Frequently Asked Questions

Our Admissions Team has spoken to tens of thousand of people that are interested in enrolling in Primal Health Coach Institute and becoming a certified health or fitness coach. If you are like them you have a few questions or concerns you need addressed before enrolling. Find your answers below. And if you still have questions, call us at 844-307-7662 to speak with a friendly member from our team.

General Questions

What makes Primal Health Coach Institute different?

Learn more about what make Primal Health Coach Institute different here.

How do I know if Primal Health Coach Institute is a good fit for me?

Our courses are designed for individuals who are passionate about health and wellness and want to help others achieve their health goals. We offer a money-back guarantee and will refund your money in full if you find that our programs are not a good fit for your goals (see full details above). You can also schedule a call with one of our admissions counselors to discuss your specific needs and how our courses can help. 

What exactly do you mean by primal health and primal fitness?

Primal health and fitness are based on the principles of evolutionary biology. We believe that our bodies are designed to function best when we eat whole, unprocessed foods, move frequently, and engage in activities that promote strength and flexibility. To learn more about the "Primal Difference," visit this page

What is the difference between the Primal Health Coach Certification and Primal Fitness Coach Certification?

How is Primal Health Coach Certification different from the Primal Health and Nutrition Expert Certification?

How do I update my email address?

To change your email address for your learning center account, simply sign in, click your name at the top right, select "My Account," and edit the email address field.

Please note that updating your course profile email address within the learning center will not automatically update the email address we use to contact you. To modify the email address we have on file and use to send you notifications, please contact us during our regular business hours at 844-307-7662 (or 310-579-65960), Monday through Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm PST.

I have other questions. What should I do?

Call us at 844-307-7662 (or 310-579-6596), book a call, live chat with us on, or email, and we’ll answer any questions you have!

Career Success

What is health coaching?

How is health coaching different from other careers?

What kind of job can I get as a health coach?

How do your courses make me a successful coach?

Our courses go deep into the topic at hand, but most courses also include a coaching and business component so you don’t just become a wealth of information, you become an agent of change. You will learn how to help clients set and achieve health goals, create nutrition and fitness plans, and build a successful coaching practice.

How do I find clients once I graduate from one of your programs?

We provide guidance and support on how to market and grow your coaching practice. Our courses also include strategies for finding and retaining clients. After graduation from our coach certification courses, you have the opportunity to advertise your services in our Find a Coach Directory.

How much do health and fitness coaches earn?

The income of health and fitness coaches can vary depending on various factors such as their level of experience, location, and type of services offered. We do not guarantee any income levels, but we provide guidance and support on building a successful coaching practice. Many of our coaches report that the investment pays off within their first few clients and go on to enjoy a six-figure or more earning potential.

Tuition & Payments

Your courses are a big financial investment. How can I be sure I’m getting good value?

Our courses are developed by top experts in the wellness industry, are based on the latest scientific findings, and are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful health coach. We offer continued support, even after you are certified. You get lifetime access to the course and to our Business Resource Center to give you the best possible outcome for your health coaching future.

But don't take our word for it. Check out our student reviews here

For information on the tuition fee for our most popular course, the Primal Health Coach Certification course, see this video from our Admissions Director Laura Rupsis:

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer money-back guarantees that range from 7 to 30 days in duration depending on the course. If you are not satisfied with the course you enroll in, we will refund your payment in full, in accordance with our refund policy terms. See the “Frequently Asked Questions” sections on individual course pages for full details or call us at 844-307-7662 (or 305-394-6960) to learn more.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer flexible payment plan options to make our courses more accessible. Contact our admissions team at 844-307-7662 (or 305-394-6960) to receive a custom plan that works for your budget and needs.

Do you offer discounts?

We occasionally offer discounts on our courses. Subscribe to our newsletter by clicking "Request Info" above, or contact our customer support team at 844-307-7662 (or 305-394-6960) for current promotions.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. The Dr. Al Danenberg Scholarship awards free tuition to one individual each year. You can apply here. The scholarship winner is announced in the first quarter of each year.

We are committed to supporting students from all walks of life and offer Equity Scholarships specifically designed for those who have faced disadvantages in accessing a health professions education. If your background or circumstances have made it challenging for you to pursue a career in healthcare, we encourage you to explore this opportunity and submit an application here.

What if I have a tough time making my payment plan payments?

If you are having difficulty making your payments, please contact our customer support team at 844-307-7662 (or 305-394-6960) as soon as possible to discuss your options. We are here to help you and find a solution that works for both parties.

Are there annual fees to remain a certified Primal Health Coach and Primal Fitness Coach?

To ensure our certified Primal Health Coaches and Primal Fitness Coaches stay up-to-date with the latest advances in ancestral health, evolutionary biology, nutrition science, and exercise physiology, we administer bi-annual recertification exams. By keeping our coaches informed and knowledgeable, we help them achieve better outcomes for their clients and protect the credibility of their professional credentials.

These exams are conveniently available online every two years following graduation, and consist of educational materials and a test designed to assess both retention of prior knowledge and comprehension of new information. With approximately 60 questions, the exam can be completed within just a few hours after reviewing the course materials. A nominal fee of $99 provides access to the recertification courses and exams, and is subject to change.

How do I update my credit card or payment details?

To update your payment details or credit card information, please reach out to us during our regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST, at 844-307-7662 (or 310-579-6596).

Enrollment Eligibility and Coursework

Do I need to have education or professional experience in health/fitness/medicine to be a health or fitness coach?

No, you do not need to have prior education or professional experience in health, fitness, or medicine to become a health coach. Our courses provide comprehensive training and continued resource support to help you thrive as a health coach.

Are your courses accredited and is that accreditation internationally recognized?

Our courses are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). This accreditation is internationally recognized as a symbol of quality training for professional coaches. Additionally, our flagship course, the Primal Health Coach Certification Course, is approved by NBHWC, the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches. For a full description of our course accreditations and CEU approvals, visit this page.

How long does it take to complete the Primal Health Coach Certification and how is the program structured?

How do I pass your courses (and what if I have trouble)?

We provide comprehensive course materials and support to help you succeed. You will need to pass each chapter exam and a final exam, but will have multiple opportunities to do so, as well as the support of our faculty. If you are having difficulty with the coursework, please contact our customer support teamat 844-307-7662 (or 305-394-6960) for assistance.

Should I take the Primal Health Coach Certification Course or the Master Coach Certification Course?

What is the path to NBWHC board certification?

Can I take your courses outside of the USA?

Yes, our courses are available to students worldwide. Primal Health Coach Institute has students and graduates in 75 countries around the world. You can take our courses from anywhere with an internet connection.