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What It’s About

It’s an exciting time to be a health coach. As the mood around the health care/”sick care” system continues to darken, health consumers are increasingly feeling curious and empowered to take their health into their own hands.

For a health coach with a unique niche, a clear message, and a caring attitude, the opportunities to build a business helping people feel better are more plentiful than ever.

This podcast will not only inspire you to begin or to continue doing your good work, but will give you tangible and tactical tools to use in your coaching practice. With expert guests across a wide range of fields – from doctors and pharmacists; to fitness trainers and influencers; to life coaches and business coaches, and everything in between, Health Coach Radio keeps you connected to the ever-shifting tides of the health and wellness industry. It’s time for health coaches to make an impact on the health of our world!

Meet Your Hosts

Hi, I’m Laura Rupsis. My journey started with a health decline, evolved into a health transformation and manifested into a career change. I was eating the conventionally accepted “healthy” diet. You know, lots of healthy whole grains and low fat dairy, and followed that up with lots of chronic cardio to keep the weight off and support a healthy heart. Well, that approach, coupled with not enough sleep and too much stress did me in. After seeing multiple medical doctors and popping lots of prescription medicines just to manage symptoms, I finally got fed up and went to see an alternative doc. Armed with an elimination diet, some probiotics and a handful of Chinese herbs, 6 weeks later I was a whole new person!  6 weeks! No meds! Just diet, movement, stress reduction and sleep.

It was that life altering, mind blowing experience that made me decide to spread this message to as many people I could. Once I exhausted the patience of my friends and family, I decided to try to help those who really wanted it, rather than forcing unwanted advice on those who didn’t. I made it official. I became a health coach.

Starting a business from scratch in an unrelated field to my professional experience was hard! But with a lot of passion, tons of mistakes, a couple of pivots and some resiliency, 3 years later I left my career in finance. I am now a fitness professional and gym owner, a practicing health coach and a faculty member at the Primal Health Coach Institute. I believe it is the growing field of health coaches working with the growing population of frustrated health consumers that will finally turn the tide away from managing illness and toward achieving wellness.

Hi, I’m Erin Power, and I’ve spent 25 years in the fitness industry watching our conventional wisdom around diet and exercise decidedly NOT work for people. That’s really what inspired me to become a health coach: to quieten the noise of the bad, bewildering, confusing, and confounding information, and to help clients achieve real, clear, honest, supported health outcomes.

Like many health coaches, I transformed my own health and became utterly evangelical about how messed up dieting and fitness culture is! I needed an outlet to deliver my message of hope. So I got educated and credentialed, and built a successful career as a health and nutrition coach. My health coaching company, eat.simple, has helped nearly 400 individual clients and counting ditch the dreary diet dogma, find freedom from food fixation, and achieve an effortless relationship with food.

Like my co-host Laura, I’m proud to be on the faculty of a health coaching school that is training and certifying more new health coaches every single day. Our battalion is growing! My favourite thing to do is empower, support, and inspire new and practicing health, fitness, and nutrition coaches to be the change the world needs. I believe that, together, we can dramatically influence the trajectory of human health.

Who It’s For

  • Practicing health, fitness, nutrition coaches and trainers; as well as aspiring coaches looking to get certified and dip their toe in the health and wellness industry
  • Doctors, clinicians, Functional Medicine practitioners; as well as allied health care providers like Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants and Registered Dietitians, who are disenchanted by “sick care” and inspired by the notion of health care reform
  • Health entrepreneurs of any kind: personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, physical therapists… Small business owners tasked with the mission of helping people live better.

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