), and Primal Health Coach.

Evan Axelrod


Parker, CO, United States

Evan M. Axelrod, Psy.D., ABPP, has a doctorate in clinical psychology, with an emphasis in behavioral forensics. He is a Board Certified Specialist in Police and Public Safety Psychology, and a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress. Dr. Axelrod is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology and has authored and contributed to numerous books and articles in the areas of police psychology and the detection and disruption of violence.

Jyenny Babcock


Los Angeles, CA, United States

I'm an enthusiastic supporter of the ancestral health movement because I believe modern "food" and lifestyle habits are literally killing us, or at least making us very sick. I became a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert for personal enrichment and am always happy to share that knowledge. Check out my blog, which features articles about self-reliance and sustainable living practices where I share tips on gardening, DIY projects, and recipes that are paleo/primal friendly. Grok on!

Dan Barbuscio


Lethbridge , -, Canada


My Primal journey started 2 yrs. ago, looking for a certain Paleo book at a book store. That book was sold out, but the clerk suggested the "Primal Blueprint". That piece of advise changed mine and my wife's life forever.
In the 2 yrs. since reading it, I'm off all meds, and have lost over 70 lbs. I feel better than I have since my military days, 35 yrs. ago.
I'm now looking forward to helping others "live long & drop dead" Thank you Mark, and all the Primal staff for this great opportunity.

Shelley Barker


Los Angeles, CA, United States


I'm a health coach in central Los Angeles, CA. After working in a challenging career I found my performance declining and my weight increasing. discovered the primal lifestyle and it transformed my life in so many amazing ways. Now I'm passionate about helping people achieve those same results and find ways to live well-rounded, healthy lives no matter how crazy their schedules are. You can contact me through my website or at

Dayne Barkley


Melbourne, -, Australia

I am an IIN Certified Health Coach with a strong passion for quality local food and produce. I strongly believe in the primal/ paleo lifestyle and the Bulletproof diet and lifestyle. I enjoy discovering new technology to increase my overall performance.

Aaron Baulch


1339 East 38th Street, Unit A
Tulsa, OK, United States


For over 25 years, the health and fitness industry has been Aaron's chosen profession. Currently residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and 10 year old son, Aaron's training journey has included numerous opportunities & experiences. Currently, his certifications include NSCA-CPT, Primal Health Coach, MovNat Level 2 & Restorative Exercise Specialist. As the Owner & Founder of Mindful Body Fitness, a MovNat Licensed Facility, his focus lies in helping others attain optimal living.

Christopher Becker


St. Louis, MO, United States


My goal in life is to help others become the best version of themselves while I continue to grow and evolve into the best me I can be.

Mike Belkowski


Missoula, MT, United States

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified in Integrative Dry Needling, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Primal Health Coach

Owner of ProActive Health PLLC

Michael Benz


4118 Emerald St
Oakland, CA, United States


I'm the kind of health coach who would be happy to talk about Aristotle's vision of "human flourishing" while discussing proper squat technique. I combine a deep understanding of evolutionary biology with detailed knowledge of exercise physiology, and I incorporate powerful lessons from philosophical traditions as wellsprings of motivation. My coaching addresses optimal diet, fitness, sleep, and lifestyle choices for reaching health and vitality goals.

Rylan Berton


218 9th st e
saskatoon, OR, Canada


I'm committed and passionate about helping people optimize their health to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort and to feel amazing and energized every day. This can be achieved through optimizing your nutritional input and your nutritional movement input.

Dennis Bittner


SF Bay Area, CA, United States

925 639-6813

PhD biochemist in SF Bay Area can help you to understand how a paleo lifestyle can provide optimum health and body composition. If you are looking in this directory, you must already be motivated to make changes, so please contact me. Skype available from anywhere in the world.

Jen Black


3234 Mission Dr
Santa Cruz, CA, United States


I am a Private Chef. I am classically trained. I have always been on a quest for delivering delicious food for those I cook for. Over a year ago my daughter introduced me to Primal Blueprint and I have been actively pursuing a Primal Lifestyle. I am thoroughly engaged in creative new ways to keep primal-aligned foods interesting, relevant and,of course, absolutely delicious! Everyone I cook for has been enjoying the results of my efforts. This Lifestyle is inspiring and I hope to inspire others.

Arturo Blanco


San Jose
San Jose, -, Costa Rica


Attorney at law, master in tax and business law. I turned 50 and realized that I can be as active and ready to achieve now as I ever was. A primal way of living supports my personal goals. Its the way its always been done!

Laura Bocianski


2355 Somerset Valley Drive
Antioch, TN


I'm the owner of Be Free Health Coaching LLC, an online health coaching company that uses health education and holistic practices to help people adopt healthier lifestyles.

As a survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury, I'm passionate about using the science of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, social support, and stress management to help YOU live the life you want.

Brian Boeke


894 Chambers St
South Ogden, UT, United States


I am currently an engineer that has developed a passion for health and fitness over the course of the last ten years. I came across Paleo/Primal in 2010 when I joined a crossfit gym. Being an engineer, I needed to see data before I accepted such a departure from the main stream diet guidance. Over the course of the next year, I found overwhelming evidence that this approach is exceptionally healthy. I now want to spread the word and help make the world a more healthy place!

Nathan Bowser


649 5th Street
Pitcairn, PA, United States


hello, my name is Nathan Bowser and over the past year I have been working extremly hard to get into shape and live a healthy life stile. I was not always in the shape that I am in today a little over a year ago I was 300 pounds and my life was in disarray. I came across the primal blue print and it changed my life forever, I have lost over 100 pounds and weigh 185 pounds. The primal Blue print has changed my life and I want to help change the world through the primal health coach program.

tonia boze


1812 N State St
bellingham, WA, United States


I own a gym that trains athletes for outdoor performance.

Kevin Bradford


Knoxville , TN, United States

I'm excited to help people experience the same transformativehealth benefits I have.

Mindy Braun


Santa Rosa, CA, United States

The Primal Blueprint transformed my life over 6 years ago! Conventional wisdom had failed me in my attempts to gain control of my blood sugar and cholesterol. I was doing all the "right" things and still felt helpless as I watched my health deteriorate. I am a mom of three boys and I wanted to be around for them! Enter The Primal Blueprint. I saw my health markers turn around and the weight come off. I am now passionate to share with others this path to freedom and vibrant health.

Diane Brissey


Berlin, MD, United States


I have been a therapist for over 25 years and have worked to help others enhance their wellbeing. With a focus on living a primal lifestyle, I can know more thoroughly incorporate health and nutrition as an integral part of wellness.

William Broach


Summerville, SC, United States

I am a 45 year old Department of Defense police officer and retired military. Primal Blueprint has helped me lose 25 pounds and 6% body fat so far and corrected my blood pressure and eliminated my pre-diabetic symptoms. I am in the process of starting up a business coaching people in the Primal lifestyle. It is still in the initial phases, but feel free to contact me via if you are in my area and are interested in becoming healthier and feeling better than you ever have.

Susan Brodrick


New York, NY

Growing up, I always thought it was important to be healthy. As an adult I mostly followed conventional wisdom, which did not result in vibrant health. In 2011 I discovered Mark’s Daily Apple. Finally I had found something profoundly compelling. I am inspired by Mark’s conviction that “we all possess the genetic recipe to build a strong, lean, fit, happy, healthy, loving, productive, fulfilled human being” and I would like to do what I can to help people understand and live the primal lifestyle.

Adriana Brown


4112 37th Ave SW
Seattle, WA, United States


I've been an NCAP-CPT Personal Fitness Trainer since 2001. I hold numerous Crossfit specialty certifications as well. I have been a PFT at the Seattle Athletic Club since 2002. My passion is helping people to find their truest happiest, healthiest, most aware selves. I love to coach and teach people that their possibilities and abilities have no limit. I live in Seattle WA with my husband and two daughters (3 and 5 yrs old).

Karen Brown


Corner Brook Newfoundland, -, Canada

Have been working with fitness and nutrition for 35 years outside of my sales position in an unrelated field. I have been following a primal diet for two years. I took this course to be more prepared to deal with the concerns of the conventional thinker's diets and fitness practices. I recently semi-retired from the sales world and want to move further into my own wellness business. This certification was a great opportunity and am thrilled to be an expert in this proven approach to health.

Lisa Brown


P. O. Box 2704
Grapevine, TX, United States


Lifelong fitness and health nut. Certified Personal Trainer (Cooper and NASM) since 2007. Committed to body and soul shalom.

Mike Bruce


Pittsburgh Area, PA, United States

I am an ex-athlete that had weight issues once my life became sedentary. For years I tried every diet and every workout. Constant joint pain, headaches, congestion, and an extra 60lbs(in my 20's) all went away FAST when I found the Primal lifestyle. God is good!!!

Beth Bruer


Tallahassee, FL, United States

I believe everyone has the capacity to feel better than they do right now. I want to help you succeed on your journey to wellness & vitality. My particular passion is for women, children, & families.

I am also passionate about food as fuel.
The kitchen is the heart of our home.

I am not a dietitian or personal trainer. I am someone who is living proof that PB works! And I have valuable experience to share with you.

Hannah Burkhauser


Austin, TX, United States


I used to think that food was the enemy rather than a source of joy. All of that changed for me when I embraced the Primal lifestyle. As a member of the Primal community I am committed to helping women find their healthiest and happiest lives through sound nutrition, movement and adventure. I look forward to meeting you and serving you in this next step in your life!

Clive Burns


Noosa Heads, QLD, -

I'm passionate about helping those who want to make positive, progressive changes to their life with results that manifest in how great they look and feel today, tomorrow and for the rest of their lives. My training does this through education, instruction, inspiration and by example. I guide people step-by-step through a sequence designed to empower them with the knowledge, understanding, wisdom and independence required to make the permanent transformations they desire.

Thuy Burritt


Villa 7, 27th Street
Al Ain, -, United Arab Emirates

+ 971503218677

My name is Thuy (twee) Burritt. I am a certified STOTT PILATES instructor, certified Total Barre instructor, and Primal Health Coach Certified. I am the owner of Fit Pilates Ai Ain studio and Total Pilates Solution blog. My home is VA, USA. My studio is in Al Ain, UAE. I live in both places.

I have deep passion for health and fitness and like to share it with you. I look forward to help many of you achieving goals. Visit my websites or WhatsApp me @ (UAE) +971503218677 or (USA) +5406887121. and

Kyle Buttress


70 Twenty Sixth Ave
Palm Beach, -, Australia


I'm a Strongfirst Instructor for kettlebells and Bodyweight training (SFG, SFB) a Martial Arts Instructor a Mobile Phone Software Developer, my goal is to combine my passions to build a better future for my family and myself. I own and run a boutique gym on the Gold Coast in Australia where I share my passion for health and wellbeing with people looking to be the best they can.

Jasmine Cabrera


Charlottesville, VA, United States


Hi! I'm Jasmine.
I help crossfitting entrepreneurs stop spinning their wheels around health by teaching them to eat in a style that's not based in flawed food science.

I got into the health + fitness industry for 2 reasons:

#1 - There is a lot of conflicting counterproductive information circulating about how to care for ourselves on the internet.

#2 - I hate to see someone's health suffer to the point they can't live the lives they truly desire.

Click the link below to learn more.

Bryan Calcott


1575 Harbor Blvd, #3522
Weehawken, NJ, United States


After experiencing the life changing benefits of going primal I decided to commit my life to spreading the gospel of primal nutrition and health. Along with enrolling in the primal health coach course I am also enrolled in a Masters program for Applied Clinical Nutrition and will start in January of 2017.

Brad Campbell


Birmingham, AL

Currently working on my Primal Journey, and happy to help others onto the primal path.

Casie Campbell


Almonte, -, Canada

I became passionate about primal health, fitness and lifestyle after my own transformation a few years ago.

I am always eager to hear from like minded individuals and hope to be able to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives by sharing my knowledge, energy and passions with them!

James Capron


Westlake, OH, United States

Certified Public Accountant at Cleveland Clinic and a holistic health enthusiast.

Jennifer Carpenter


PO Box 104
Wister, OK, United States


At my heaviest, I weighed 280 lbs. I looked and felt terrible all the time. I began trying to lose weight and was successful, but I still didn't feel as good as I wanted to. One day I stumbled upon Mark's Daily Apple while looking for recipes. I started looking around the site, and I knew I had found a new way of life. I'm healthier than I have ever been and feel great.

John Caton


Euless, TX


Taking the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification course has expanded my understanding of basic human health and fitness needs. Surprisingly, to me, I was raised with these concepts but I didn't believe them to be true, then. To enhance my own well being and that of family, friends and acquaintances is my goal. This journey is a new one, but follows an old path.

Anne Chee


Sydney, -, Australia

0433 236 391

My name is Anne and I created Primal Mama to help women who want to improve their overall health and fitness by sharing my own health overhaul story. I have been following a Primal low carb healthy fat diet and after experiencing my own positive weight loss results, I found myself constantly telling people about how I did it and how they could follow suit. I became so passionate about the primal lifestyle that I decided to help women achieve their own health aspirations.

David Clark


724 Arastradero Rd. 310
Palo Alto, CA, United States

415 866 7016

Happily married husband and proud father...
10-years ago I ventured on a reading campaign to try and fix some of my chronic health issues. I read a book a week (over 500 and counting) on health, fitness, disease prevention, naturopathic remedies, etc. It is now 10-years later and YES I did fix all my health ailments, and have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for helping others who are also seeking true natural health.
Let's you and I discover your natural health path together.

comming soon

Rosa Coelho


Vancouver, -, Canada

As a former school teacher turned personal trainer I always felt training was just the beginning of something. That beginning was health coaching and specifically with a focus on primal living. I have been following and coaching my clients in this methodology from my early days as a trainer and the results have been incredible. My clients not only lose weight but they feel energetic, happy and in control of their life. Simplicity is empowering.

Brenda Colbert


3600 holborn place
Frederick, MD, United States

(240) 429-7320

I am woman, Bren, Brennaboo, Wife, Mom, Grammie, warrior of life.
I am a life long entheusiast of the wonders of the human body. Even as a child, I was looking for the best way to take care of myself. I have been told that I have a common sense about it. I am very curious. I dig for it. Being human, I have struggled at times, but I am a diligent student, and I learn continually. I share everything with those I love.
I am a family person.I love to laugh. I am not afraid to cry. I am strong.

Eric Collard


Ottawa, -, Canada

Hi there,

Eric here. I travel all over the country to teach people how to run, move, live and eat a bit better and more efficiently. I wish I would have had this info when I started my fitness journey about 15 years ago. I went through a lot of carbs and injuries during that time. Never too late, right?

I'm looking forward to helping people along their journey. Don't be shy, drop me a line if you think I can be of assistance.

Jazmine Collins


7528 4th St NW, Ste D
Los Ranchos, NM, United States


After working in the aesthetics industry for nearly a decade, I've committed to help people regain a love for their skin and body in a healthful, mindful way. I apply a holistic approach in empowering clients to become a better version of themselves, starting from the inside out. I'm excited to share how the Primal lifestyle has transformed my life, and look forward to helping you transform yours!

Jason Colquhoun


9 Koonalda St
HARRISON, -, Australia

0405 316 050

I come from an elite cycling background through the 1990’s, I have continued my love of fitness, sports and healthy living during a Military career spanning 15 years, the last 9 years as a Physical Training Instructor, training elite soldiers.
I first encountered the Primal/Paleo lifestyle whilst working at a CrossFit Box during 2010 and have been experimenting and fining tuning ever since. I believe that only when lifestyle choices are maximised can true health be achieved.

Peter Comerford


6/46 Renfrew Rd
Werri Beach, -, Australia


I am a passionate and dedicated person who is 100% invested in Primal living and would like to help other people transform their lives and invest in it also. I am also planning on becoming a pesonal trainer so i can combine the health coaching with fitness and help a broader range of people.

Joseph Condora


405 Woodlawn Ave.
Linden, NJ, United States


My name is Joe and I am a primal coach living in NJ. My goal is to help all of my clients achieve their full potential and reach all of their desired goals. I strive to coach my clients in a way that is both approachable and applicable. I shun a dogmatic health approach and instead lead my clients down a holistic path of endless possibilities by implementing fun recipes, playful movement (excercise), and biohacking techniques. Connect with me @primalexample on Twitter for advice or just to chat!

Bob Connor


International School Bangkok
Bangkok, -, Thailand


I am 63 years old, living in Thailand, working as an international educator, and part-time fitness-wellness coach. I have been following the primal lifestyle now for 8+ years, having already inspired a number of people to "Get Primal." The Primal Health Coach course has expanded my knowledge base, as I seek to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. I am truly excited about the possibility of motivating numerous people in the coming years, to enhance their overall health and well-being. Grok On!

Amy Considine


175 Pond Road
Honeoye Falls, NY, United States


I'm a "40-something" professional, wife and mom with a passion for and commitment to natural (including Primal!) health and wellness. I have completed post-graduate studies in Holistic Nutrition, I hold a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and am now proud to be a Certified Primal Health Coach! My calling and mission in life is to help people achieve their optimal health and wellness. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and to helping others.

Denise Cooke


Saint Augustine, FL, United States

I am honored to be illustrated in the New Primal Blueprint publication. My own health crisis sent me on a journey to recover my health when conventional medicine had no answers. I healed myself and acquired tremendous body composition change. Now it is my true mission to empower others to find optimal health as I did. Optimal health resides in us all, we just require the tools, guidance, support and understanding to find it. My passion is to help others find the Best version of Themselves!

Sarah Cooper


Nixa, MO, United States

I am a licensed massage therapist and have a background in social work; I love mentoring and supporting others to be their best selves! I've struggled with perfectionism and eating disorders in the past and found true freedom in the primal diet and lifestyle. I accordingly find it particularly rewarding to empower others in their journey of self-acceptance, and my mantra today is "Strong not skinny"!

Jackie Copeland


115 Rain Dance Cir
Ringgold, GA, United States


I'm a former dessert queen who transformed my life through the Primal lifestyle and am now coaching other women to live free from the numbers of calories, age, and weight. My happy place is my kitchen and I love sharing tips and recipes so that others can learn how easy it is to prepare delicious food that loves you back.

Daniel Cortez


Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States


After suffering with chronic illness for over a decade, I regained my health with the help of Functional Medicine clinicians Chris Kresser and Amy Nett and a Primal lifestyle.

Along the way I became a Certified Personal Trainer, a student of Biomechanist Katy Bowman(Move Your DNA, Don't Just Sit there, et. al.), and a Wim Hof Method Master Instructor.

My passion is helping people find happiness, health, resilience, and strength through an individualized approach to a Primal lifestyle.

Ken Crews


P.O. Box 567
Evington, VA, United States

(434) 515-0032

Not long ago, I reached a point that I was willing to try anything to get my autoimmune disease under control.

I started with supplements, which made a huge impact on my health, and lead me to focus on nutrition.

Then I found Mark's Daily Apple, and as soon as I saw he was offering a course to be a health coach, I jumped in with both feet.

I understand the challenges you face when there seems to be no relief.

If you are ready to take the next step, don't delay, contact me today.

Becky Cuellar


Laredo, TX, United States

I have a Bachelor's degree in Health Promotion and Fitness and Master's degree in Health Education from UT Austin. I wasn't introduced to primal living until a year after graduation, and I've been living, eating, breathing primal ever since! Currently, you can find my husband and me spending time with our 4 dogs and 16 city chickens. We have high hopes for a farm in the future. With this certification, I hope to teach others about primal living and lead them on a happy road to great health. :)

Daniel Cummings


Darlington, -

I am 23 years of age, a crossfitter/coach and a primal enthusiast looking to improve my health and fitness through exercise moving patterns and what i put in my body daily. I aspire to be a super-regional level athlete and help people live long, happy, healthy lives through integrating the Primal Blueprint nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Rob Cushman


Blue Hill, ME, United States

Run a small on-farm animal slaughter business. Looking to help clients cut through nutritional noise and lifestyle problems in order to take control of their health. Passionate about regenerative farming, meat processing, rewilding, and human longevity/performance.

Alvin Danenberg DDS


Charleston, SC, United States

I am a periodontist in practice for 42 years. In 2013, I began incorporating primal nutrition, gut health, and lifestyle changes for all my periodontal patients. In 2014, I received the designation of Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. In 2014, I also launched my website,, where I offer phone consultations, post my favorite recipes, and post blogs relating gut health and primal lifestyle to dental health and overall health. Contact me with questions, and I will respond.

Chris Danielson


951 Salerno Ct
Fort Collins, CO, United States


My fitness and health has been up and down over the 40 years of my life. a Few years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and decided it was time to make a change. After tons of research I made the switch to a primal based diet and the results were immediate. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience to help people better their life through health and fitness.

Elizabeth Davidson


4 Dovedale
Birchington, -, United Kingdom

I have just completed, details to follow

Hector Davila


700 E Elm Ave, Ste A
La Grange, IL, United States


I am a community pharmacist, CrossFit Level 1 Coach and now a Primal Health Coach looking to serve clients interested in pursuing and reaching their health and fitness goals. My experience puts me in a unique position to help clients ranging from those who have an interest in optimizing their fitness to those who are looking to reclaim their health after being disappointed by the American healthcare system. I am excited to impact my clients lives outside the confines of the pharmacy and gym.

Becky Davis


105 Bramble Ct.
Raleigh, NC, United States


A 7 year Primal veteran, I support woman as they take control over their health and wellness. My clients are passionate about their families, their careers, and creating a strong foundation of health from which to grow their beautiful and impactful lives.
As a Health Coach, I create a nurturing space for my clients to blossom. I draw on training from Duke Integrative Medicine and the Primal Blueprint as well as my background in cognitive psychology and philosophy.
Find more at!

Jared Davis


12002 County Rd. 11
Burnsville, MN


I am a chiropractic physician specializing in athletic and soft tissue injuries. I hold a full body certification in Active Release Techniques.

Stephen Decker


Houston, TX, United States


I am an Exercise Physiologist currently working on several clinical research trials at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. As a part of these lifestyle interventions, I create exercise and dietary programs for participants with diabetes, cardiovascular, and other chronic diseases. I received my MS and BS in Kinesiology from Stephen F. Austin State University where I worked as a Graduate Assistant, personal trainer, and participated in and performed research. I am a certified ACSM EP-C.

Noah DeKoyer


734 Broadway
Bayonne, NJ


Paleo / Primal Enthusiast
Loving Husband and Father of 2 Beautiful Boys
Co-Owner of the Centre for Epigenetic Expression
Co-Host of the Pain Relief Project
Co-Host of new Summit Release in June 2016

Lisa Delfino


Pro-Fitness Studios
Aberdeenshire, -, United Kingdom


I am a Personal Trainer and Primal Health Coach, dedicated to helping my clients fulfil their potential and become the best that they can be.

I have benefited immensely on a personal level with both my health and fitness since adopting a primal lifestyle and feel privileged to share this knowledge with my clients.

Vernon Delpesce


149 56th Place
West Des Moines, IA, United States


With over 38 years experience in the health and fitness field including 14 years as the CEO of a 65,000 member organization, I am pursuing my passion as a primal health coach and consultant helping people of all ages and abilities live healthy lifestyles.

Rhapsody Denison


Clinton, WA, United States

Rhapsody Denison is a Holistic Health Coach, 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, Primal Health Coach and founder of Primal Health Quest. In 2012, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. She reached a breaking point when her health continued to rapidly decline, despite being on 17 prescription drugs and her doctors didn't know how else to help. Since then, she has transformed her health and started Primal Health Quest to help empower others to transform their health.

Matthew Derkrikorian BSN RN CEN


Londonderry, NH, United States

I'm a Certified Emergency Nurse by training, but working in healthcare has shown me just how preventable many problems are and I wholeheartedly agree that an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure. Naturally, I decided to use my nursing background to assist those who want to improve their health and become more active and engaged in life! I have a strong interest in functional training and primal/ancestral/paleo health.

Larry Diamond


Round Rock/Austin, TX

My family and I are a Mark's Daily Apple success story. I have lost over 120 lbs, my wife has lost over 55 lbs, and we have both gone from a life of surviving and declining, to one of thriving. We have more energy, more happiness, and a vitality that was all but missing our entire adult lives. We have both solved multiple health problems. We now want to help as many people as possible thrive with the Primal Blueprint. I'm available for consultations in person or via the Internet.

Steve DiOrio


Billerica, MA


I've been a student of the Martial Arts for 40 years, a professional Karate instructor for the past 23 years.
I began my Primal journey in 2010. At the time I was suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and seriously thinking about giving up Martial Arts teaching. The Paleo/Primal lifestyle gave me back my Martial Arts career.
I'm very excited to help others to reach their health and performance goals.

Michael Dittmann


Hermann-Löns-Straße 15
Willich, -, Germany


Hallo, ich bin Michael!
Ich freue mich darauf, den großartigen Primal Lifestyle im deutschsprachigen Raum zu verbreiten und damit vielen Menschen zu helfen und zu unterstützen.

Hello, I'm Michael!
I'am looking forward to spreading the awesome Primal Lifestyle throughout the german speaking world to help and support many people.

Romy Doll


Chreienweg 4
Zumikon, -, Switzerland


Author of Paleo/Primal books
Fitness Studio Owner
Health and Nutrition Advice
Business Developer
MBA in Finance
Mother, wife and business woman living just outside of Zurich/Switzreland

Laurie Donaldson


Stewartstown, PA, United States

I am a Biology/Anatomy/Physiology teacher by trade and an ardent researcher of anything science by nature. The Primal Blueprint was my first foray into ancestral health after going gluten-free ten years ago and I knew it was the right path from day one. Since then I have explored many aspects of primal living and ancestral health. It just makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. Getting my Primal Blueprint Coach Certification has been a capstone project of sorts for me in this journey.

Tawny DonellHerrington


, , , , 13071 N hwy 279
Hiwasse, AR, United States


Today's nutritional wisdom no longer worked for me. I was hungry and tired most of the time and I was getting thick in the waist. Everyone including doctors told me to accept it as a part of aging. Not me! So I began my quest for health and became a health coach.

Jon Donovan


Petawawa, Ontario, -, Canada


Canadian Wildman and Paratrooper. I'm a semi-nomadic, minimalist, primal and mindful person that loves being active and outdoors getting lots of natural movement.

I offer help to people that are overwhelmed with stress, have no time and feel like they are stuck on a treadmill. Together I will coach you to wake naturally with energy, live the day with joy and sleep with ease.

Twitter: @ottawa_primal
Instagram: @ottawaprimal

Shari Doty


Guadalupe, CA, United States

(805) 356-3014

I have been doing care giving as a vocation for several years, but after experiencing such a remarkable transformation in my own health through Primal Blueprint, I feel moving into coaching is an easy choice for me. I believe I can reach more people, and make a profound difference in their day to day health and well being. Read about my Primal journey here:

Jeff Dougherty


Blue Springs, MO, United States

After many attempts to gain control of my health following conventional wisdom I discovered the Primal Blueprint Lifestyle. I've gone from tired, injured and burnt out to energized, healthy and inspired.

I engaged the Primal Health Coach Certification to further my knowledge and deepen my understanding of the key principles. The course also helped me rediscover my passion for helping people. I'm eager to help you gain control of your overall wellness so you can pursue your life's passions.

Jayde Doyle


Durango, CO, United States


Hello, my name is Jayde Doyle. Growing up, I was very active in gymnastics and ballet. Both required several hours of training every day and weight maintenance. I have always been passionate about health and nutrition and now I am very excited to start working with my sister, Dr. Ashley Lucas, in her health clinic, pHd Advanced Nutrition!

Ron Drillen


Thunder Bay, -, Canada


As a Canadian Primal Fat Burning Beast, my role as a Health Coach is to cut through all of the contradictory, incorrect (but well intentioned) misleading information out there and offer clear, concise, choices that have withstood the test of time (millions of years!!)
You can wake up a well rested, well nourished, fit and healthy Primal Fat Burning Beast today and everyday.

Bradley Driver


309 West 2880 South
Salt Lake City, UT, United States


I'm a brother, uncle, life/health/fitness coach, US Marine, warfighter, friend, passionate, laidback guy who wants to help people better themselves. Primal Blueprint/Paleo/Ancestral Health changed my life 6 years ago and I hope to help at least one other person feel this way. I've had the opportunity to share this information with hundreds of my current and former Marines (and other service members) to help them find optimal health.

M ReBeca Drury


11331 Coker Loop East
San Antonio, TX, United States


The human body, and all its wonders, has been my life's passion.I am a former track & field athlete and coach, with a BS in Kinesiology/Physical Education, a MA in Education, and a Doctorate in Naturopathy.
I am a certified Bikram Yoga instructor, and am the founder of Hot Mix Yoga, which I teach and also have a Hot Mix Yoga Teacher Training Program. I am also an INSANITY Pro Team Instructor. I bring all these skills and knowledge together to help people be the best they can be. Join me!

Arthur Dryver


118 Seri Thai Road, NIDA
Bangkapi, -, Thailand


I am an American living in Bangkok Thailand for over 10 years now. I went Paleo/Primal over a year now. I went Paleo mainly because of digestive issues, like IBS. Life's been great ever since, feeling tons better. Thus the begining of my new found passion in health and thinking of switching into a career related to health.

James Ducroiset


106 goldrush drive
Hawley, PA, United States


My name is Jim and I have been living an ancestral lifestyle for more than 10 years. 65 lbs later I am healthier now at 46 than I was at 26. If you are ready to start your own journey, I am here to listen and help guide you through the process. I have helped others and I know I can help you as well. Feel free to send an email to or call and leave a message.

M Barbie Dupuis FNS WLS


11445 Coursey Blvd, Suite L
Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Weight Loss Specialist

Aspen Clinic Medical Weight Loss
Vice President

Maria Duval


Los Angeles , CA, United States

I have a BS in exercise science from University of Wisconsin-Madison and years of experience in fitness and nutrition field. I discovered paleo/primal over 5 years ago in an attempt to alleviate symptoms of an autoimmune condition and heal my metabolism from dieting for a figure competition. I combine my passion for bodybuilding with primal lifestyle and diet to help people achieve the best aesthetics while optimising their health. I am especially excited to work with women.

Melissa Emmons


Thousand Oaks, CA, United States


Hi! I'm Melissa and my passion is teaching others how to live their best life in all areas. After discovering the primal lifestyle almost five years ago, many people started asking me how I stay in shape and have such a positive attitude. After being asked that question many times, I decided to further my knowledge by becoming a certified Primal Health Coach so I can help others on a deeper level. My focus is helping women become a better version of themselves.

Andrea Engel


7578 Nose Lake Road
Rhinelander, WI, United States


I am a 40-something mom of 3 who has faced numerous "health challenges". The primal way of life has made a huge difference for me. I am a hospice nurse, massage therapy student and I'm currently working towards personal trainer certification. My intent is to be a mobile holistic health coach, catering to those in the northwoods of Wisconsin. I am passionate about good living! I love outdoor adventures of many kinds, including bicycling, skiing, snowshoeing and hiking.

Hakan Eriksson


Ludvika, -, Sweden

I have always been interested in health and done everything "right", but still was not healthy. In my desire to feel good, I have tried several different methods and concluded that the evolutionary perspective and the primal lifestyle is the way to go. Today I run along with my colleague and friend Andreas Backlund and we help other Swedes to switch to the Primal lifestyle.

Jenny Ettinger


1234 Washington St. #402
Denver, CO, United States


Not long after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I sort of stumbled into the primal lifestyle. I've been living it ever since and I'm overjoyed to report that my symptoms are fewer and fewer everyday. In fact I'm a massage therapist and I'm working more now than I have in years, with no help from drugs & no pain! This experience has led me to become a primal health coach. My goal is to help others heal themselves.

Jamie Farrington


Urbandale, IA, United States

Current student in the Iowa Culinary Institute Program. Lost 25 pounds of fat and gained back 15 in muscle mass since I went Primal in '12. I am a husband and father who wants a better world for my posterity.

Christopher Fell


Föckelberg, -, Germany


ich bin durch laufen und die ständig daraus resultierenden Laufverletzungen zum "Primal Lifestyle" gekommen. Seit ich diesen Weg eingeschlagen habe bin ich verletzungsfrei und habe mein Gewicht reduziert, ohne Kraft zu verlieren.
Ich freue mich schon darauf mit euch zu arbeiten.

I started to live primal because I am a passionate runner an wanted to get rid of some -itis injuries. Since I am primal I had no injuries and I lost weight without losing Power.

Mark Fickler


Albuquerque, NM, United States


I help busy fathers over 50 shred 3 inches off their guts in 60 days so their testosterone improves naturally and their energy soars making them cool dads and granddads.

Eric Fitzgerald


4020 Featherstone Ln
Las Vegas, NV, United States


I am a fitness model/PT from Las Vegas. A few years ago I stumbled upon the primal movement and found it resonated more than any other style of diet. My mission is to help change the fitness industry into promoting a diet/training program that is much more healthy and sustainable than the six meals a day/chronic exercise pattern that dominates it.

Tracey Forbes


Airdrie, -, Canada


Mother of two, wife, business owner, Zumba Instructor, and yoga student.

Megan Fox


120 E Fox Hollow Rd
Ashland, MO, United States

573 657-1425

I am a small farmer and educator with a passion for real food, movement, and connecting with wildness.

Roy Fraticelli


Skillman, NJ, United States

Primal health enthusiast. Working with select clientele that want to transform their lives and live a primal lifestyle.

Richard Game


404 / 60 Doggett St
Brisbane, -, Australia


The Primal Way is a total mindset, a lifestyle design. It is a holistic approach towards health and performance, encompassing the 4 pillars of health: Sleep, Stress, Nutrition, Movement. I approach these aspects through goal setting, habit formation, following our ancestral diet, regular movement practice and having fun! Whether you’re just looking to lose some weight, improve your overall health or increase your athletic performance, The Primal Way can help you achieve your full potential!

Fco Javier Garca Bravo


Prol. Uxmal 1076-301
México, -, Mexico


Primal health changed my life, as simple as that. In my quest to help people I have found that it is the most intelligent and functional way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle: I have seen my clients upgrade themselves more than enough this past year to prove this beyond any doubt. It is not only my way of life, it has become both my passion and my job and I have enjoyed every second of it.

Also, we all love cavemen.

jay Gavin


Dublin Ireland , -, Ireland


Hi I am a Wellbeing. Primal & Transformation Coach. My philosophy is getting the right Mind-set with the correct Nutrition for a healthy body that can Move correctly and with ease
At Your Wellbeing One of the most important benefits of our Primal Health Coaching is our attention to the personal process. As coaches, we help you envision healthy, fulfilling lives that complement who you are and how you live. Your potential for well-being is too expansive to fit any ‘one type fits all’ model

Cristina Gillespie


Charlotte, NC, United States


I am a wife, mother and a trainer. I have a degree in Exercise Science. However, after the birth of my children I gained 75 lbs. quickly and life became exhausting. I found a new way to look at moving and nutrition. I lost 85 lbs. I now teach people this new way of viewing food and finding freedom from counting calories and excising more. I enjoy eating, moving and life and teach people to do the same.

Tammi Gordon


Southlake, TX, United States

I have been following a Primal lifestyle for 10 months, and it has really helped me take back my health. Although I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist, I am very knowledgeable in fitness (primal and non-primal) and nutrition (I am a biochemist by training).

I enjoy working with women and men over 50 who can't always identify with trainers and consultants who are 35 and under.
Finally, I am willing to provide seminars and small discussions to groups to help them understand nutrition.

Ryan Grant


202-411 Roosevelt Ave.
Ottawa, -, Canada

As a certified pedorthist, I deal primarily with lower extremity injuries/issues and biomechanics but have always felt that Western Medicine often has much too narrow a focus when dealing with these issues. As a former elite runner (sub 30min 10km), adventure racer, professional triathlete, and extreme runner I've seen first hand the effects of over training and strive to find that balance of achieving athletic goals with optimizing health!

Carolyn Gray


Melbourne, -


Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach,Blog Writer,Podcaster,Registered Teacher and Psychology student.
Facebook:Holistic Wellness For Life
Facebook: Primal Living Melbourne
I overcame chronic illness caused by a Medical Condition called Pyroluria. Loving life! Embrace wellness.

David Gregory


3rd Floor | 207 Regent St
LONDON, -, United Kingdom


Passionate about helping others who are literally sick and tired of a life of miserable mediocrity, and instead, want to make permanent positive change to their mind and body through primal nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Clients are guided step-by-step through a structured educational and empowering primal blueprint-based framework in person or through online consultation.

Julian Halton


Ottawa, DC, Canada


Personal Trainer, Dive Instructor, Martial Artist & Traveller. Connected to community, nature and the universe. Passionate about helping you rediscover your primal self. Eager to share the joy of taking those first steps to your best self.

Ian Hamilton


Lundgaardsparken 32
7490 Aulum, -, Denmark


Age 45, born in Scotland and living in Denmark.

Tyler Hanna


Denver, CO, United States

The way I explain my philosophy: "The health repercussions of poor activity levels, low quality sleep, excess stress, and poor nutrition are well documented. A small slip in any combination of the above categories can affect even the most healthy person."

My goal is to help people improve on these areas of wellness before they trigger bigger issues. It is also my goal to help clients who are already experiencing profound health challenges and improve on what may have caused them.

John Hannon


Hertfordshire, -, United Kingdom

+44 (7789) 178585

I have been an executive coach for 12 years, working with organisations. After experiencing some of my own health problems a few years ago I discovered the benefits of a primal/paleo approach to eating, exercising and living.

Now I help people in their 40s, 50s and 60s, with personal, one-to-one primal health coaching, to find out for themselves how to be truly healthy, using primal/paleo principles and research. The results are more energy, greater fitness, and a better quality of life.

Jenifer Harbour


8940 Davis Circle
Hayden, ID, United States


Anusara Inspired and Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (E-RYT-500). Jenifer is a whole hearted devoted student to the mind body connection with the belief that Primal Living along with full body movement can not only invite healthy daily life but also clear Aim of Right Livelihood. Jenifer is the creator of Tri-Yoga, an intense alignment based practice for the endurance athlete. Jenifer is a Restorative Foot Practitioner through Nutritious Movement founded by Katy Bowman.

Deborah HartSerafini


Raleigh, NC, United States

I am a certified permaculture designer and primal health coach, combining the complementary principles of both to design a more natural lifestyle for you. For more info, visit me at
Start where you are!

Lyle Haylett


Mount Juliet, TN, United States

I discovered low carbohydrate eating and Primal living about 4 years ago and it completely changed my life. I have absorbed every bit of material I can on nutrition and health since then and love to share what I've learned with others and help them achieve similar success. With this certification I hope to continue to further my knowledge, and find more ways to help others find what works the best for them.

Teresa Heitman


1749 Parkway Dr
Coralville, IA


I'm a certified personal trainer and an agent of change, providing programs and coaching for those who desire better fitness. This includes those new to exercise, older adults, busy moms, and those with arthritis, osteoporosis, shoulder or knee issues, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and hypertension.

Matt Hixson


Mount Vernon, WA, United States

I love living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and am passionate about eating delicious, local, natural foods for optimal health.

James Hunter


Carrboro, NC, United States


At an early age, I suffered from severe allergies (among other symptoms). Those symptoms reached an apex in 2010, and I had nearly given up hope of resolving these issues. That was when I stumbled upon The Primal Blueprint at a local bookstore. Needless to say, my life has forever changed for the better. My goal is to share my experiences with those that are searching for answers to solving their lifelong health issues.

By trade, I design and develop enterprise software solutions.

Karl Irwin


4134 Prescott Apt. #5
Dallas, TX, United States

I consider the Primal Blueprint to be foundational knowledge for living a quality life in the modern world. I am committed to people living their most energetic, peaceful and exciting life possible. I love exploring the world of nutrition and cutting edge health and want to share my knowledge with everyone I can.

Sarah J Choy


Surrey, -, United Kingdom

01883 722290

I am a nutrition and fitness enthusiast who lives the Primal Lifestyle. By changing my diet and lifestyle I have lost 4 stone and kept it off for two years, massively reduced crippling period pain, don't get hayfever any more and am barely ill - despite having two kids!

I want to help people who were like me – stressed, overweight, with nagging health issues, just feeling “blah” all the time. You can make some simple lifestyle and nutrition changes that will help you live an exceptional life.

Kinsey Jackson


PO BOX 4416
Bellingham, WA, United States

Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CN, CNS® is a functional and clinical nutritionist with a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition. She specializes in gut health, functional kinesiology, autoimmunity, and other chronic/inflammatory disorders. Kinsey overcame multiple autoimmune diseases using food and movement as her medicine, and is passionate about helping others to do the same. She’s also a writer and nutritionist over at and on her own website at ,

Irma Jager


1212 Motueka River West Bank Road
Motueka, -, New Zealand

03 526 8080

I'm passionate about food... growing veggies in our own garden, raising our own meat (beef, chicken, pig, sheep), milking our housecow and making all dairy products (hard cheese, yoghurt, cultured butter, kefir, ice cream!), picking fruit and collecting nuts in season and then preparing this for our family of five. Our children are home-educated and we live in a community with 5 households on the South Island, New Zealand. Have followed a primal lifestyle for about 5 years and loving it!!

Trey Jefferson


6127 N La Cholla Blvd
Tucson, AZ, United States


I have always thought this was the right way to live a happy and healthy life. I spent 25 years in the corporate world trying to achieve balance in my life. I am committed to helping others achieve it through primal living!

Michael Joe Oleary


1015 1/2 Steele St
Laramie, WY


Call me Joe. I have been a primal and ancestral health enthusiast for almost 4 years now. I am currently wrapping up an AS in exercise science via ISSA, and I'm eyeballing various institutions and outrageous college costs to pursue an undergrad in pre-med bio-chem and microbiology. My final goal is to create a system of farm based transitionary clinics that utilize the ancestral/functional health template and much of what I've learned via the essential primal laws to treat veterans with PTSD.

Dan Joebstl


Wien , -, Austria


Primal Enthusiast
Crossfit L1 Trainer
Crossfit Mobility Trainer

Kelly Jones


5414 N Henke Rd
Milton, WI, United States


15 year NASM and ACE certified personal trainer with a passion for helping those who would like to optimize their eating and exercise patterns for long-term quality of life.

Geoffrey Jumper


8305 Cherokee Boulevard
Douglasville, GA, United States


100 percent Primal Blueprint and Mobility WOD. You’re a member of Hell’s Belles KettleBell Club at CrossFit Sweetwater. Come early ready to go for noon classes M-F. Sign the waiver, 7 classes free to see if you want to join the tribe. Training: Amazing Primal Life, Mobility, CrossFit and Hard Style/Long Cycle KettleBell. No matter your starting point; everyday better, safe and scaled thru Beast Mode. We train, survive and thrive together.

Ondej Kadlec


Kotlářská 907/41
Brno, -, Czech Republic


Justin Kaplan


Dallas, TX, United States

Passionate about the study of human optimization.

Steve Kell


10515 Kent Ave Ne
Hartville, OH, United States


Steve was first inspired by Joel Salatin in Food Inc. to consider the food we nourish ourselves with. Since 2011 He and his wife raise pasture based chickens, and grass-fed sheep. For five years Steve worked for Chipotle, and was the GM of his hometown restaurant. Now, with the good guidance of Primal Blueprint Certification, Steve strives to make an impact in the lives and health of clients, family, and friends. Food, Energy, and Life to the full are important to him. Call 330-826-1818

Ginger King


5916 Saramac Dr
Watauga, TX, United States


I am not accepting clients at this time.

Louise Knoop-O\'neill


Cape Town, -

(082) 7890272

Lifestyle Coach & Movement Educator advocating active healthy, primal & wholesome living.

Tove Koch


8761 E state route 106
Union, WA, United States


My name is Tove, and I am a person who is passionate about creating and living a life of wellbeing, joy, and happiness from the knowledge that I have the power to attract whatever I want in life. Now my mission is to help others join this happy ride!

Donovan Kokot


Toronto, -, Canada

Donovan Kokot, CF-L2, NPTI, NASM-CPT, FNS, WLS, BCS, Certified Primal Health Coach.

Transforming people's lives one grass-fed steak and push-up at a time, my greatest passion is to educate and inspire clients to get fit and live healthier through ancestral health principles. I'm a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and NASM Sports Nutrition Specialist with an honors diploma from the National Personal Training Institute.

Christopher Koon


247 Chapel Hill Lane
Simpsonville, SC, United States


Avid pursuer of truth in the field of health. I enjoy helping people solve their health issues. Married for 28 years with three children, I love being active with my family.

Sarah Kostusiak


2153 CR 101
Hutto, TX, United States


Sarah is a Certified Health Coach with a focus on genetics. She believes that the key to health is finding out what works best for each person's body and creating a plan to help them achieve optimal health through nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation.

Shaughn Koukos


Vero beach, FL, United States


Shaughn Koukos is a professional mixed martial arts fighter who retired in 2014 and now works as a health coach. He dives deep to the core of this clients' weight loss difficulties and uses the principles of the Primal Blueprint and his many years in the fitness industry to create health and vitality in everyone he coaches. Shaughn works with men and women of all ages and builds a custom environment in which they can thrive and achieve their goals.

Risa Kuhlman


111 Legend Way
Wales, WI, United States


I am celebrating my 3-year nniversary of discovering and living a healthy primal life style. Six dress sizes later, I am enthusiastically living a life I never dreamed possible.

I would be honored to help others start their journey to health.

Sacha Kulenovic


Eastman , -, Canada


Free spirit, student of oriental philosophy, Osteopathe and a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Lynne Kypuros


231 Hunters Glen Dr
San Marcos, TX


I sustained a traumatic brain injury 22 years ago after being rear-ended by a drunk driver in a tractor/trailer. I had a miraculous medical recovery, but something was never the same. 9 years ago I discovered solace and strength in meditation and,I also, discovered the PB! Eating primally, and meditation has made my healing come full circle. Today I feel just as capable as I was before my accident. I would like to help others connect w/their higher power and heal their lives w/ The Primal BP!

Dianne Lapum


Rosemount, MN, United States

I am a certified Level I/II/Prenatal IBBFA certified Barre instructor and a NESTA certified Pilates Instructor living a Primal lifestyle.
I am ready to help others lead a healthy lifestyle with my Primal Blueprint Expert Certification and my new Primal Health Coach certification.
I successfully ran my own business for 20 years in the equine industry training and coaching both horses and riders to a National Competition level and am excited to offer my expertise in the field of health/wellness

Heather Larsen


Bettendorf , IA, United States


I am a women on a mission to help people become healthy and fit. I am a certified RYT yoga instructor with a passion for healing bodies through movement, sleep, food, and stress management. My goal is to teach individuals and families how to take their health into their own hands. It is possible to feel better and look better then you ever have by healing your body. Be Beautiful on the inside so you can be Beautiful on the outside.

Jennifer Lehman


West Haven, UT, United States

801 389 2203

I own my own business as a personal trainer and health coach, Thrive on the Basics, in the beautiful state of Ut. Health, fitness and nutrition have always played a major role in my life, growing up as a competitive gymnast. When I found the Primal Lifestyle about 7 years, I began slowly implementing the principals into my own life and now my family, friends and clients. It has been a game changer, regaining my health and effortlessly maintaining my weight. With my Hubby's support and 2 dogs.

Dr Dana Leigh Lyons


210 Peterson St
Fort Collins, CO, United States

(970) 631-5804

I help people who struggle with food and eating...and who want a holistic, mindful approach to looking and feeling better.

Alchemist Eating combines holistic medicine, primal principles and healing partnership to help patients get where they want to be with eating and health. I offer services in person and by long-distance consult.

Find a Mark's Daily Apple interview with me here:

Find a Primal Blueprint Podcast with me here:

Andrew LeMoine


Edmonton, -, Canada


I am an Entrepreneur, Coach, and Consultant working with other high achieving entrepreneurs, executives, and athletes.

I apply a multi-modal approach drawing from experience and training in: Integral and Somatic Coaching, Expressive Arts Therapy, Mediation, Evolutionary Health & Wellness, and Martial Arts, as well as over 15 years of entrepreneurial and business experience.

I'm looking forward to integrating Primal Blueprint Coaching into my work with clients!

Brandon Lentz


2611 Colpepper Rd
Abingdon, MD, United States


I am a 23 year old college graduate who has always been into health and fitness. Becoming a certified primal health coach has been an amazing experience. I aim to use this vast wealth of newfound knowledge to help people achieve their ideal body image.

Michael Lenz


472 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY


I'm a Functional Medicine pharmacist and partner at Fallon Wellness Pharmacy of Saratoga, located in Saratoga Springs, NY. We specialize in providing Wellness Consultations with a functional medicine approach, examining all of the body systems to determine the underlying causes of chronic disease. I'm excited to be able to incorporate the Primal Blueprint philosophy into our patient consultations. Visit us at

Erin Lewis


Arlington, VA, United States


While living and working in the DC area, I spent the better part of my 20s and early 30s dealing with the physical consequences of a highly stressful profession. I discovered that conventional medicine did not have the answers. I have found healing and complete recovery through primal living and a functional medicine/nutrition approach.
I am extremely passionate about helping others find healing & reclaiming their lives step by step while balancing the demands of chronically stressful lives.

Roxann Lewis


2885 via roma
league city, TX, United States


I am currently a stay at home mom, retired math teacher, and health and fitness enthusiast. I love creating recipes made from real foods that are also gluten free! In fact, just I started my own blog, where I post all of my recipes!

Ken Liu


Hollywood, CA


Paleo health coach and documentary filmmaker based in Hollywood, CA

Adam Lontai


816 n cooper
Peoria, IL, United States


Save for later

Annette Lopez


Austin, TX, United States

I transitioned from the mental health field as a psychotherapist to a nutritional health coach.There is a definite link between food and mood. My goal is to help you feel empowered and live a happy and vibrant life.

I myself have lost over 60 lbs and have adopted a paleo diet for over 6 yrs.

Credentials include:

Dual Masters degree in counseling from St. Edwards University

Certification as a Nutritional Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Mike Lorey


Cumming, GA, United States

A coach to help you find the essential elements required to live the best, most productive, and healthy life.

A Gregory Luna


17635 Henderson Pass, Apt 1332
San Antonio, TX, United States


I am proud to join the Primal family. I lost 100 lbs over a quarter-of-a-century ago and have maintained my weight. I would like to bring my years of wisdom, coupled with my augmented knowledge from the Primal Blueprint, to help those achieve their most optimal life. For more information, visit

Paul Mack


40B Old Lilydale Road
Ringwood East, -, Australia


I have been in the health/fitness/nutrition industry for most of my adult life. Spent time in the army as a paratrooper, I have been living a primal lifestyle since late 2014, and have reaped the benefits. I am also now a Personal Trainer. I hope to teach what I have learned to those that wish to live a healthier life.

Brendan Malloy DC


2697 Sandy Plains Rd
Marietta, GA, United States


As a doctor of Chiropractic, I look to the body, its expression of health and its ability to heal and regulate itself, first and foremost. My commitment to becoming a health and thought leader is what has driven me Primal. The principles of the Primal Blueprint align near seamlessly with my own and integrate easily into working with my patients and practice members. Thank you.

Victor Marquez Carmona


London, -, United Kingdom

Personal trainer who wants to help people
to improve their life quality through nutrition and exercise.



885 Eden Road
Albany, WA, Australia


Hi, I am Helen. I am a certified Primal Health Coach and I help women get their health back.

I am also Founder of the food range Primal Alternative. We are a national brand of local producers bringing primal alternatives to bread, pizza bases, cookies as well as gut nourishing gellies to our communities. This makes going primal more sustainable and doable. If you have a passion for Primal, love creating in the kitchen and are looking to earn an income from home this is for you!

Denise Martin


San Diego, CA, United States

I am a professional in marketing, a certified Primal Health Coach, and an enthusiastic cook. Originally from Argentina, I met my husband Spencer and came to the States ten years ago. I learned the language, became a citizen, and fell in love with this country. I am passionate about nutrition, fitness, food, and health; but most of all I am passionate about people, and a huge believer in individual potential. I am committed to help my clients achieve their health goals while enjoying the process!

Paul Martin


708 Broadway Suite 170
Tacoma, WA, United States


I am a chiropractor with a focus on healthy living through effective nutrition, movement, and adjustments and other self care. I rely on CrossFit for fitness and have been following paleo/primal principles for at least 6 years now, to great results. I am 40 years old in 2017, and have never been healthier, happier, nor fitter.

Rachel Martin


736 River Road
Weare, NH, United States

I got into TRUE health and wellness after conventional wisdom had failed me. I got diagnosed with my 3rd autoimmune disease (all within in 7 years of each other) despite having followed "doctors orders" to a T when it came to health & nutrition. I am so excited to be apart of the Primal Health team and can't wait to share my knowledge with the world!

Ron Martoia


302 cahaba valley circle
Pelham, AL


I am a consultant and executive coach with nearly half of my private clients going primal and with crazy cool results. My primary passion is helping people and organizations become wildly better. Over the last decade I have spoken in a dozen countries, to over 30,000 leaders in conference settings from stadiums to mountain retreats in South Africa. My area of expertise is personal development and midnfulness/awareness For more information...

Michelle Matzen


Lake Worth, FL, United States

I'm a registered nurse with my Masters in Nursing Education and a Bachelors in Psychology. After having 2 babies, I began to research the healthiest way to live and came across the Primal Blueprint. Since beginning my primal journey, I feel amazing, healthy, and even have my family on the same path. I would love to mentor people in their transition to living a natural, primal lifestyle possibly with a side effect of weight loss. Call me today for a consultation!

Bret McClellan


4455 Lower Roswell Road
Marietta, GA

(770) 865-7232

I've been obsessed with ancestral health for many years now, studying and listening to the many gurus, including Mark Sisson. Thank you, Mark, for giving me the opportunity to gain the knowledge and official credibility to pursue my passion to help others! Without this certification program, I would never have fully realized this passion, and likely would not have started a new company with my wife (a naturopath with an MD) to help people heal themselves and enjoy life, naturally!

Karen McClintock


Carrickfergus, -, United Kingdom

A huge Primal Health enthusiast from Northern Ireland.
I am passionate about helping people find a better way to live through healthy eating and plenty of natural movement.
I am determined to encourage people that depriving yourself isn't the way to better health. Food is to be savoured and enjoyed, and exercise should be tweaked to suit you and your genes.

jennifer mcclure


Dallas, TX, United States

I'm a mom of two who has an interest in primal living and I want to share that interest with the world!

Derek McCrann


Seattle, WA, United States


The primal lifestyle has absolutely changed my life for the better. I'm in the best shape of my life, I feel incredible and I am so exited to help others to achieve their fitness goals!

Justin McGinn


1601 State Suite 800
Edmond, OK


I'm a primal doctor from Edmond, OK and I am driven to help take YOUR LIFE, and the lives of the people you care about most, to the next level.

You don't have to be sick to get WELL!!!

Whether you visit our office and you are completely out of shape or you have just completed an Iron Man Triathlon, my motivation is to help you express more LIFE and potential.

"You can't fight darkness, you must turn on light, You can't fight disease, you must turn on LIFE."

Roel McMahon


26 Claremont Road
Tunbridge Wells, -, United Kingdom


As a primal health coach my aim is to help people adopt a healthy life-style and manage body weight. So many people suffer from conditions that can be improved or cured simply by eating, moving and sleeping like we were designed to.
I have studied how our bodies function, in particular how much impact our diet and lifestyle have on our bodily processes and ultimately, on our health and wellbeing.
I love to share my knowledge with you so you can reach your optimum health and wellbeing!

Larn McShane


Muhenstrasse 58
oberentfelden, -, Switzerland


Nathalie MeierHottua


Luxemburg, -, Luxembourg


I've been living a Paleo Lifestyle for 3 years when I discovered Mark's Books. Fascinated by the subject, I wanted to learn everything about this lifestyle on a practical and on a theorectical basis. I wanted to understand the exact biochemical processes in our bodies. Now, as an official Primal Blueprint Certified Coach, I really know what to say and do when people ask me: "Hey Nathalie, how are you doing this???" Feel free to visit my blog or contact me right away.

Ray Messina


Nassau County, Long Island, NY, United States

I am passionate about the Primal way of living. I work as a martial arts instructor and started a health coaching practice. Earning my "Cert" has allowed me to help many people and I look forward to the future.

Leonard Meyer


Richmond Hill, NY, United States


Paleo and primal enthusiast. I would like to make primal coaching a career and help anyone in need.
Reach me:
Twitter @lennym718
Instagram @lennym718

Izabela Misiuk


1333 Middle Fuxing Lu
Shanghai, -, China

+86 13701639784

My name is Izabela Misiuk, former teacher turned Primal Health Coach and Certified Yoga Teacher. My goal is to use my personal experience and knowledge to empower women just like you to become the best version of yourself. Lifestyle changes such as eating real food, having meaningful relationships, having adequate sleep, stress management techniques and everyday movement are all vital in achieving this goal.

Andy Mobbs


11 York Mansions East
Brighton, -, United Kingdom


Crossfitter, salsa dancer and physiology geek. I run a supplements company called Intelligent Labs that specialises in high quality essential supplements that are still really hard to get from your diet even when you know all about Paleo! We do Omega 3, Probiotics, Antioxidants with more to come soon.

Camille Moran


Bakersfield, CA


Certified Conditioning Coach and National Figure Competitor, I specialize in nutrition, family wellness coaching and fitness longevity education.

Whitney Morgan


4145 N Stone Ave Unit 100
Tucson, AZ


In addition to being Primal Blueprint certified, I am a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner. I am passionate about integrating all of my knowledge to help people get to the bottom of their health complaints and reclaim their vitality.

Haley Morris


kokomo, IN, United States


I am so excited to be adding the Primal Health Coach certification to my Holistic Life Coach business and into our family farm! I also work under Liana Werner Gray, The Earth Diet Author and Coach.
My husband and I have a beautiful daughter, Ezrah and our family raises pasture raised chicken, lamb and organic vegetables!
I also own a couple rentals through my investing business and had recently owned and operated a juice bar and community garden in my local town!

Daniel Morrison


Bellmore, NY, United States

I've been a primal enthusiast for 4 years along with my wife and 2 young boys. I enjoy showing people just how great primal food can be and how amazing the primal lifestyle can make you feel.

I look forward to sharing everything I learned in the course with anyone looking to move past their SAD diets and lifestyles.

Kathryn Murphy


Poulsbo, WA, United States

As a certified personal trainer and certified group trainer, I spent years guiding clients around a gym, giving nutritional guidance, stress relief notes and sleep tips between reps and sets. I wanted a way to provide more complete training and lifelong health solutions for my clients. As a Certified Primal Health Coach, I can now give clients the means to bridge the gap between the fridge, the gym and the grocery store and empower them with holistic self care that will transform their lives.

Adrienne Navarro LVN


Martinez, CA, United States

(925) 813-9293

As a full time nurse and mother, my mission is to educate others about an ancestral health lifestyle approach while balancing the benefits and advancements of modern medicine. By living an ancestral health based lifestyle we can lower the frequency in which modern medicine is needed. We can then turn to them for what they do best: treating massive infections, curing cancers, organ transplants and eradicating diseases such as polio.

Jessica Neal


Cincinnati, OH, United States


Hello! My name is Jessica and I am and up-and-coming health coach based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have always been interested in health and wellness, but unfortunately, the wrong information made achieving weight loss goals very difficult. Being an overachiever, I made it happen, but at the cost of my health. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2007 at age 21. 180 : Paleo represents my healing journey, and my quest to help others do the same!

Lance Newland


Ottumwa, IA, United States

I work to lead and instruct people that health and wellness is different from diet and exercise. I assist people in their weight loss goals and am there to coach them to reduce stress and take back control of their life.

Erin Nielsen


42 Mountain Rise
Fairport, NY, United States


I have been a practicing Physical Therapist for almost 20 years and began the Primal Lifestyle in September 2013. I've experienced more energy, improved mood and sleep, clearer skin, and leaner body composition. It has been life changing for me and in the lives of my patients. If you want to defy aging, lose weight, improve lean muscle, normalize hormones, and experience vibrant health - take a look at my blog at and Ebook at




Proud to be involved in the day to day management of one of the north east's only paleo friendly restaurants. Located just 30 minutes north of Boston, we've found a niche that satisfies the appetite of avid Crossfitters, the health conscious, Celiacs, and those looking to just try something new.

Sheila OConnor


San Francisco, CA, United States

+1 415-420-1704

I am so passionate to share my experience and knowledge with others. I specialize in families and children with special needs to support transformation for the whole family through ancestral health practices. Having been a classroom teacher and instructional coach, I have always been inspired by learning and by helping others discover their true potential to engage in life in a joyful and positive way. I am committed to working together with my clients to meet each one's unique needs and goals.

Harry Olson


10990 E. Cornville Rd., Ste C
Cornville, AZ


I've lost 60 lbs from July 2014 to July 2015. In the process, I'm off my high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes meds! I feel great! And I did this while being the Chef/Owner of my restaurant, Harry's Hideaway in Cornville, Arizona! Slowly, bur surely, I am adding Primal selections to my menu. I then hope to offer my customers and clients not only recipes and guidance on what to eat, but the actual food itself to eat at my restaurant or to take home. See my Primal Food Challenge on

Jeff Otto


19774 SW Inglis Dr.
Beaverton, OR, United States


Jeff is a chiropractor, a functional medicine practitioner and a Primal Health Coach. He believes in treating his patients as integrated holistic beings. To achieve this, he combines a patient’s unique health history with comprehensive lab test results to discover the root cause of the patient’s health issues and then personalizes a program to help them heal. He works with his partner Sharon, another graduate of the Primal Health Coach, to help active adults with their health issues.

Kevan Palmer


18 Gilpin Court
Hockliffe, Beds, -, United Kingdom


After spending a week living like a hunter gatherer, I lost loads of weight and felt re-vitalised. I developed my own body weight exercise program and my own grain free diet and continued to research primal nutrition and excercise. I then discovered the "Primal Blueprint" which mirrored exactly the system I had developed for myself. Inspired I completed the Primal Blueprint Health Coach course so that I could pass the insights I had gained and my new found zest for life to others.

Cameron Parker


1014 Camp Verde
Forney, TX


KinetikChain marketing director & Crossfit coach. Love helping my athletes achieve better performance in the gym & in life.

EmmaLouise Parkes


Hampshire, -, United Kingdom

Hi! I've been a primal enthusiast of four years after adopting the lifestyle helped me to overcome some serious health issues, lose weight and feel alive!

My new found love of real food led me to become both Primal Blueprint Expert and Precision Nutrition certified, and a qualified life coach.

I recently set up Brideance, where I help busy brides around the world make small changes to get healthy and look hot for their wedding!. Please contact me for further information.

Andrew Pascoe


Ras Tanura, -

When you take a step back from the break neck pace of modern day life, and think about who you really are, living a primal lifestyle makes sense.
I have worked in the health and fitness industry since 2001. Healthy living is my passion, I have felt the incredible benefits of living primal, I encourage you to do the same and will happily help you in doing so to achieve the body you deserve.

Marilia Passos


Los Angeles, CA, United States


Hi everyone! Is a pleasure to be part of this amazing team of Primal Health Coaches!

My name is Marilia and I'm a 30yrs Brazilian currently living in LA. I became a Primal enthusiast in May/2016 and all I can say is that my life has completely changed after that!
My main goal as a Primal Health Coach is to help women (adults and teens) to feel healthy, happy and confident through a Primal Lifestyle, promoting wellness, consciousness and balance!

I'll be happy to talk to you and show you more!

Shawn Patton


Vestaburg, MI, United States

Living Primally is something I am incredibly passionate about and I love to educate others about the benefits of eating and moving this way. I coach individuals, groups and families through all things Primal, including the 21 Day Total Body Transformation.
I am currently accepting new clients.

David Perez


Pasadena, CA, United States


On a mission to creating transformation in people's health!

Anya Perry


Grovetown, GA, United States

I am a true believer in Primal lifestyle. It changed my life 4 years ago, and now I am ready to help others to get healthy, feel great, and be happy.
I educate aspiring people to achieve their dream state of health,fitness, and vitality at The Primal Force.

Brian Peterson


1 Sesame Court
Slacks Creek, -, Australia

07 3808 8040

Hi. I am a husband, father to two beautiful girls, and a lifestyle and wellness chiropractor. The Primal Blueprint was instrumental in our family getting healthy 6 years ago. Now I am passionate about helping my clients get healthy through the Primal lifestyle.

Jeffrey Pickett


2111 E. Tamarac Drive
Sioux Falls, SD, United States


I'm a writer/blogger that has structured his new career around writing fiction but blogs about Starting Over at I'm a practicing Paleo/Primal member for roughly 10 years and I hope to use the information provided to build a business around educating people about how to improve their lives incorporating the Primal Blueprint laws.

Courtney Porter


Traverse City, MI, United States


My passion is to teach others to achieve optimal health in mind, body and spirit through a Primal/Paleo lifestyle.

Jennifer Pottinger


3403 Brabham Ave
Rosamond, CA, United States


Since I was young my calling was to help people. Through time I have discovered my passion is for whole person health and wellness with a strong focus on nutrition and exercise. Being a Primal Health Coach allows me to help guide clients using a holistic approach.

Erin Power


Calgary, -, Canada


A Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Primal Health Coach, I've seen first-hand how a Primal way of eating can fix diseases of the modern age before they begin.

My approach is educational, and based on a model of guided self-accountability. I've coached over 200 clients to thousands of pounds of weight loss.

More importantly, I have helped hundreds of people finally achieve an effortless relationship with food.

Sean Power


Haywards Heath, -

Primal/Paleo living enthusiast living in West Sussex, UK.

Aleisha Prater


Bossier City, LA, United States

I am a 55 year old wife/mother/grandmother. After my husband and I had tremendous success with The Primal Blueprint, I became certified so I can help others achieve the same outstanding quality of life we now enjoy. I truly feel I've found my passion and plan to share it with as many as possible.

Live Awesome!

Jacob Primeaux


Austin, TX

Math tutor and personal trainer by trade, philosopher by temper. I am Egoscue PAS2, HKC, previously ISSA and now Primal Blueprint certified.

Cameron Pritchard


Sydney, AZ, Australia

Hi all. I'm a personal trainer and yoga teacher from Sydney.
After studies and practice abroad, I teach Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as well as the Ghosh/Bikram lineage. With continuing studies in the Iyengar Yoga method and also in Sports and Exercise Science, I'm passionate about enjoyable healthy living, kinematics, mobility, and movement pattern correction - working in the pre-habilitation space rather than rehabilitation.

Rocio Ramos


San Diego, CA, United States


As a personal trainer and crossfitter, I've been giving my own personal advice on nutrition for years. I'm now looking to gain the best possible knowledge to truly change lives and help others.

Marcos A Ramos Jr


420 west 206st apt 2k
new york, NY, United States



My Name Is Marcos A. Ramos Jr. I am a certified ISSA personal Trainer as well as a Primal Health Coach.

I was born and raised in New York City. I am Passionate about health and fitness. I believe that through health people can find themselves and excel at anything in life. First self Mastery then the rest of the puzzle in ones life will fall in to play. I believe in being part of something that changes lives for the better.

Yours Truly
Marcos A. Ramos Jr.

Lisa Rariden


Niskayuna, NY, United States

Hello! I am SUPER excited to be a certified Primal Health Coach and to help people discover optimal health and wellness! Me in a nutshell: I am a mother, US Army Veteran, RYT-200 Yoga Instructor, Project Manager, Ironman Finisher, and lifetime student of health and well-being. I have experienced many hurdles and plateaus in my life that I have been able to overcome and surpass, and love to help others do the same!

Paul Rocky Rauchwald


580 Edward Rd
Geraldton, WA, Australia


I am 64 years old and have owned and operated a fitness centre (Club Rockys) with my wife Elaine, herself an INBA Olympia figure title winner, for the last 24 years. I have been a (natural)competitive bodybuilder and now prepare others for shows (the pic is current). My passion is helping others with their exercise and nutrition to be the best they can. I am committed to the PRIMAL BLUEPRINT as the way forward and hope to "spread the word" as far and wide as possible.

Heather Rayle


West Chester, PA, United States


After many years of trying just about every diet out there, I found and the Primal Blueprint in 2012. It has been a gradual journey to adopt the Primal lifestyle, but when I went fully Primal I lost over 35 pounds and resolved IBS and blood sugar issues. Wanting to help others, I completed the Primal Health certification this year and started a coaching business, The Primal Health Coach. To explore health coaching with me, email me at:

Claude Reck


Spitzigerfeldstrasse 1
Marbach SG, -, Switzerland

+41 78 609 13 08

Not only am I a Certified Primal Health Coach but also a qualified and certified Business Coach (CPD) following my education at the renowned Coaching Academy of Dr. Petra Bock in Berlin. IT specialist, gourmet chef and Author of Paleo Books.

An African-born, Australian-raised duo-national Swiss-Australian citizen with a striving (knack) for perfectionism. Enthusiastic barefoot walker and chilli eater who loves sport and gets out and about in nature with his pack as much as possible.

Jennifer Rhines


Boston, MA, United States

I’m a 3 time US Olympic distance runner still running strong at age 42. I want to share my knowledge of endurance sports and nutrition to help others live happy, healthy & functional lives!

Kristina Risola


Hudson, FL, United States


I specialize in coaching clients with autoimmunity & chronic health conditions. I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and completed the Wellcoaches Core Health & Wellness Coaching program. I have a BA in psychology and a MA in Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling. Through my own battle with autoimmunity, I know first hand what it's like to have your world spun around by chronic illness. I also know what it takes to heal, find acceptance, and learn to thrive again.

Neil Rosenthal


Ottawa, Ontario, -, Canada

Working/speaking in health care, sports medicine & biomechanics for 8 years in addition to participating/coaching in competitive endurance events for 15+ yrs. Experiencing myself & treating patients' injuries and training errors alike, I came across primal. I realized its potential personally + never looked back rebuilding myself. Applying it to my patients' evaluations is a monumental addition. Excited to apply the info of this cert to clinical practice and coaching.

Ludovic Roy


Glasgow, -, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1505703858

Hi, I'm Ludo, My primal journey started in 2010, it has changed my life allowing me to overcome many challenges that life was presenting me with back then.

I've run a small Primal studio for 4 years giving me belief to open the first Primal Wellness Centre in the UK.

Follow me for more info:

Certified Primal blueprint expert
Certified Movnat Level 2
Certified Paleo nutritionist
Personal trainer Level 3

Michele Rudolphi


1706 Edgewater Ave
Fort Wayne, IN, United States


My name is Michele and I am a dietitian, trainer, and health coach. I live in Indiana with my husband, kiddos, and crazy dog. I enjoy exploring new foods, nature, ways to stay strong and empowering others to live optimally.

Laura Rupsis


6643 Blackstone Drive
Downers Grove, IL, United States


I am a 43 year old mom of 4 kids living in the western suburbs of Chicago. I work full time in the financial industry but my passion is for nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. I have been eating Paleo/Primal for 4 years now and recently obtained my Health Coach license from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My husband and I opened a CrossFit Gym in La Grange, Illinois in March. My husband Brad is our head trainer and I will be providing nutritional workshops and coaching at the gym.

Erica Rushbrook


Adelaide, -, Australia



I love working with people just like you, who are excited and motivated to make some positive changes to their life!

My speciality is working with clients who feel particularly confused about nutrition, or have trouble making lasting changes in their eating habits.

My clients say that I have a way with simplifying nutrition so that it is EASY and DO-ABLE. By working one-on-one we can create custom strategies that will work for YOU!

Don't stay where you are. I would love to help.

Michael Rutherford


Lynden, WA, United States


I am a 28 year old dad of identical twin boys. I've always had a deep passion for health and wellness, but always felt like something was missing in all of it. That was until I came across the Primal Blueprint and finally realized its as simple as reconnecting to our natural state. I now want to utilize what I have learned to help others reconnect with their innate being in order to become the healthiest version of themselves.

Emily Sadamoto


Montebello, CA, United States

I've always been athletic growing up but heavy...sitting all day and the stress working in corporate America added to my obesity. I came across Mark's Daily Apple + Primal Blueprint and saw the results it can bring. I decided to invest in myself by signing up for the Primal Health Coach program to learn more, commit, and become my own transformation success story. The information I gained through the modules were invaluable. I am my very own client #1. Stay tuned for my primal success!

Maureen Saliba


504 Holly Ave
Manchester, NH, United States


I've been working in an allied health field for over 20 years. I started my primal journey in January of 2009, not because of any underlying health reason (or so I thought) and the change has been nothing short of fantastic.

James Schade


Raleigh, NC, United States

Avid Surfer, Commodity and Forex Trader, Primal Health Coach / Enthusiast. I'm currently living in Raleigh NC, but have lived all over the coastlines of the US. Hit me up on Twitter @JamesSchade or email with questions or just to chat. Be Swell.

Lydee Scudder


28300 Bonita Vista Road
Mountain Center, CA, United States


I live in the San Bernardino mountains in Southern California. I have a Jin Shin Jyutsu/Acupressure practice with an office in Idyllwild and a home office on our ranch in nearby Mountain Center, also the home of Horse Pipe Ranch Equine Guided Healing and Learning Center. I am passionate about Ancestral Health and Functional Medicine and think this program is a great addition to my practice.

Pip Seldon


Canberra, -, Australia

+61 416 363 233

I believe that wellness exists in all of us and through the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle practices we can unveil our happiest, healthiest self.

I'm inspiring tradies to be open minded, passionate and enthusiastic about leading a healthy, happy, fit, balanced and active life!

Loredana Shapson


Robbinsville, NJ, United States

I have been a pharmacist for 5 years now and I've realized that prescriptions are not the solution to our health problems, they are bandaids. Not only do medications contain chemicals that cause changes in our bodies, but so do the different foods that we eat, the air that we breath, the water that we drink, to the chemicals in our skincare items, cleaning products and more. I'm passionate about life, happiness and vitality and would be honored to work with you on your journey to optimal health!

Anil Shastry


London, -, Canada

I undertook the Primal Health Coach certification as an investment towards myself, my family and my friends.

I work as a Radiologist which gives me a front row seat to the consequences of Conventional Wisdom. In this regard, this certification also acts as a commitment towards reorienting my overall health care impact towards one of informed prevention and pursuit of vitality, which involves unlearning just as much as it involves learning.

Jean Shaughnessy


8640 Devinney Street
Arvada, CO


I am a married, mother of 2 wonderful children, and a fabulous husband.

I found the primal lifestyle about 6 months ago, my husband and I have collectively lost 50+lbs, we feel energetic and are aging gracefully. We are looking forward to the second, healthier part of our lives.

I am a university graduate, and am currently continuing my education in health and nutrition.

I love the primal lifestyle, and would love to share my knowledge with whoever is interested in a change.

Mark and Michele Sherwood, ND, DO


6048 S. Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, OK


The Functional Medical Institute is a wellness based practice in Tulsa, OK. The doctors, the husband and wife team of Mark Sherwood, ND and Michele Sherwood, DO, focus on holistic healing. They are international speakers, teachers, and best authors of book "The Quest for Wellness." Testimonials from their work stretch from coast to coast and around the world. The couple also hosts their own television show, Living It TV.

Benny Shlesinger


Eugene, OR, United States


I am a student at the University of Oregon. I'm passionate about health, fitness, and leading a healthy life. I love helping others pursue the primal lifestyle and will continue to do my part.

Rick Simpson


Hancock, NH, United States


Although I kept in reasonable shape - even ran the Boston Marathon twice - I gained a pound or two every year, and at 62 was obese, taking 5 meds, sleeping poorly, puffing up hills, etc. My son told me about a college buddy who burns fat, and then I discovered the Primal Blueprint. Dropped 40 lbs. and the meds. With a stress-filled business background (hi-tech CEO, strategy consultant, Harvard MBA), I now help others return to health while enhancing personal and organizational performance.

Michael Sinisgalli


Johanniterstrasse 20
Richterswil, -, Switzerland

+41 77 462 4577

In addition to being a certified Primal Health Coach, I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (Pn1). I have been living a primal lifestyle since 2008. My areas of specialization are bodyweight training, eating real food, and living simply.

Milena Sinka


Vác, -, Hungary

I am a passionate paleo/primal activist since 2009, when I changed my diet and lifestyle together with my family.
In 2012 I decided to learn, so now I am a certified Nutritional Consultant, I have Diploma about Children Nutrition and now I am really proud to be the first hungarian person who can represent Primal Living in our country as a certified Primal Expert.

Eddie Sisneros


Los Angeles, CA, United States


Stand-up comic, Actor, Boxing trainer and Holistic Health/Wellness expert after spending many years as the overweight funny guy a heart attack experienced by my father was the eye opener needed to embark on my own personal journey of weight-loss & optimization. After 10 years of health & wellness education and maintaining a weight-loss of over 120 lbs I hope to inspire, motivate and educate others through laughter, guidance and pushing the boundaries of what is believed possible to be achieved.

Paul Skelton


50 Copeland Drive
North Lakes, -, Australia

+61 488028221

I have a rich background in endurance triathlon as a competitor and coach (Ironman and TrainingPeaks certified) Over the years I have become concerned with the poor nutrition and training intensity patterns athletes feel they need to get results.

Since promoting Primal principles and mediterranean eating habits (LCHF) I have had good success in coaching for sustainable performance and improved results for athletes and life changing health improvements for non-athletes (weight and vitality)

Roderick Smeijer


Rotterdam, -, Netherlands

+31 630956093

Health has been my Passion for the last 21 years. As a Dutch Marine I had the opportunity to train at the higest level, always seeking the best combination between nutrition, training and rest to keep my body in good shape. Along with health I have a big heart for youth. After years of searching, I have found my IKIGAI (my reason to get up every morning)...providing a nourishing environment, especially for adolescents and their parents, so people can flourish!

Be the best you can BE

Andy Smith


Chester, -, United Kingdom


Passionate about Primal and about coaching. Wanting to bring primal and ancestral wisdom to the world one person at a time. Building the tribe of wild living, fun loving and optimally healthy people. Love primal because of the science behind the wisdom.

Andy Smith BSc MBA Certified Primal Coach

Ginger Snow


Webster, NH, United States

A lifelong athlete with over 30 years in team sports, including 9 years of women’s professional tackle football, & collegiate basketball/volleyball. Two years ago I found the PB & it completely changed my life. Today I’m passionate about living the Primal lifestyle & integrating my athletic background & team mentality with helping others achieve their goals. As a 2 time World Champion I learned what it takes to succeed at the highest level & look forward to helping others with their journey.

Neil Soman MD MBA


New York, NY, United States

Neil consults to leading organizations in the health services, life sciences, and wellness sectors on a wide range of strategic and organizational topics. Clients have included 5 of the top 10 biopharmaceutical companies, national and regional health plans, leading academic medical centers, and a leading consumer health company. He is board-certified in internal medicine from Northwestern. Neil earned a MD and MBA with honors from the University of Michigan, and a BA in Biology from Columbia.

Lisa Sooley


Nova Scotia, -, Canada


Transformational health coaching for people who have been living with obesity.

Monica Souza


Belo Horizonte, -, Brazil

I'm a brazilian cook who loves to inspire others to eat real food . I work as a coach , supporting my clients to achieve results in health improvement and quality of life.

Andrew Sperl


Milford, CT


As a former athlete, nutrition and fitness have always been a big part of my life. However, it is in the last 5 years in which I realized that most of what knew about health was wrong. The Primal Blueprint was my introduction, and the incredible improvements I noticed in myself as a result of my lifestyle changes solidified my newfound beliefs. I also discovered a passion for wanting to learn as much as possible, and to use this knowledge to help others to achieve the same positive results.

Christopher Sprague


26 Central Street
Camden, ME, United States


Father of 2. Natural movement enthusiast.

Michele Spring


Broomfield, CO, United States

After years of searching why I just didn't feel great anymore (finding out later that I had several autoimmune diseases) I used the Paleo diet and lifestyle to feel better than I have in over 15 years. I started my website/blog to help reach out to others, helping them to know that diet and lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in their quality of life. If I can help at least one person feel as amazing as me I have succeeded!

Matthew Standridge DDS FAGD


Eureka, KS, United States

I am a father, husband, and dentist. I have had issues being overweight most of my life, and am on a journey to improve the health and quality of life for myself, my family, my community, my patients, and society in general.

I have had success coaching clients because I am able to relate to them and the challenges they face. I have personally faced (and still face) the same struggles they do. It's because of this personal experience that I'm able to offer a different perspective and insight.

Will Stanfield


3/54 Kersley Road
Kenmore, -, Australia


I am a remedial massage therapist. I believe that prevention is better than cure and many of the injuries and conditions that I see on a daily basis could be avoided by following the Primal Health principles.

I am excited about opening up a new phase of my life helping others to take control of their own health and find enjoyment through a healthier and more comfortable life.

Ian Starr


Littleton, CO, United States

I opened one of the very first functional fitness facilities in the SW Denver area in 2008. What a journey it has been! I am truly passionate about helping people reclaim their health and physical potential: those interested in wellness and longevity as well as those looking for guidance in their training prescriptions. Every day I strive to continue learning and deliver only the highest caliber of coaching to my corporate and individual clients.

Kimberly Stephens


19926 Encino Ridge St
San Antonio, TX, United States


"Health is not just about what you're eating. It's also about what you're thinking and saying." Theres more to health and fitness than eating right and exercising. It's also about managing life and daily stress levels. Seeing my clients find their inner happiness and strength by making small changes in their life is the best reward. Someone once helped me find mine, so my mission is to help others find theirs.
"I'm going to make you so proud" -note to self

Samantha Stephenson


73 East Settler Road
Saratoga Springs, UT, United States


My name is Samantha Stephenson. I love to work with women who may be suffering with an autoimmune condition, low energy, or thyroid issues. I myself have Hashimoto's Thyroditis, and manage it using a Primal Lifestyle. I also love to work with young women. I coached women's lacrosse for 4 years, and I love to empower these young women at such an unsure time in their lives.

Alex Straftis


3221 Standing Bear ct
North Las Vegas, NV, United States


I am currently a Social Sciences student with a passion in Anthropology and Health. I am also a USA Rugby Level 1 coach. I love to help any younger person like myself achieve their goals as they navigate through early adulthood.

Karina Stuke


Delafield, WI, United States


Devoted wife. Mother-of-three amazing kids. Certified MovNat and Fitness Trainer. Holistic Health/Nutrition Coach.
I have a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from Auburn University. In addition to owning my own fitness/wellness business, I am the Director of Fitness at The Legend Clubs in Wales, WI. I played Division I college soccer, love the outdoors, and enjoy coaching my children's sports teams.

Vishnu Suresh


Cincinnati, OH, United States


Student of life, with a strong spiritual grounding and scientific appetite.
I'm an analytics consultant and an entrepreneur by profession. I am also an avid runner, rock climber and an admirer of nature. I like connecting with others, especially those who might hold a different opinion from mine. I seek to learn, and hopefully help someone else learn as well. Wish you the best on your Primal Journey!

John Sutherland


3483 Laval Avenue, Suite #5
Montreal, Quebec, -, Canada


A former elite athlete, I’m dedicated to sharing my passion for health and performance. As an Adaptive Bodywork/KMI integrative manual therapist and Certified functional movement specialist, I'm concerned with the biomechanics of pain-free movement, and the interplay between diet, healthy tissue, recuperation and optimal performance. As a Primal Health Coach, I calibrate optimum lifestyle strategies of movement and nutrition to help each client achieve their personal health & performance goals.

Lana Swanson


1507 Ridgeway Ave
Durham, NC, United States


I served 8 1/2 years in the US Marine Corps as a diesel mechanic and recently transitioned back to civilian life. Coming back to "the real world" was difficult, and nothing can really prepare anyone transitioning back after military life and deployments. It is my goal to build a nationwide business that will give transitioning Veterans jobs and a sense of camaraderie again while also teaching them the Primal Lifestyle.

Rebecca Tamm


1429 Kenilworth Pl
Clawson, MI, United States


When I'm not fixing the pain and mobility issues of the residents of Metro Detroit at my massage practice, I enjoy all things health and fitness related. Since going primal with the help of Marks Daily Apple in 2011 I have eliminated my IBS, PCOS, migraines and more and it is my goal as a health coach to take a realistic/holistic/gentle approach. I don't believe in shaming people for slipping up but rather working to discover WHY things happen, and helping them not just live, but live well.

Patricia Teal


Pfeffingen, -, Switzerland


I am English but have lived in Switzerland for the past 28 years and speak reasonably fluent German. I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I am a certified Birth Preparation Teacher and Breastfeeding counsellor. I am also qualified in Massage and Foot reflexology and have a diploma in Nutrition and Weight management. I enjoy travelling, hiking, playing tennis,reading and spending time with friends and family. I have been following the primal lifestyle for 3 years and would never go back.

Hyde Thomson


Walcha, -, Australia


Married 14 yrs.Father of 3 girls. Farmer of grassfed lamb and beef.

Cara Tissandier


Ashbourne, -, United Kingdom


I stumbled onto Mark's Daily Apple whilst on a quest to find out about the meat I was eating. It was transformational! After experiencing the benefits of a diet and lifestyle change (from what I thought was healthy!) to primal, it became my purpose to help others find their own path to health and well being.

Miguel Francisco Torres Rosas


Mexico City, -, Mexico

Im from México City.

I tried a lot of sports and fitness programs all my life.
I am not a dietitian or fitness maniac,I am someone who is living proof that PB works, in all aspects off life, not just the body.

I want to share and help other people who, just like me, haven´t found the best choice.

Marta Trzebiatowska


Aberdeen, -

I'm a sociologist who's passionate about mental and physical well-being. Primal Blueprint saved me from calorie-counting, hours at the gym, and constant worrying. I'd love to help other women to free themselves as well because we have a life to live!

David Tucker


4890 120th Ave
Holland, MI, United States


Before you set one foot on the treadmill or look at the ingredient list on one packaged food, you need to answer this question: Why? Until you know your why, your chances of any health change are severely diminished. Let me help you discover your "why" and then and only then will we develop a plan for your optimal health.

Nick Tucker


Milton keynes, -, United Kingdom

Tul Uawithya


Bangkok, -, Thailand


I'm an amateur triathlete from Thailand. I have a swimming background but just started triathlon less than a year ago. I found that Primal Blueprint and Primal Endurance make perfect sense and the way I want to live my life.
My goal is for everyone to live a healthy and strong lives in this industrialized, profit driven world.

Saret van der Walt


Durbanville, -, South Africa


I have always been interested in health, fitness and wellness. Adopting the Primal lifestyle in 2012 was the best investment I could have made in myself. Now, as a certified Primal health coach, I am excited about helping others to reap the same physical, mental and emotional health benefits that I am experiencing since 2012.

Ashleigh VanHouten


New York, NY, United States

A bit about me: I'm a writer for Paleo Magazine. I'm CrossFit Strongman & CrossFit Olympic Lifting certified. I've competed in powerlifting, swimming and natural bodybuilding/fitness (I want to try it all!).

I've found the most personal success when following a primal lifestyle, and now I want to transition from informally coaching into formally helping others tap into their own happy, healthy, primal selves! Find me on Instagram @themusclemaven.

Justin Virly


Townsville, -, Australia

I'm a high school teacher originally from Canada, but now living in Townsville, Australia. The journey from 124 to 82 kg started in 2007. I didn't discover Ancestral Health until 2012, but have always looked for the most sustainable, easiest and most effective way of living a long and healthy life. Primal is it. I am not involved in health/fitness at all professionally, but love talking about it. Feel free to email or find me on Google+!

Jennifer Wagner


Huntsville, AL, United States


I am a super energetic, nature-loving mom of 4. I was a firefighter for 9 years so I know the importance of staying healthy. I started the paleo/primal diet in 2012 and never looked back. My lifestyle reflects my passion for everything primal. As a mom I know how important good health and nutrition are to be able to care for a family. I would like to work with moms and teach them how to best nourish themselves and their families.

Lili Wagner


Las Vegas, NV, United States

Hello! I'm Lili. I'm a California Licensed Psychologist living in Las Vegas. I love to travel to various countries, specifically the Cayman Islands. I have suffered from a couple of auto-immune diseases since I was 23. With appropriate diet and lifestyle, I am medication free and loving it. My goal is to help those who want a better and healthier life achieve that. "Your mind is infinite!"

Cindy Waldman


Hong Kong, -, Hong Kong

Hello. I am Cindy. I am a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Fitness Appraiser. I have a Physical & Health Education Degree and a Wellness and Lifestyle Management Certificate. I have been working in the heath and wellness industry for many years now. Changing my diet to the Primal lifestyle has had the greatest impact on my health (physically and mentally!!) and well being. I want to help others to learn how simple and easy it can be to feel their best!

Bryan Wallis


Navarre, FL, United States


Being Primal is more than just a transformational experience, it's a Lifestyle change! Doing away with everything you have ever known or have been told in regards to the Standard American Diet. With my background in the Military and Fitness Industry, I have personally tried all there is when it comes to eating and exercise. Before, my hormones were all disarray and the fat was going nowhere. In my first month of Primal, I personally lost 20 lbs! So...who's ready to make the Primal switch?

Jonas Wallstrom


Svenshogen, -, Sweden

Co-owner of CrossFit Njord in Stenungsund, Sweden. A primal friendly CrossFit box.
Been primal since 2009 and loving it!
I'm a true outdoor enthusiast, and also running the Sweden-based adventure expedition company, Nordic Overland.
-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Sharilyn Wasser


Luray, VA, United States

I'm a Professional Registered Nurse and during my life I've seen clients as well as myself struggle with yo-yo dieting and weight issues. In June of 2013 I did a 3 day juice fast and then embarked on my Primal journey. After one year I fell off the wagon and the carbs creeped back into my life. I have reengaged, rejuvenated and looking forward to telling my story and sharing the Primal health movement and lifestyle with others. Grok on!

Kelly Weston


Woodland Hills, CA


Hi! I'm an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified in Classical-Progressive Pilates. I've been teaching fitness for the past 10yrs in Los Angeles and now have a Private Pilates/Fitness Studio in Woodland Hills, Ca. I offer a series of monthly workout videos to members of "I'm Fit & Happy", my Online Personal Training Program! My monthly workout videos include Pilates, Barre, Strength, Core & HIIT. Workouts are brief and intense and can be done anywhere! Try the free trial out on the site!

glenn white


Maghera, -, Ireland

I am a fitness instructor and nature reserve manager with special interests in movement and ethnobotany. This is about allowing our bodies to move the way nature intended, to allow us to explore our optimal gene expression, to be mindful of what we are and where we are in our natural environment.

Through movement, play, diet and conscious lifestyle choice, we can truly harness the force of nature.

Tom White


Winnipeg, MB, -, Canada

Approaching the age of 50 and being 309lbs at 6'1" wasn't enough of a was Type 2 diabetes that was untreated for almost 2 years that tipped my decision to change my life. I switched to Primal in Oct 2011 and the diabetes was gone in 3 days. 99.5lbs lost in a year eating wonderful foods! See website - more than 12 health issues resolved.
After being in technical work I have done a 180 and started a nutritional counselling business.
Teaching others how to THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE.

Deanna Wilcox


Milton, VT, United States


I am passionate about helping you find vibrant health and wellness! My own journey with chronic illness (Lyme disease and CIRS and numerous health and lifestyle challenges as a result of these illnesses) has only fueled my passion to support you and help you learn to become a strong advocate for yourself. I have learned first-hand the importance of having a responsive and understanding wellness team, and I will be committed to these things as part of your team. I can't wait to connect!

Julie Williams


63 Lionel Avenue
Wendover, -, United Kingdom


I adopted a Primal diet two years ago and although I didn't have any weight to lose one of the most amazing transformations for me was getting my blood sugar under control and being more intuitive with how I eat. I have travelled and worked in a number of different countries as travelling has always been a big passion in my life. I'm now married and have a baby daughter. I wanted to study more in depth about the Primal Lifestyle and raise our daughter on it as its awesome!

Martin Williams


133/100 Kavanagh Street
Southbank, -, Australia


Personal Trainer
Lifestyle Coach
Endurance Specialist

Bradford Wise


Goffstown, NH, United States


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer. I absolutely LOVE helping others become the best versions of themselves by applying the information I have learned throughout my life to the circumstances in my client's life.

David Wyant


29477 Rockridge Lane
Lebanon, MO


I am a continued work in progress; wishing to help others on their road to health, the Primal way. I've been in health care for 40 years. I am a nurse, certified in Emergency Nursing and Pediatric Emergency Nursing at a rural community hospital in Missouri. I see the results of poor life styles in my Emergency Department every day and I myself have diabetes currently using an insulin pump. My life has changed and continues to change due to the primal way of life. Lets go the Primal Way....

Kitty YUEN


Mountain View, CA


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ELIOT George

Grant Zabielski


Burbank, CA, United States

With all of the conflicting and confusing information about nutrition, exercise, and overall health, I found myself pulled to master what it truly means to be healthy on a fully holistic scale. This brought me to my Primal Certification, learning about health on a cellular level through Evolutionary Micro Biology. I also implement expertise in areas that are complimentary to Living Primal in Modern Times, like meditation, yoga, and movement culture. Being healthy should be easy. Invest in you.

Matthew Zastrow


4671 Kipling St., unit 80
Wheat Ridge, CO, United States


What following the Primal Blueprint did for me.
GERD/ acid reflux GONE
Bloating GONE
Less fat
More muscle
More energy
More focus
More love and no depression!
More ability to enjoy my life!!!

Now its time for you! Work with me and find your own way to "Grok on"

Want to climb some mountains? (physically/mentally/spiritually)
Can you climb some mountains?
How about we find out!?

I work with clients one on one in person or via mobile device.

Michael Zemrose


Frederick, MD, United States

Hello! My name is Michael Zemrose and a Coach For Entrepreneurs who also happens to be a Paleo fanatic (8 years strong!). I'm now proud to also be a Certified Primal Health Coach.

I've always believed health and nutrition is absolutely foundational to anything we want to create in life. I'm passionate about supporting people in building that foundation using methods that are sustainable for a lifetime. The Primal Blueprint is the best delivery of the every growing ancestral health model.

Jennifer Zetterstrom


97 B Duncan ave sw
Bolling AFB, DC, United States


Hi! I'm Jen, a mom of three from southern California currently living in DC. I love good food and staying active with my kids! I have lost over 50 pounds adapting a Primal lifestyle and have experienced many other changes in my own autoimmune issues, overall health, confidence, and self-esteem. I am passionate about helping other mothers, families, and women in general meet their own health goals.

Wolfgang Zingl


Klagenfurt, -, Austria


I was born the 18th of October 1971 in Vienna. I´m a runner, personal trainer and most of all father of 2 kids. I live with my wife Brigitte and our son Ben a primal life in Klagenfurt.