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John Sutherland

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Certified Adaptive Bodywork Senior Instructor, Certified KMI - Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Therapist, Certified Massage therapist, Primal Health Coach Certified Expert Level 1 & 2, Metabolic Fitness Pro, MeatRX consultant, FMS, SFMA & YBT Certified

I work in the health care sector. I am a manual therapist of the Structural Integration variety and the founder and senior instructor of a manual therapy modality called Adaptive Bodywork. I am also a nutrition consultant and lifestyle coach. I align myself with the ancestral/Paleo/ketogenic/Carnivore principles as well as fasting, to address the current epidemic of Type 2 diabetes with all its various manifestations. I work with clients with metabolic syndrome which includes obesity, insulin resistance, type two diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune dysfunction. My client base ranges from professional athletes to ninety year old women wishing to improve their movement quality and general well being. I work and teach these principles across Canada and in Switzerland. I am based in Montreal and am passionate about my work and life in general. I am a former competitive athlete, so sport and enhancing human performance on a base of sound cellular/metabolic health, longevity and health span, remain a primary focus of what I do.

Anti-aging, Athletic performance, Autoimmunity, Chronic health issues, Gut health, Health mindset, Intermittent fasting, Ketosis, Life coaching, Metabolic syndrome, Mobility, Pain-free living
61 years old


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Certified Primal Health Coach