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Enjoy this selection of Primal Health Coach Institute's most recent webinars and workshops. Discover what it takes to be a successful coach and learn how we can help you turn your dreams of a coaching career into a reality. 

January Replay with Erin Power

Primal Health Coach Institute's Coaching & Curriculum Director, Erin Power shares her journey to becoming a successful health coach. She provides an incredible amount of helpful advice that you can apply to your own coaching business. In addition, there are great discussions about Primal Health Coach Institute's courses and programs that can help you excel in your coaching career.

November Replay with Joe & Rachel Stauffer

Joe and Rachel Stauffer, founders of 2 Krazy Ketos, leveraged their YouTube channel to share their personal journey and have become leaders in the keto space. Learn how they've grown their business and the advice they have for new coaches looking to grow their practice and make meaningful connections.

October Replay with Michael Rutherford

Learn how Michael's personal struggle with IBS turned into a journey to becoming a health coach. But it doesn't stop there. Michael shares his unique story about struggling as a health coach and finally figuring out what works and allow his niche to find him.

September Replay with Bess Crumpton

Bess manages her own coaching business while maintaining a full-time job. Watch the replay to hear how she balances both and still enjoys life outside of work.

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Master Coach Workshop Replays

Become the coach you are destined to be by enrolling in our Master Coach Certification Course. This is a 12-week live, experiential cohort that is designed to improve your coaching skills, build your confidence, and prepare you to sit for the NBHWC board exam. To learn more about the course, watch the replays below hosted by our Coaching & Curriculum Director and lead instructor, Erin Power.

Why Become a Master Primal Health Coach?
Coaching & Curriculum Director and Master Coach lead instructor, Erin Power shares information about the upcoming February cohort, what you can expect to learn, the benefits of taking the course,  and how the curriculum prepares you to take NBHWC board exams. If you're ready to elevate your coaching skills, click the button below and apply code LASTCALL to get started!

August - Master Coach Course Tour

June - Master Coach Info Webinar

Primal Fitness Coach Webinar Replay

Become a certified Primal Fitness Coach and help people reach their physical potential.  The Primal Fitness Coach Certification Course teaches individuals to become fitness coaches that are proficient at training clients to be fit for life. The program was developed in collaboration with professional athlete and NY Times bestselling author, Brad Kearns. Watch the webinar to get a peek inside the course and what you can expect to learn.

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*Special pricing applies for existing certified Primal Health Coaches. If you are a Primal Health Coach and wish to become a certified Primal Fitness Coach call us at 844-307-7662 to claim your special rate.

Launch Your Coaching Business Webinar Replays

Launch Your Coaching Business is a 12-week virtual course that includes online curriculum, live weekly workshops, and curated project development activities to help you create a product that sells and a coaching business that excels. Watch the course info webinar replay below hosted by our Coaching & Curriculum Director, Erin Power.

The Launch Your Coaching Business Cohort begins February 1, 2023. If you're interested in enrolling, click the Book a Call button below and mention DOORSCLOSING for a special offer.

PrimalPro™ Tutorial Webinar Replay

We partnered with Coach Catalyst, the top communication software for coaches, to bring your PrimalPro™. A coaching app designed to ensure our graduates have the best technology supporting their business. Stay on-brand and in sync with clients at every moment of the coaching relationship. Watch the webinar below with our Coach Catalyst Co-Founder, Trevor Wittwer for a full tutorial of the program.

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