Why learn with Primal Health Coach Institute?

We provide aspiring and existing health and fitness professionals with the training, resources, and support to make a lucrative living changing lives.

We turn passions into careers.

We help people just like you align their passion for health and fitness with their career pursuits, so they no longer have just a job—they have a PURPOSE.

We’ve been at the cutting edge of coaching since 2014.

We were the first institute to bring ancestral health to the coaching industry, and we’ve been leading the way ever since.

We don't just teach coaching, we coach clients ourselves. 

We know our training programs work because we see the results every day with our own clients in the myPrimalCoach app.

“Primal” is a distinction with a difference.

Primal Stands For


A back-to-the-basics approach to wellness that emphasizes real, nutritious food, physical activity that utilizes our muscles and cardiovascular systems, and life choices that keep stress at a minimum, sleep at a maximum, and balance at the center. 

Ancestral Health

An evolutionary perspective that follows the dietary and fitness patterns of our earliest ancestors to prevent and reverse modern health conditions.

The Primal Blueprint

A system of eating, moving, and living in the modern world developed by our founder, Mark Sisson, that’s changed the lives of millions around the world. 

An ROI you can count on.

Our programs tackle all facets of wellness so that our coaches can better serve clients with common health and fitness challenges, as well as those with more specialized needs. Advanced continuing education options help you hone your craft, develop your niche, expand your knowledge, and grow your business.

Founded by the preeminent authority on ancestral health, Mark Sisson

World-renowned, bestselling author Mark Sisson—credited as the “godfather” of paleo/primal—teamed up with other thought leaders to create the Primal Health Coach Institute, the world’s first coaching school based on the evolutionary health movement.

Approved by the NBWHC

When you put your education in the hands of a NBHWC-approved school you know you’re getting a best-in-class education and graduating with the skills and resources you need to become a successful coach. We’re also accredited and approved by numerous other industry organizations. See the full list here.

Business opportunities for every graduate

When you graduate from a Primal Health Coach Institute course a range of career opportunities open up to you. Use your newly acquired coaching skills in your very own health coaching practice, or thrive as a coach in a gym setting, medical practice, or corporate wellness program. Opportunities abound, and we'll teach you how to turn them into a reality. 

Offering more value for less money

PHCI is the most comprehensive health and fitness coaching school in existence, with tuition fees lower than what many other coaching schools charge. We also offer flexible and convenient payment options, because we believe everyone who wants to become a coach should be able to.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews

Our graduates continue to give glowing reviews. Check out our 5-out-of-5-star rating on Google Reviews. And see what they have to say about our programs first-hand here.

Convenient and Continuing Education for Every Health Professional

Flexible online study

Study from wherever you choose without going back to school and get certified in just 6 months. Select one of our flagship Health and Fitness Coach Certifications, our Master Coach Course for advanced credentials, or one of our specialization courses. 

Monthly live webinars

We keep skills sharp with live monthly webinars for all students and grads, and we host optional live events and masterclasses on coaching and how to run a successful business. 

Lifetime Learning Center access

We don’t believe in forcing students to graduate by a certain date and then locking them out of the program once they do. Get certified on your own schedule, enjoy lifetime access, refresh your knowledge at any time, and stay abreast of future course updates. 

Done-for-you materials 

Our flagship coaching certifications include ready-made coaching programs to use with clients, educational handouts, onboarding forms, and other resources so you can start coaching as soon as you have your certificate in hand. 

Recognized and respected credentials

We don’t just provide a health and fitness education with some coaching thrown into the mix. We go deep into business training as part of our flagship programs. Graduates come away with the knowledge and skills to coach and the ability to attract clients. 

We Provide the Visibility and Tools You Need to Attract and Coach Clients

Let clients come to you.

We connect wellness seekers around the world to Primal Health and Fitness Coaches via our Coaching Directory. It’s a terrific way to attract new clients, share your specific offerings, and establish legitimacy and expertise.

Coach clients with your very own customized app.

All graduates have the opportunity to subscribe to PrimalPro, an app-based turnkey, 12-week coaching program. You can personalize the app with your branding and customize the program to individual client needs. Learn more about PrimalPro here.

Join a vibrant global community of primal enthusiasts.

Connect with thousands of like-minded health and fitness coaches in 75 countries through our private Facebook group. As a Primal Coach, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend annual live events to strengthen your coaching skills with hands-on learning and a supportive network of peers.

Is our institute right for you?

Primal Health and Fitness Coaches educate, motivate, and guide people toward lifestyle, behavior, nutrition, and fitness choices that support optimal well-being. They collaborate with clients to create lives of maximum vitality using nutrition and fitness strategies based on scientifically validated ancestral health principles. The primal approach brings wellness back to the basics—eating, moving, living, and thriving as our bodies were designed to. In addition to empowering people toward lasting healthy change, you will:
  • Become a certified health and/or fitness coach without having to invest in a two- to four-year university program.
  • Learn a nutrition and fitness system based on ancestral health science that's proven to get results.
  • Be your own boss. Set your own schedule, own your own business, and let your entrepreneurial spirit shine.
  • Do work that you’re passionate about, staying inspired with life while you inspire others.
  • Determine your own financial worth on the path to financial freedom.
  • Enjoy career flexibility as the opportunities for health coaches continue to expand.
  • Study from the comfort of your own home, online and at your own pace, and get lifetime access to the most up-to-date health and fitness science.

Discover how Primal Health Coach Institute can help you pursue and achieve your dream of becoming a health or fitness professional.