Fast-Track Your Coaching Business Success

Live training and mentorship. Create a sure-to-sell product. Kickstart your business.


6 months of live workshops with Primal Health Coach Institute® Coaching and Curriculum Director Erin Power.

Hands on

Get specific, timely help when you need it to move deliberately toward launching your business and securing your first clients. 


Learn and implement the proven steps of building and marketing a coaching practice, and enrolling and supporting your ideal clients.

What You'll Receive

Launch Your Coaching Business is a 6-month virtual course that includes online curriculum, live weekly workshops, personalized business mentorship, and curated project development activities to help you create a product that sells and a coaching business that excels. 
  • 75+ hours of live workshops
  • Facilitated by course instructor Erin Power, these participatory live workshops cover online coursework topics and answer your questions in real time, so you can get the personalized help you need to build and launch your coaching business.
  • Online course with 14 chapters 
  • As you work through the chapters at your own pace, you’ll get clear on your specialty, know exactly what your client wants, and develop a program to meet those needs. Then comes the practical how-to for getting that product out into the world and into the hands of the people who need it (and you!) the most.
  • Actionable feedback from course faculty 
  • Erin is here to make sure that by the end of the course, you have a viable, profitable program set up for launch, the confidence to market and sell it to your ideal clients, and a plan to continue to grow your newly-built business.
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Within the group, you can connect and bond with your peers and faculty and catch the replays of live workshops. The built-in accountability factor helps you stay on track so you have a program ready to launch well before the end of your 6 months in the program.





What You'll Learn

Without a coaching product or program to sell to prospective clients, it can be difficult to get your business off the ground. This course is specifically designed to help you hone your niche and graduate with a launch-ready product to attract the right-fit clients and well-deserved success.
  • Real-time education and support
  • Direct access to your instructors
  • A profitable product that clients need, want, and can’t do without
  • Tools and resources for getting that product to market fast
  • Sales and marketing skills development
  • A plan to leverage your coaching product to grow your business

Course Outline


About This Course

Your 6-Month Business Launch Timeline

Meet Your Instructor

Product = Program = Solution

Focus on the Essentials: Do The First Things First (and Don't Jump Ahead)

Your Business Mindset

LCB Support and Resources

The Coaching Call Calendar

Live Workshops

Office Hours 1:1 Calls

Chapter 1: Your Specialty

Clients Are ONLY Seeking Expert Help

Stake Your Claim: What Are You the Expert In?

WORKSHOP: Declare (and Share) Your Specialty

Chapter 2: Your Client

Your Client = Your "Niche"

The Essence of Specialization

How to Discover Your Niche

Commentary: Modern Customers are Online

WORKSHOP: Zero In On Your Ideal Client 

Chapter 3: Confidently Know Your Business

Know Your Business

Take an Educated (and Intentional) Guess

Your Client's Frustrations and Wants; Fears and Dreams

How Does the Problem Show Up in the Client's Life?

Market Research: Ask Your Client

Write Your Client's Biography

WORKSHOP: The Needed Solution Emerges

Chapter 4: Solution Rough Draft

Your Clients Are Waiting for a Solution

Your Unique Solution: Big-Picture Thinking

The First Things

Sketch Out Your Solution

WORKSHOP: The Big-Picture Pillars of Your Unique Solution

Chapter 5: The Customer Experience

Someone Signs Up TODAY. 

Logistics of the Customer Journey

TECH TALK: Consider your Technology Platforms and Tools

WORKSHOP: Analyze The Customer Experience

Chapter 6: Start Marketing

Time to Start Talking About It (Yes, NOW)

"How Do I Find Clients?" They Find YOU.

Content Marketing for Non-Influencers: What Should I Say?

The Three Touches Technique

WORKSHOP: Content Roundtable 

Chapter 7: Product Development

Build Your Solution

Craft a Coaching Curriculum

Your Program Pillars

Your Proprietary Spins

Start Creating

TECH TALK: Thinkific, PrimalPro, and Other Platforms

WORKSHOP: Curriculum Walk-Through

Chapter 8: Pricing and Payment

Pick a Price that Feels "Right"

How Much Would You Like to Earn?

Payment Systems and Accepting Payments

Additional Income Streams

WORKSHOP: Pricing, Earning, and Money Mindset

Chapter 9: Build Your Product

Build Your Flagship 1:1 Coaching Product

Product Development Tools and Ideas

Take Imperfect Action

WORKSHOP: Product Development Roundtable and Support

Chapter 10: Launching Your Business

Kickoff: Introducing Your Business to the World

Ongoing Launch Strategies: Tactical Launches vs. Evergreen

Tactical Launches

10-Day Launch Schedule

Evergreen "Launches"

Programming and Marketing Considerations for an Evergreen Launch Strategy

WORKSHOP: Product Launch

Chapter 11: Selling Skills

Selling is Coaching

The Sales and Enrollment Call Framework

Powerful Conversation Drivers

The Power of Attraction: They WANT to Work With You

WORKSHOP: Selling Skills

Chapter 12: Client Support

Client Success Drives Business

How to Support Your Clients to Success

5 Methods of Delivering Accountability & Support

WORKSHOP: Client Success and Support Roundtable

Chapter 13: Iterate - Refine and Improve Your Coaching Business

Ruthlessly Iterate

Messaging Refinement

Offer Refinement

Customer Experience Refinement

Product Refinement

WORKSHOP: Iteration and Refinement Roundtable

Chapter 14: Leverage - Grow Your Coaching Business

Nurturing the Seeds of Success: A Guide to Patient Business Growth

A Typical Health Coach Product Suite

Leverage Your Product Into OTHER Products

You Built It. You Launched It.  Now GROW It!

WORKSHOP: How Will You Grow From Here?

What Our Grads Say

Completing the Primal Health Coach Program has proven to be an invaluable asset to my coaching practice. I'm so much more prepared to explain the benefits of a primal lifestyle to my clients and coach them as they take their health, fitness, and performance to a higher level than they ever thought possible.

James Arthur

The Primal Health Coach Program expanded my access to and credibility with people who embrace primal principles but who may not have considered holistic medicine, enhancing my practice and extending my professional reach. 

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons

The knowledge I learned from the Primal Health Coach Program allowed me to skillfully integrate for my patients the healing power of Periodontal Laser Therapy with the healing power of primal lifestyle and diet. 

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular FAQs

What is the purpose of this course?

This course is designed to help coaches develop, market, and sell niche-based custom products and programs for their ideal clients. In just 6 months you will get clear on your specialty and clientele, build a product or program to sell to your dream clients, and get your product to market.

How often is this course offered?

This course is always open for enrollment. Ready to launch your coaching business? Start now!

The program kicks off officially on February 12, 2024.

Why is the class size limited to such a small number of students?

We keep the participant number small so that everyone can get the individualized mentoring they need to move beyond generic offerings and create a truly distinct program that prospective clients won’t be able to resist.

How does this course differ from the business-building components of PHCI’s Health Coach Certification?

The Primal Health Coach Certification features a business development portion that helps coaches get their health coaching practice off the ground as soon as they graduate. It includes marketing advice and guidance, walks you through how to build a website, and even comes with a 12-week, done-for-you coaching template to use with clients out of the gate.

The Launch Your Coaching Business course does away with the generic and gets to the heart of YOUR coaching business. What makes you stand out and who specifically do you serve, and then helps you develop tailor-made programs that speak to that particular service. Because it includes live workshops, this course guarantees you get the one-on-one attention and guidance you need to build and launch a profitable program by course completion.

Will I earn a certification upon completing this course?

No, but if you do the work you will have a signature program that will attract and serve your clients! 

Registration Process, Payments, and Refund Policy

Do you have a payment plan available?

Yes. We offer a convenient payment plan of three easy payments. Call us at 844-307-7662 (or 305-394-6960) if you have any questions.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy reflects the nature of this course. Because this course has limited capacity, if you claim a spot it means someone else is unable to enroll. And because it is a time-restricted course, we are unable to fill spots once it begins. As such, here are our cancellation and refund policies. First, refunds will not be granted if the order was placed more than 6 months before the refund is requested. If your order was placed within 6 months and you request a refund, the following policies apply:

  • We will issue a full refund if you cancel your enrollment on or before two weeks before the course begins.
  • If you cancel between two weeks and one week before the course begins, we will issue a 75% refund.
  • If you cancel within a week before the course begins, we will issue a 50% refund.
  • If you cancel on or after the class start date, no refund will be granted.
  • Any tuition fees paid for a given course cohort cannot be transferred to a future course cohort after a course commences.

Tuition fees are non-transferrable, and refunds will not be granted after a course commences.

What happens as soon as I enroll?

After you submit the order form to complete your enrollment you will receive an email with next-step instructions. You will then gain access to our online Launch You Coaching Business course two weeks before the course commences. Within that online course you will find instructions on what to do next, including how to join the private Facebook group reserved for students of this cohort. We will also send these instructions via email. We will then be in touch leading up to and on the course start date to kick things off. We will be with you every step of the way.

Coursework and Graduation

How is the course laid out?

There are 14 chapters in the course which you can work on at your own pace. Each week that you’re enrolled in the course, you’ll have access to multiple live workshops with your instructor(s) to help keep you moving, and get you unstuck. These workshops are coaching calls: come to the sessions ready to ask for the specific help you need. You can learn a lot, too, by attending coaching calls and listening to your peers’ get the help they need. Each month you will also have the opportunity to book a one-on-one business coaching call, so you can get focused, personalized help, and continue to march deliberately to your business building goals.

How much time should I designate each week to work on this course?

The online curriculum in this course is incredibly robust. Combined with the live workshops and the practice coaching sessions you'll need to complete, you're looking at a commitment of anywhere from 8-10 hours per week.

Do I have to finish it in 6 months or can I linger longer?

Due to the nature of this course, which includes robust live workshops and one-on-one business coaching, you will be expected to keep up a productive pace, completing all coursework and launching your coaching business within your designated 6-month timeframe. You will be unenrolled from the course after 6 months. 

How will I know when the live workshops are?

Upon enrollment, you will be granted access to a dynamic call calendar that shows the dates and times of the live workshops. The dates and times of these workshops will change and fluctuate, based on student demand, and more workshops will be added as more students continue to enroll. 

Are the live teaching modules mandatory?

So that you can get the individualized attention needed to create a custom-made, revenue-generating program, the live workshops are encouraged, but not mandatory. If you miss a live workshop, you can always watch the recorded replay inside the private Facebook group.

Can I take this course concurrently with other PHCI courses?

As long as you have the time and energy, yes! This course complements other PHCI courses, certifications, and specialty certification programs.

Invest in a Purposeful Career

This course is designed to provide the kind of real-time education and support that can only be delivered in a live, instructor-led educational program. We will help you create your signature program and launch it to success, so you can start growing your coaching business and expanding your impact.