Make an Impact.
Become a Coach.

Guide people toward lives of vitality, strength, and lasting health and wellness.

Make an Impact.
Become a Coach.

Guide people toward lives of vitality, strength, and lasting health and wellness.

Coaching Is the Path to Empowerment

Turn your passion for health and fitness into a career you love

The average human works 90,000 hours in a lifetime. Dedicate that time to work that lights you up.

Take charge of your time, money, and talents

Lean into your unique talents, be your own boss, set your own schedule, and earn a lucrative living while making a difference.

Do it all in as little as 6 months

Go at your own pace and learn online from anywhere in the world. Put in about 5 hours of study a week and you’ll have your certification in just 6 months.

Our graduates are changing lives around the world — and you can too.

The best decision I ever made! This course went above and beyond what I had hoped for. The information and coursework was presented well and easy to understand (even complex topics) and the brand building component goes very in depth to set you up for success. The Primal Health Coach Certification Program gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to create the business I envisioned. So much so, that I signed my first client the day after I graduated!

Kaitlyn Malthaner

Certified Primal Health Coach

PHCI doesn't just create expert coaches.
We create successful entrepreneurs.

Wellness Education

Gain confidence as a holistic coach with a deep understanding of the science behind the advice, with no prerequisites or previous wellness knowledge required.

Coaching Training

Get a complete education in the art, science, and business of coaching and learn to wield transformative tools that positively impact the health of individuals.

Business Development

Start building your business from day 1 with tried and tested marketing systems, resources, and business-building tasks.

Business in a Box

Start making money fast with a 12-week done-for-you coaching program to use with clients through the convenience of an on-brand, personalized app.

Global Community

Expand your network and become part of a thriving community of primal coaches, so you’re never alone in your endeavors.

Continued Education

Keep skills sharp with live monthly webinars, plus live events and masterclasses on coaching and running a successful business.

Flagship Certification Courses

Primal Health Coach

We make it easy to make a living as a certified health coach in just 6 months with flexible, online training and the most affordable and comprehensive health coaching program in existence.

Primal Fitness Coach

Equal parts fitness, coaching, and business development, our fitness coach certification prepares you to go beyond reps and empower clients to get better results with fewer injuries. 

Specialist Certifications

Diet & Nutrition

Round out your practice and refine your niche with courses that fulfill your CEU requirements and your clients’ needs.

The Art & Science
of Coaching

Learn to coach on a higher level with advanced training for professional accreditation.

Exercise & Fitness

Gain a better understanding of fitness fundamentals for different body types, conditions, and goals while fulfilling your CEU requirements.

The Business
of Coaching

When you’re your own boss, you’ve got to drum up your own business. These courses can help.

What Our Grads Say

The Primal Health Coach Program was exactly what I needed to take the next steps in my health coaching career, honing in on exactly what my clients need. It has also allowed me to become a better podcaster, inspiring my audience to take action. 

Ken Liu

Certified Primal Health Coach

The Primal Health Coach Program lays down a detailed foundation of knowledge to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle and achieve  body composition goals. I've added an incredible amount of value to the service I provide as a Personal Fitness Trainer, and Increased my total income by adding nutrition programs to my services.

Kelly Weston

Certified Primal Health Coach

The Primal Health Coach Program provides a concise platform of research-based knowledge that I pass on to my personal training clients and colleagues. Simply put, I am a more well-rounded trainer and health coach because of my experiences with Primal Health Coaching!

Josh Holland

Certified Primal Health Coach

Discover how Primal Health Coach Institute can help you achieve your dream of becoming a health or fitness professional.