Primal approved
and proven effective.
12-Week Done-for-You
Health Coaching Program
The quickest way for Primal Health Coaches to start changing lives (and earn a living as a health coach).

We want our coaches out in the world making an impact and doing what they do best. To save you time, effort, stress, and unnecessary blocks, we did the program development for you. 

This means you don’t have to spend months or years putting together a coaching program for your clients. 

You can start coaching as soon as you have your health coaching certification in hand.

When you license our done-for-you 12-week health coaching program you get:

  • A proven-effective, 3-month primal coaching program that you can easily tailor to individual client needs.
  • Your own coaching app that’s completely customizable to your brand (3rd party fees apply).
  • An online course on how to use the program and app with your clients, plus additional resources.
  • A coaching manual that walks you through every lesson and message your client experiences in the 12-week program.
We partnered with industry leading coaching software companies, Coach Catalyst and Practice Better, to ensure our graduates have the best technology options
supporting their business.

Stay on-brand and in sync with clients at every moment of the coaching relationship.

  • Deliver a 12-week health coaching program to your clients, complete with daily lessons, activities, and progress tracking.
  • Communicate with clients through in-app messaging.
  • Keep all client communications in one place.
  • Track compliance and metrics with measurements and progress photos.
  • Customize the program to your client’s specific needs and goals.
  • Get access to a pre-loaded library of 1200+ exercises and brand-neutral animated videos (Coach Catalyst only).
  • Start a community and invite clients to interact, share recipes, and celebrate milestones.

Your Very Own Health
Coaching App

We provide the content and the coaching platform to get you going, and you get to make it look and feel like all your own.

Impress clients and prospects by customizing your personalized app with your brand logo and colors. Add your own content and create more coaching programs as you go.

You can also personalize each client’s 12-week journey by adding goals, tips, suggestions, and reminders and setting new metrics and measurables.

Kickstart Your Coaching Career or Revamp Your Coaching Business

New health coaches, listen up: Creating coaching programs and organizing content, lessons, and activities takes a ton of time. You’ve already invested a hefty amount of time and energy in nurturing your expertise. How about putting that expertise to work and enjoying some well-deserved ROI in the immediate future? It’s a sure-fire shortcut to success for Primal Health Coaches just getting started.

Seasoned health coaches, we’re here for you too: You know how hard developing coaching programs can be—the time and energy suck of it all, plus finding time for admin tasks, such as organizing paperwork and keeping track of client compliance. PrimalPro™ helps you manage all that and more with an interface designed for a health coach’s communication and content needs in mind.

A Coaching Program for Any Client Ready to
Try the Primal Approach

No matter the specific desires—to lose weight, eat healthier, manage stress better, or increase energy—your clients all want to feel better. And that’s what’s at the heart of every lesson and activity of our done-for-you 12-week program.

We took everything that makes the primal approach so effective and embedded it into a step-by-step coaching program built on the most research-supported ways to eat, sleep, move, and live. It’s just the right mix of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness tools, and goal-setting strategies to help your clients make healthy changes that stick.

Tried and Tested Programming

This is the same program used by myPrimalCoach and developed by the fitness, nutrition, and behavioral change experts at Primal Health Coach Institute. Hundreds of clients have already achieved excellent results!

Pre-written Lessons and Messages

Each day your coaching clients will receive an easy and applicable lesson with actionable tips for losing weight, gaining strength and energy, sleeping better, managing stress, and other wellness ambitions. We’ve also included a simple system for goal setting and progress tracking on all things health—sleep, movement, diet, and more. It makes it easy to keep your clients accountable between coaching sessions and provides a framework for going deeper into individual aspirations.

Worksheets and Reference Guides

As a PrimalPro licensee you get your pick of turnkey resources to use with your clients. Pass on the knowledge with worksheets and activities like:

  • The 10 Primal Laws
  • The 5 Whys Technique
  • Primal-Approved Lists
  • Primal-Friendly Swaps
  • Smart Goals Activity
  • Values Inventory Sheet
  • Intermittent Fasting Styles Simplified

In-App Text Messaging

PrimalPro™ makes managing communications with your clients simple with in-app messaging. You can send text, audio, video, and attachments as individual messages or as personalized bulk messages and can schedule messages in advance or send them in real time.

Fully Customizable

You can use the program as is, fully plug and play, or you can edit and personalize it however you see fit. No technical skills necessary. We’ll show you exactly how.

Access to Online Course and Coach Manual

You also get access to an online course that teaches you everything you need to know to get started with Coach Catalyst and PrimalPro programming. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll be up and running in an afternoon and have your very own health coaching app in the Android and Apple marketplaces within weeks.

We make it simple to:

  • Set up your Coach Catalyst or Practice Better account
  • Access the done-for-you 12-week coaching program template
  • Generate your very own custom-branded health coaching app in no time
  • Produce a signature program that addresses the special needs of your niche clients
  • Add clients to your 12-week coaching program and coach them through it

Membership Benefits

Your annual membership fee secures ongoing access to the 12-week coaching program, as well as any future updates or versions of the program, including updates to the online course and resources.

BONUS: 21-Day Done-for-You
Transformation Challenge Program

As a PrimalPro™ member, you will receive periodic updates to the core 12-week coaching program and FREE access to any additional coaching programs we develop in the future.

The newest addition to PrimalPro™ is our 21-Day Transformation Challenge Program. And it's yours to use as a PrimalPro subscriber. 

Similar to the 12-week coaching program, the 21-Day Transformation Challenge comes with pre-written daily lessons, activities, and automated messages ready to be instantly uploaded to your Coach Catalyst or Practice Better account and delivered to your clients.

Use the 21-Day Transformation Challenge as an:

  • On-ramp program: Ease clients into health coaching with this shorter duration program. Wow them with the program and your skills as a health coach and then upsell them to a bigger commitment.
  • Re-boot program: Continue to nurture the relationships you've built with your health coaching clients long after they've graduated out of your care by offering them the opportunity to work with you again for a short period of time at a lower price point.

What Customers Are Saying

I hopped onto the PrimalPro program immediately! Where else can you get a complete done-for-you program that can be delivered to your clients in bite sized chunks every day on their phone! This program is way better than a series of videos. There are simple action steps for clients to take each day and accountability tracking for us coaches. My clients like the daily reminders and it gives me better follow-up focus on our coaching calls.


I asked myself a couple of questions before I purchased [PrimalPro]:
1. Will writing a 3-month program cost me more than $1,000 in time.
2. How long to recover the cost of it.
The answer to #1 is a resounding Yes.
The answer to #2 is one client.
Given that I did it do I regret the decision? No.

- Bill Sias

I purchased and am reading through the lessons (haven’t run anyone through it yet) - I’m so happy with it so far. So much of it is what I would have wanted to write - but said so much better and much more succinctly than I would have. I love the way the education pieces are broken into bite-size chunks so it’s not overwhelming, and there’s a big focus on the “how” and habit change which is what I find clients really need. I think the messaging and accountability aspects are super helpful and love that Coach Catalyst has a community option since I’m finding so many people wanting to veer away from Facebook. I’m really excited to get started running clients through this program!

- kristen duckett

This is amazing for someone like myself who is a new coach!! I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken me to put this all together!


I enrolled as a brand new health coach with no paying clients. PrimalPro has given me the template to flesh out my own Primal Personal and Planetary health coaching with much less work. I now have the confidence to enroll my first clients and hit the ground running as I really wanted an online learning platform for clients ahead of launch. If I weren't wanting to expand the material to cover environmental stewardship it would just have been a case of re-recording the audios (as great as Erin is) and getting the colours on brand. The Coach Catalyst platform makes it easy to add my own complimentary lessons to the PrimalPro template in an intuitive way. This will serve both me and my clients very well, I am sure!

- Jake Mahal

Frequently Asked Questions PrimalProFAQ

How does the licensing agreement work?

As a licensee of PrimalPro™ you have the right to edit, adapt, and use the 12-week coaching program in your health coaching practice. You will be prompted to sign a licensing agreement once you gain access to the online course. You can view the licensing agreement here.

How much is the licensing fee?

$995 for the first year and $495 for continued access and use of the program in subsequent years, auto-billed each year.

What are the additional fees?

The PrimalPro 12-Week Coaching Program is easy to download directly into two different coaching platforms. Take your pick between Coach Catalyst and Practice Better.

Third-party Coach Catalyst charges their own fees for access to their software platform. You can sign up for a free trial here. Further pricing details can be found here.

Third-party Practice Better charges their own fees as well. Pricing information can be found here

What should I call my program?

PrimalPro™ is the name of this licensed program and is not to be used as the name of the 12-week coaching program you use in your practice with your clients. We encourage you to name the program (and the app if you choose to custom brand it) the name of your coaching business, or otherwise come up with a creative and unique name for your program. Per the licensing agreement terms, and to avoid marketplace confusion, names that use the term “Primal,” including “myPrimalCoach,” “PrimalPro,” and similar are prohibited. 

What is your refund policy?

We offer a no-questions-asked 7-day money-back guarantee.

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