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Sarah Appleby

Sarah Appleby has been a blog writer for the Primal Health Coach Institute since November 2016. She is the founder of Nourish & Lift, a specialist health and fitness program designed to empower women of all ages to regain control of their health and their lives. Sarah holds a PhD in cell biology, and worked as a researcher at the University of Cambridge for 4 years before transitioning to a career as a health and fitness coach. In addition to being a certified Primal Health Coach, Sarah has also earned CrossFit Level 1 certification. In her spare time Sarah enjoys lazy days at the beach in Adelaide, Australia, where she lives with her husband, their two kids, and their pet cat Oscar.

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Inbound marketing is a highly successful marketing strategy that uses content to attract prospective clients. The quality...

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Traffic is crucial to any inbound marketing plan. It’s what brings potential clients to your website,...

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“If you build it, they will come.” Your website is central to your business and your...

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There’s so much more to being a health coach than helping your clients get the results...

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Most aspiring health coaches simply want to coach. Many don’t realize that to become a successful...

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Running your own health coaching business has its perks—from working from home, to deciding your own...

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Keto is a real hot topic at the moment. While most people have heard of ketosis and...

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While blogs and podcasts are a great way to gain information, there’s something satisfying about sitting down with a...

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It’s only natural to feel a little trepidation when you’re on the verge of starting your...

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