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I began eating primally in my mid 40s after being diagnosed with a leaky gut and having gained 25 pounds. Before that, I was on a typical grain based diet and was also addicted to sugar. I knew that the sugar addiction was not serving my body well, but it was such a difficult thing to give up. I was feeling fatigue, bloating, brain fog and irritability.

It took a diagnosed leaky gut and perimenopause for me to face how my eating needed to change. This adjustment made a huge impact on my health and wellbeing and has inspired me to help others on a similar path. My training as a Primal Health Coach has paved the way for me to help women who want to look and feel their best as they age with guided lifestyle modifications.

In changing my relationship with food, I changed my health, body and life. I know that primal eating and a primal lifestyle has made a huge impact on how I feel going into my 50’s and I’m so excited to help you improve your journey as well!

Anti-aging, Athletic performance, Endurance performance, Fat loss, Gut health, Health mindset, Hormone balancing, Intermittent fasting, Ketosis, Lifestyle change, Nature connection, Online/distance, Strength training, Weight reduction, Women
Primal Health Coach Certified; Wellness Coach Certified (NETA)
51 years old


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Certified Primal Health Coach