Master Health Coach Certification

Become the Coach You Are Destined to Be

Start Date: September 5, 2024

Gain confidence as a coach. Get live training practice. Qualify to become Board Certified.


Get direct access to and instruction from Primal Health Coach Institute® Coaching Director Erin Power in live webinars for 12 weeks.


Practice coaching with course peers and faculty to hone your craft and develop a keen sense of what works and what doesn't in a coaching setting.


Go deeper than you've ever gone before on the key tenets, methodologies, and strategies of health coaching. Solidify your knowledge and skills as a behavior change specialist.

What You'll Receive

The Advanced Coaching Expert Certification program is a 12-week online course with live training delivered via twice-weekly interactive webinars, plus exercises, assignments, group projects, facilitated coaching practice, and a graded coaching evaluation. You’ll receive expert instruction and guidance to prepare you for the NBHWC exam.
  • Twenty-four 90-minute live webinar education sessions
  • Facilitated by course instructor Erin Power, these interactive live teaching modules cover the concepts laid out in the online coursework and include an educational presentation, a Q&A session, and a group presentation, project, or coaching role-play.
  • Online course made up of 12 chapters and 140,000 words
  • This online course details the complete coach-client relationship and experience—from enrollment and intake to coaching all the way to client release. Topics include: closing the sale, goal setting and implementing action, motivational interviewing, self-determination theory, fostering autonomy, and preparing the client for release.
  • Graded peer-to-peer coaching practice with detailed feedback from course faculty on what you did well and where to improve
  • You’ll complete a minimum of three practice coaching sessions and get expert feedback from master coaches. You'll perform at least one practice coaching session during our live teaching modules and will submit one recorded session for grading.  
  • Access to a private Primal Health Coach Advanced Coaching Facebook Group
  • Within the group you can connect and bond with Advanced Coaching Expert peers and faculty. Learn from other coaches and get direct access to your course instructor for expert answers to all of your questions. Be held accountable so that you stay on track from week to week and complete the course on time and with flying colors.
  • A series of exercises to help practically apply the learnings from each chapter
  • A 100-page digital book of non-compulsory exercises designed to encourage hands-on learning. Tasks include writing your purpose statement, crafting your coaching agreement, and creating your signature method for overcoming sales objections. You’ll practice the art of coaching and be encouraged to think of ways to help your clients set goals, navigate behavior change, nurture a growth mindset, and more.






What You'll Learn

The Advanced Coaching Expert Certification Course is an investment in your future. Round out your practical skills, deepen your coaching theory knowledge, and position yourself to become a board-certified health coach.
  • Real-time education and support
  • Role-playing coaching practice
  • Direct access to PHCI faculty
  • Training to become NBHWC board certified

Course Outline


About This Course

Course Structure and Delivery


PHCI Curriculum Review

Resources & Support

Important: Legal Matters

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

Student Support

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Downloadable and Printable Curriculum

Example Group Presentations

Live Teaching Modules

About the Live Teaching Modules

Live Teaching Module Schedule

Archived Teaching Modules

Missed Session Equivalency Exercise

Practical Coaching Skills Evaluation

Practical Coaching Skills Evaluation Process

Practical Coaching Skills Grading Rubric

How to Submit your Master Coach Practical Skills Assessment

Session 1 - Goal-Setting and Implementing Action

Stages of Change


Implementing Action; Encouraging Compliance

Tracking and Navigating Behavior Change

Chapter Summary and References

Goal-Setting and Implementing Action Exam

Session 1 Curriculum E-book

Session 1 Exercise Book

Session 1 Presentation Handout

Session 2 - Discovery and Enrollment

The Discovery Call

Closing the Sale

Mindset: The Key to Positive and Productive Discovery Calls


Onboarding Fundamentals: Program Type

Chapter Summary and References

Discovery and Enrollment Exam

Session 2 Curriculum E-book

Session 2 Exercise Book

Session 2 Presentation Handout

Session 3 - Intake and Session One


Session One

Opening the Session

Getting to Work on Goal-Setting

Managing Accountability

Ending the Session

Chapter Summary and References

Intake and Session One Exam

Session 3 Curriculum E-book

Session 3 Exercise Book

Session 3 Presentation Handout

Session 4 - The Client-Centered Relationship

The Language of the Coaching Conversation

Allow the Client to Lead

Chapter Summary and References

The Client-Centered Relationship Exam

Session 4 Curriculum E-book

Session 4 Exercise Book

Session 4 Presentation Handout

Session 5 - Coaching Presence and Active Listening

Creating the Experience the Client Needs

Coaching Presence

Active Listening

Chapter Summary and References

Coaching Presence and Active Listening Exam

Session 5 Curriculum E-book

Session 5 Exercise Book

Session 5 Presentation Handout

Session 6 - Client Emotion, Energy, and Reflection

Client Emotion and Energy


Chapter Summary and References

Client Emotion, Energy + Reflection Exam

Session 6 Curriculum E-book

Session 6 Exercise Book

Session 6 Presentation Handout

Session 7 - Expand the Conversation; Shift Client Awareness

Motivational Interviewing

The Art of Asking Questions

Focusing the Energy of the Coaching Conversation

Client Perception


Chapter Summary and References

Expand the Conversation; Shift Client Awareness Exam

Session 7 Curriculum E-book

Session 7 Exercise Book

Session 7 Presentation Handout

Session 8 - Client Empowerment

Client Autonomy

Self-Determination Theory

Fostering Autonomy

Intrinsic Motivation

The Self-Determination Continuum of Motivation


Chapter Summary and References

Client Empowerment Exam

Session 8 Curriculum E-book

Session 8 Exercise Book

Session 8 Presentation Handout

Session 9 - Client Enlightenment

Active Experimentation

Decisional Balance

Decisional Balance Worksheet


Growth Versus Fixed Mindset

Support Systems

Social Support

Structural and Environmental Support

Nourish Client's Own Internal Resources

Chapter Summary and References

Client Enlightenment Exam

Session 9 Curriculum E-book

Session 9 Exercise Book

Session 9 Presentation Handout

Session 10 - Releasing Your Client

Client Achievement

Client Graduation

Client Acknowledged Success

Establishing Go-Forward Strategy

Chapter Summary and References

Releasing Your Client Exam

Session 10 Curriculum E-book

Session 10 Exercise Book

Session 10 Presentation Handout

Session 11 - Health Education: Chronic Illness

Chronic Disease

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure / HTN)

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

Lipid Abnormalities

Overweight and Obesity


Metabolic Syndrome

Inflammatory Pain Conditions

Chapter Summary and References

Health Education: Chronic Disease Exam

Session 11 Curriculum E-book

Session 11 Exercise Book

Session 11 Presentation Handout

Session 12 - Health Education: Health Behaviors

Health Behaviors

Healthy Diet


Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior


Stress and Emotional Wellness

Substance Use/Abuse

Tobacco Use

Chapter Summary and References

Health Education: Health Behaviors Exam

Session 12 Curriculum E-book

Session 12 Exercise Book

Session 12 Presentation Handout

Board Exam Specifics

About the NBHWC

The NBC-HWC Credentialing Exam

Book Resources

Coaching Record

Does the PHCI Master Coach Course Prepare Me to Pass the NBHWC Certifying Examination?

Practical Skills Assessment

Submit your Practical Skills Assessment HERE


Master Coach Final Exam

What Our Grads Say

The Advanced Coaching Expert Certification Course surrounded me with like minded individuals who want to help each other grow and succeed in helping others. Because of the course I now have more confidence in myself and my ability to be a great coach. And Course Instructor Erin Power is amazing! I love her energy. She's no nonsense in a compassionate, fun way. She put her heart, passion, and love into this course and it came shining through.

Jennifer Lehman

Certified Master Coach

The course has taught me so much. Most importantly, it has taught me to listen well, to be present and engaged, and ask open, thoughtful questions. It has taught me that the client knows their body the best, and that my role is to collaborate, support and, with their permission, educate and inform. The class was composed of a truly impressive array of experienced and thoughtful individuals, and instructor Erin Power exceeded all my expectations!

Pat Feller

Certified Master Coach

Engaging, organized, thoughtful, incredibly informative—course instructor Erin Power, and this class, changed the way I see the world. I'm much more confident in coaching people, and now understand the value in having the client be in the driver's seat to spur motivation and lasting change. The fellow students were an incredible group of people and I am very honored to be part of this cohort. I feel we will collaborate and refer clients to each other in years to come.

Hannah McChesney

Certified Master Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular FAQs

What is the purpose of this course?

This course is one component of our Master Coach Certification program. It can be taken a la carte, but is primarily designed as an add-on course for graduates of the Primal Health Coach Certification program. Graduates of both the Primal Health Coach Certification program and the Advanced Coaching Expert Certification have effectively completed our Master Coach Certification Program, which earns them Master Primal Health Coach status (MPHC) and qualifies them to sit for the NBHWC board exam. 

This course has been specifically developed to meet the rigorous educational requirements laid out by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC). The NBHWC has created an alliance with the National Board of Medical Examiners to lead the advancement of health and wellness coaching by establishing professional standards and collaborative partnerships. Students who graduate from an NBHWC-approved school may qualify to sit for the exam to earn the National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) credential.

How often is the course offered?

This course is typically offered twice per year. Advanced Coaching Expert courses are typically held starting in February and September each year.

Why is the class size limited to such a small number of students?

Each student in an NBWHC-approved school is required to have a certain amount of direct interaction with course instructors. For this reason, we keep registration numbers to a manageable level and limit class size to 72 students.

What designation do I receive after completing this course?

If you have not completed the Primal Health Coach Certification program, once you've completed this course, you will earn Advanced Coaching Expert (ACE) recognition and status.

If you have completed the Primal Health Coach Certification program, once you've completed this course, you will earn Master Primal Health Coach (MPHC) recognition and status.

Registration Process, Payments, and Refund Policy

Do you have a payment plan available?

Yes. We offer a convenient payment plan of three easy payments. Click the "Pricing" tab above, or call us at 844-307-7662 (or 305-394-6960) if you have any questions.

Do you offer any discounts?

No. We believe in this course and the value it represents and are certain you will find it worth every penny.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy reflects the nature of this course. Because this course has limited capacity, if you claim a spot it means someone else is unable to enroll. And because it is a time-restricted course, we are unable to fill spots once this course begins. As such, here are our cancellation and refund policies. First, refunds will not be granted if the order was placed more than 6 months before the refund is requested. If your order was placed within 6 months and you request a refund, the following policies apply:

  • We will issue a full refund if you cancel your enrollment on or before two weeks before the course begins.
  • If you cancel between two weeks and one week before a course begins, we will issue a 75% refund.
  • If you cancel within a week before the course begins, we will issue a 50% refund.
  • If you cancel on or after the class start date no refund will be granted.
  • Any tuition fees paid for a given course cohort cannot be transferred to a future course cohort after a course commences.

Tuition fees are non-transferable, and refunds will not be granted after a course commences.

What happens as soon as I enroll?

After you submit the order form to complete your enrollment you will receive an email with next step instructions. You will then gain access to our online Advanced Coaching Expert Certification Course two weeks before the course begins. Within that online course you will find instructions on what to do next, including how to join the private Facebook group reserved for Advanced Coaching Expert students of this cohort. We will also send these instructions via email. We will then be in touch leading up to and on the course start date to kick things off. We will be with you every step of the way.

Coursework, Examinations, and Graduation

How is the course laid out?

There are 12 chapters in the course, representing 12 weeks of school. Each week of the course has two corresponding chapters and two live teaching modules. So, chapters 1.1 and 1.2 correspond with week 1 of the course. Chapters 2.1 and 2.2 correspond with week 2, etc. You get access to the course two weeks before the class start date, so you can start on the reading without getting too far ahead. You'll be expected to join our mandatory live teaching modules twice per week, every week for 12 weeks. These twice-weekly sessions will specifically expand on the corresponding lessons for that week. The 12th and final week of the program gives you time to prepare and pass the final exam.

How much time should I designate each week to work on this course?

The online curriculum in this course is incredibly robust, totaling over 140,000 words. Combined with the live teaching modules and the practice coaching sessions you'll need to complete, you're looking at a commitment of anywhere from 8-10 hours per week.

Do I have to finish it in 12 weeks or can I linger longer?

Unlike our Primal Health Coach Certification, this is not a self-paced course. Due to the nature of this course, which includes a live teaching component, students are expected to keep pace with the rest of the class on a week-to-week basis and to complete the course and all exams before the class ends one week after the last webinar is delivered. You will be unenrolled from the course and your access to it will terminate two weeks after the last webinar to give way to the next cohort.

Do I lose access to the course after the 12 weeks are up?

Yes. This is a timed course. See the previous question and answer.

That said, you will be given a digital book (PDF) comprised of the entire Advanced Coaching Expert course curriculum so you continue to reference the material after the course has completed and in preparation for the NBHWC exam.

When are the live teaching modules?

Once we have a sense of who has enrolled in the course and which time zones are most represented, we will select a time, twice-weekly, that seems convenient for most students. Understanding that no time will be convenient for all, we have processes in place to ensure that those who are unavailable for the scheduled live teaching modules can attend and complete their sessions. 

Are the live teaching modules mandatory?

They are. This is one of the educational requirements laid out by the NBHWC and the reason we elected to create this secondary course for Primal Health Coach Institute students and grads who wish to have the option of sitting for the NBHWC credentialing exam.

Can I take the Primal Health Coach Certification Course and the Advanced Coaching Expert Course concurrently?

Yes! Our Primal Health Coach Certification and Advanced Coaching Expert courses are designed to complement each other and can be taken concurrently. Or you can take the Advanced Coaching Expert course after you've completed the PHC Certification if you prefer. Our Advanced Coaching Expert course provides you with direct access to PHCI faculty and the kind of live education and coaching training we can only provide to a small, select group of students at any given time. The Advanced Coaching Expert Course is experiential learning at its best. It is not required to become a Primal Health Coach, but if you would like more access, more personalized feedback, and the opportunity to accumulate real coaching experience ahead of graduation, consider taking our Advanced Coaching Expert Course while you make your way through your PHC Certification.

What if I graduate the Advanced Coaching Expert Course before I graduate the Primal Health Coach Certification course?

We encourage all Advanced Coaching Expert students to complete the Primal Health Coach Certification course before completing the Advanced Coaching Expert course, even if you're taking them concurrently. However, in some special cases, depending on the timing of enrollment into both courses, you may find yourself completing the Advanced Coaching Expert Certification before our primary certification course. Our policy holds that you cannot earn Master Coach Primal Health Coach status until you've completed both courses, so in the event that you complete Advanced Coaching Expert first, your Master Coach certificate will be automatically issued but then manually revoked, and then re-issued again at the time you complete the Primal Health Coach Certification course.

NBC-HWC Certification

Will I be NBC-HWC credentialed after completing this course?

No. In order to acquire the NBC-HWC designation you must: complete an NBHWC-approved health coaching program. In the case of Primal Health Coach Institute, this includes both our Primal Health Coach Certification course and our Advanced Coaching Expert Certification course. You must also complete some additional qualification tasks as laid out by the NBHWC, including submission of a coaching log and education documentation; and apply for, pay for, write, and pass the NBCHWC credentialing exam, offered approximately twice a year.

What is the NBC-HWC credential, and why do I need it?

The NBC-HWC is the first national board certification credential for the profession of health coaching. Receiving this designation means that you have met the educational requirements to be a board certified health and wellness coach. This designation is not the same as registration or licensure in a health care field; nor does it broaden your scope of practice as a health coach. As the health coaching industry continues to grow, we may see more employers and medical facilities looking to hire health coaches, and those organizations may insist on hiring only board-certified health coaches. It is not a requirement to practice as a health coach at this time.

Once I complete this course, am I qualified to sit the NBCHWC credentialing exam?

Not quite. There are a few other tasks you'll need to complete in order to qualify to sit for the exam. The NBHWC has a detailed information page identifying everything you need to accomplish before you can take the exam.

Is this course designed to help me pass the NBCHWC exam?

While we have taken measures within this course to set you up for the best possible outcome in the NBCHWC  exam, whether you pass it or not remains up to you. Our Primal Health Coach and Advanced Coaching Expert Certificiation courses when taken together satisfy the educational requirements for NBHWC approval, so you qualify to sit for the board exam, but it is not an exam prep course designed to help you ace the test.

What if I don't want to sit for the NBCHWC exam?

No problem! At this time, there is no requirement for any health coach to sit for the credentialing exam; there is no requirement for a health coach to have the NBC-HWC credential in order to practice; nor do we require that graduates of our course go on to acquire the board certification credential. This course can be taken purely to deepen your coaching knowledge and skill.

I'm not in the United States. Can I still be board certified?

The NBHWC, despite being a US-based national board certifying organization, does also certify international coaches. If you sit for and pass the NBCHWC exam, you can call yourself a board-certified health coach even if you live outside the US.

This course is designed to provide the kind of real-time education and support that can only be delivered to a small batch of students a few times each year. We will help you pass this course, become a Master Primal Health Coach, and be one step closer to becoming a NBHWC board-certified health coach!