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Coach Certifications

Two accredited paths toward careers that make an impact. Become a health or fitness coach and fulfill your dream of making a living by helping others.

FLAGSHIP Certifications

Course Overview:

This primal-focused, NBHWC-approved and accredited certification course prepares you for a successful career as a health coach. It includes a comprehensive health education plus coaching training and business skills development. 

Course Overview:

This certification course gives you the educational and coaching training you need to help people reach their full physical potential, as well as the business know-how to grow a successful fitness coaching business.


Course Overview:

This 12-week live training prepares you for the NBC-HWC credentialing exam and sharpens your coaching skills with interactive webinars, exercises, group projects, facilitated coaching practice, and a graded coaching evaluation.

NBHWC Program Approved

Become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) at Primal Health Coach Institute.

NBHWC Program Approval is a rigorous process that identifies health and wellness coach training and education programs that have met the NBHWC published standards for preparing capable, competent health and wellness coaches. Graduates from NBHWC Approved Programs qualify to apply for the National Board Certification Examination, offered in partnership with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). Graduates who sit for and pass the National Board Certification Examination earn the esteemed National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) credential.

Specialist Certifications

Develop your skills, claim your niche, and take your education to the next level. Enhance your coaching knowledge and know-how with one of our specialty certification courses designed to help you become a better coach and health entrepreneur.

Diet & Nutrition

Course Overview:

Become a gut health expert. With a focus on science, this academic course takes you deep into the human intestinal microbiome and includes practical coaching tips.

Course Overview:

Learn how the ketogenic diet, autoimmune paleo diet, specific carbohydrate diet, carnivore diet, a range of basic and specialty elimination diets, and other therapeutic diets are used to promote symptom relief and optimal health.

exercise & fitness

Course Overview:

Intended for fitness coaches who want to go beyond standard resistance-training prescriptions, this specialty certification focuses on building strength and lean muscle in female clients.

the business of coaching

Course Overview:

There are growing opportunities for health coaches who want to join an established medical practice. This certification prepares you for this specific career path.

Expert Certifications

Choose your own adventure with our Expert Certification courses. Become an expert in one or more of the key topics featured in our Primal Health Coach and Primal Fitness Coach Certification courses. Mix and match expert courses to suit your specific needs as a health and fitness professional.

Health & Lifestyle

Course Overview:

Learn the blueprint for optimal wellness. Get a comprehensive education in evolutionary science. Advance your career as a health professional.


Course Overview:

Become an expert at what it takes to live an active, fit, healthy lifestyle. Learn the principles of functional fitness and round out your knowledge as a fitness professional. 


Course Overview:

With an emphasis on the client-centered coaching relationship, this certification improves your ability to help clients develop, take action, and reach their goals.


Course Overview:

This certification program is designed expressly for turning coaches into entrepreneurs. Think of it as an online MBA for coaches.

Additional Programs

Get advanced training and support, done-for-you materials, and all the tools and assistance you need to become a thriving health or fitness coach.


Course Overview:

Launch Your Coaching Product is a 12-week virtual course that includes online curriculum, live weekly workshops, and curated project development activities to help you create a product that sells. 


Course Overview:

The PrimalPro™ 12-week and 21-day done-for-you health coaching programs provide the quickest way for a health coach to start changing lives and earn a living as a coach.

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