Turn Your Passion for Health Into a Career You Love

Flexible self-study training for professional accreditation

Become a behavior change expert. Inspire lasting health and vitality. Make a living doing what you love.

Study Online

Learn on your own time from the convenience of your computer, smartphone, or tablet—anytime, anywhere.

Lifetime Access

We're always adding new material to stay up to date with science. You get lifetime access to the program and to our Business Resource Center.

Community Support

Join PHCI faculty and thousands of fellow students and grads on our worldwide mission to change the health of the world one person at a time.

What You'll Receive

The Primal Health Coach Certification Program is the most in-depth and up-to-date ancestral health education in the world. We don’t just create health experts. We certify health coaches that are true catalysts for behavior change. And we make sure they have the business knowledge and marketing resources to go out in the world and change lives. 
  • Online course made up of 23 chapters of multimedia educational resources
  • We cater to all different learning styles with 49 videos, 82 audio files, 145 text lessons, and 22 downloads, including webinars and supplemental eBooks.
  • College-level fitness and nutrition education
  • We teach people how to get back to the basics—how to eat well, move more, play more, rest up, and connect often.
  • Business building tasks and development projects
  • We help you shape your business story, name, and niche, develop your product, and set up a payment system all before graduation.
  • Craft your coaching practice
  • You’ll gain practical coaching experience, craft your signature coaching program, establish a 90-day marketing strategy, and architect your very own sales and enrollment script.
  • Scope of practice guidance
  • We cover liability issues to keep your business secure and show you how to tailor your language and services while remaining within safe legal waters.
  • Coaching skills training and practicums
  • We built peer-to-peer training into the course so you can put on your coach’s cap, work through case studies, and practice coaching with your PHCI peers.
  • Access to a private Primal Health Coach Facebook community
  • You’ll have the support of the Primal Health Coach team and your peers in our private Facebook community and build a robust network of committed wellness leaders.
  • Lifetime subscription to our Business Resource Center
  • This exclusive portal provides postgraduate support to help you launch your business and scale for maximum profit and impact.






What You'll Learn

Reprogram genes to direct optimal cellular function. Coach clients toward healthy lifestyle, fitness, and dietary choices. Strengthen the coach-client bond with the art of listening, the science of asking questions, the craft of intuition, the skill of collaboration, and the inspiration of a mentor. And get the tools you need to launch your health business.
  • Professional accredited online program
  • Qualifies you to become a certified health coach
  • A variety of learning modalities
  • No prerequisites and open to all
  • Plug-and-play marketing and business templates
  • Live monthly webinars
  • Optional live events and masterclasses

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I earn my certification from the Primal Health Coach Institute?

Becoming a health coach requires more than just a health education. You’ll also need to sharpen your coaching skills and learn how to get a business off the ground and keep it thriving. The Primal Health Coach Certification Program is a well-rounded education in all three. We also make sure our graduates can start making money as soon as they have their certification in hand by providing a wealth of resources, done-for-you templates, and even a ready-made coaching program. We balance out the learnings with live webinars, optional events and masterclasses, and have a tight-knit community of coaches to support one another on our mission to change the health of the world. And we do it all at a significantly lower price point.

How long will it take for me to complete the course and earn my certification?

You get to complete the course at your convenience moving at the quickest pace of one chapter a week. There is a lot of material to cover and digest, and the exams are rigorous. It’s conceivable that a real all-star could breeze through the material, succeed on the tests, and be done with the course work in 6 months. Designed for flexible self-study, you certainly don’t need to move at a rapid pace. Especially because this certification course isn’t merely an online course with exams but a complete program with a robust library of multimedia educational materials. There is no rush to pass in haste and potentially compromise your educational enjoyment.

How difficult is the online course and exams, and what if I have trouble passing?

This course material is on a par with an upper-division college course in the health sciences, but the material is presented in a simple, straightforward manner that’s easy for even the most non-technical reader to understand.

The 24 exams are made up of multiple choice and true/false questions that have been carefully scrutinized by an elite team of beta-testers to ensure fairness and relevance to the written and video content course material. A score of 75 percent correct or better represents a passing grade. If you score below 75 percent, you can return to the material for review and then attempt the exam again and as many times as you need to pass it.

If you struggle on the exams, our staff is here to help you with one-on-one support to ensure that your experience is positive. On occasion, it becomes evident early on that a student is not a good fit for this rigorous course. If so, we will suggest that you discontinue your studies and accept a full refund provided it’s within the initial 30 days of your course, or you are otherwise early on in your progress and at our discretion.

I’ve taken other online courses in the past and they didn’t live up to my expectations. How is this course different?

This course is more comprehensive than any other health coach certification you will find in the world! Not only do you receive an in-depth education in the areas of nutrition and exercise science, sun exposure, sleep, stress management and other healthy lifestyle behaviors, but you are trained to become an effective and proficient coach. And we don't stop there. Without business know-how your coaching practice will never get off the ground, and so we provide pre- and post-graduation business development education and resources, including done-for-you programming materials. Mastery of these three pillars (health/nutrition, the art and science of coaching, the business of coaching) are required for certification and prepare you to be a successful health coach. 

When you enroll in the certification course you immediately become part of our community, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you reach your personal health and career goals. We’re so confident that the program and our organization will exceed your expectations that we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. You’ll get a full refund if the course isn’t to your liking, or if life circumstances shift your focus and you decide that health coaching is no longer your preferred career path. We also pride ourselves on going above and beyond with course offerings, as well as bonus resources that make it as easy as possible to turn your career dreams into real-life earnings.

Are you approved for CEU credits with other organizations/schools?

Yes. View all the organizations that grant continuing education units for completion of our health coaching certification course here.

What public recognition do Certified Primal Health Coaches receive?

We publish a Find a Coach Directory at PrimalHealthCoach.com where you can build a profile and attract new clients. If you are not interested in public recognition or wish to reveal less than the template information, you may opt out or limit the information you share.

What are the business opportunities available to Primal Health Coaches?

When you pass this course, you are granted a license to use the trademarked Primal Health Coach logo on your business cards, advertising, social media, and other promotions, such as print flyers for your live events. 

When you pass the certification course, you’re qualified for a wholesale account at PrimalBlueprint.com. You’ll enjoy great savings on quantity orders of Primal Blueprint supplements, books, educational products, apparel, Primal Kitchen food products, and promo items. If you want to purchase Primal Blueprint or Primal Kitchen products for personal use at below wholesale minimum quantities, we offer a generous “friends & family” discount.

There is no shortage of business opportunities awaiting Primal Health Coaches. You can start your own coaching practice and fill your roster with individual and group coaching clients. You can develop online courses for a passive income stream, coach clients in your own app, or join a medical practice, corporation, insurance company, or wellness center as a resident health coach.

May I view a full outline of the course curricula?

Yes! Visit this page for a complete outline of this course. 

What Our Grads Have to Say

Completing the Primal Health Coach Program has proven to be an invaluable asset to my coaching practice. I'm so much more prepared to explain the benefits of a primal lifestyle to my clients and coach them as they take their health, fitness, and performance to a higher level than they ever thought possible.

James Arthur

Certified Primal Health Coach

The Primal Health Coach Program expanded my access to and credibility with people who embrace primal principles but who may not have considered holistic medicine, enhancing my practice and extending my professional reach. 

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons

Certified Primal Health Coach

The knowledge I learned from the Primal Health Coach Program allowed me to skillfully integrate for my patients the healing power of Periodontal Laser Therapy with the healing power of primal lifestyle and diet. 

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS

Certified Primal Health Coach

Invest in a Purposeful Career

The Primal Health Coach Certification is a one-stop shop that provides a comprehensive nutrition and health education, complementary coaching training, business-building guidance, and a built-in infrastructure for the operation of your practice. We aren’t just in the business of training health coaches. We’re in the business of changing lives.