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Help clients navigate consumer-directed lab testing 


Gain the MD-driven practical knowledge you need to recommend specific lab tests, understand their current efficacy, and play a crucial role in proactive health management.

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What You'll Receive

The Functional Lab Testing for Health Coaches Specialist Certification teaches you everything you need to know about helping clients’ choose the right lab tests and make informed decisions for disease prevention and health monitoring.
  • Online course made up of 9 written chapters
  • You’ll explore the various types of consumer-directed testing — from metabolic panels to hormone panels — and understand which tests are worth it and when to recommend them to clients.
  • Introductory chapter videos
  • Dr. Berry provides a fresh take on each chapter’s lessons. He discusses the importance of additional biomarkers not typically included in standard tests and often overlooked by conventional doctors.
  • Actionable case studies
  • Get real-world examples of physician-interpreted results instead of just raw data, as well as practical suggestions for follow-up health coaching.
  • An appendix of resources
  • To turn knowledge into action, we’ve included an appendix of resources that includes links to HIPAA resources and trusted lab partners.






What You'll Learn

Consumers can order labs on their own, but may not know which tests are reliable or how to interpret results. A health coach can assist in selecting relevant tests and guide behavior and lifestyle changes based on results interpreted by a medical professional.
  • The legal and appropriate scope of practice as a health coach, including what you can and cannot recommend, suggest, or interpret regarding lab testing.
  • The fundamentals of lab testing and data tracking and how to use them with your clients.
  • Various biomarkers in metabolic, cholesterol, thyroid, and sex hormone panels.
  • When and why to suggest different lab tests to clients, how well they work, and how they’re conducted.
  • The pros and cons of nutritional panels, food sensitivity testing, and advanced options like continuous glucose monitors, GI Mapping, DNA genetic, HTMA, DUTCH, and OAT testing.

Course Outline

Chapter 0: Welcome

Welcome and Learning Outcomes

Staff Introduction

Legal and Support

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice


Chapter 1: Introduction to Lab Testing and Data Tracking

Chapter Overview

Quick Facts

Lab Testing and Data Tracking 101

Pros and Cons of Consumer-Directed Testing

Using Lab Testing and Data Tracking with your Clients

Baseline Testing: What is a Metabolically Healthy Person?

Chapter Summary and References

Chapter 1 Exam

Chapter 2: Staying Within your Scope of Practice

Chapter Overview

Quick Facts

The Importance of Staying Within Scope

Scope of Practice for Health Coaches

How to Communicate with your Clients

Chapter Summary and References

Chapter 2 Exam

Chapter 3: Metabolic Panel

Chapter Overview

Quick Facts

What is a Metabolic Panel?

Common Biomarkers Tested in a Metabolic Panel

When and Why You May Suggest a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel to Your Client

Chapter Summary and References

Chapter 3 Exam

Chapter 4: Lipid Panel

Chapter Overview

Quick Facts

What is a Lipid Panel?

Common Biomarkers Testing in a Lipid Panel

When and Why You May Suggest a Lipid Panel to Your Client

Chapter Summary and References

Chapter 4 Exam

Chapter 5: Thyroid Panel

Chapter Overview

Quick Facts

What is the Thyroid?

Biomarkers Included in a Standard Thyroid Panel

Additional Biomarkers to Test and Why

When and Why You May Suggest a Thyroid Panel to Your Client

Chapter Summary and References

Chapter 5 Exam

Chapter 6: Sex Hormone Panel

Chapter Overview

Quick Facts

Biomarkers of a Female-Specific Hormone Panel

Biomarkers of a Male-Specific Hormone Panel

Other Hormone Testing

When and Why You May Suggest a Hormone Panel

Chapter Summary and References

Chapter 6 Exam

Chapter 7: Nutrition and Food Sensitivity Testing

Chapter Overview

Quick Facts

What is Nutrition Testing?

Common Biomarkers Included in Nutrition Testing

What is Food Sensitivity Testing?

Chapter Summary and References

Chapter 7 Exam

Chapter 8: Other Testing and Tracking Options

Chapter Overview

Quick Facts

Data Tracking Devices

Other Lab Testing

Chapter Summary and References

Chapter 8 Exam

Chapter 9: Trusted Lab Partners and Further Resources

HIPAA Resources

Lab Partners


Downloadable Resources

What Our Grads Say

The Master Coach Certification Course surrounded me with like minded individuals who want to help each other grow and succeed in helping others. Because of the course I now have more confidence in myself and my ability to be a great coach. And Course Instructor Erin Power is amazing! I love her energy. She's no nonsense in a compassionate, fun way. She put her heart, passion, and love into this course and it came shining through.

Jennifer Lehman

Certified Master Coach

The course has taught me so much. Most importantly, it has taught me to listen well, to be present and engaged, and ask open, thoughtful questions. It has taught me that the client knows their body the best, and that my role is to collaborate, support and, with their permission, educate and inform. The class was composed of a truly impressive array of experienced and thoughtful individuals, and instructor Erin Power exceeded all my expectations!

Pat Feller

Certified Master Coach

Engaging, organized, thoughtful, incredibly informative—course instructor Erin Power, and this class, changed the way I see the world. I'm much more confident in coaching people, and now understand the value in having the client be in the driver's seat to spur motivation and lasting change. The fellow students were an incredible group of people and I am very honored to be part of this cohort. I feel we will collaborate and refer clients to each other in years to come.

Hannah McChesney

Certified Master Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I continue my learnings with a specialty certification course from the Primal Health Coach Institute?

Continuing your education with a specialty certification course from the Primal Health Coach Institute ensures a depth of knowledge tailored to your specific interests and career goals. This unique specialization addresses a vital gap in health coaches' knowledge and offerings — providing practical knowledge of the current state of consumer-directed lab testing and how it can inform and enhance your coaching practice and support your clients’ success.

How long will it take for me to complete the course and earn my certification?

You can proceed with your reading, viewing, and test taking at your leisure, logging into the course at any time and picking up where you left off. There are 9 core chapters. We suggest allowing for 4-5 hours per chapter, or approximately 45 hours in total. There’s no rush, and you have lifetime access to the material.

How difficult are the online course and exams, and what if I have trouble passing?

This course material is on a par with an upper-division college course but we present the material in an easy-to-read, digestible manner. There are exams at the end of each chapter and a final exam at the end of the course. If you score below 75 percent, you can return to the material for review, and then attempt the exam again and as many times as you need to pass it. If you struggle on the exams, our staff is here to help you with one-on-one support for a positive experience.

I’ve taken other online courses and they didn’t live up to my expectations. How is this course different?

When you enroll in any of our courses you become an ambassador for the Primal Health Coach Institute, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you reach your education and career goals. We’re so confident that the program and our organization will exceed your expectations that we offer a money-back guarantee. If the course doesn't meet your expectations within the first 7 days and you've completed no more than 3 chapters, we'll issue a full refund—no questions asked. Our refund policy allows you to test drive the initial chapters risk-free.

Become an expert in consumer-directed lab testing and empower your clients to make insightful wellness choices.

Developed with practicing physician and health educator Dr. Ken Berry, this course teaches health coaches how to personalize the lab testing process for individual clients, understanding when and why to suggest tests and guiding clients in preparation while staying within the scope of a health coach's role.