This Isn’t Your Run-of-the-Mill Health Coach Certification Program

The Primal Health Coach Institute provides the most in-depth and up-to-date ancestral health education in the world. But that’s just where we begin. We then develop our students into expert coaches who act as persuasive catalysts for lasting behavior change. And we train them to become successful entrepreneurs equipped with all the skills necessary to run a profitable and purposeful business. We’re not just in the business of certifying health coaches. We’re in the business of changing lives.

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn how to reprogram genes to direct optimal cellular function and coach clients toward lifestyle, fitness and dietary choices that support their health and wellness goals. You’ll strengthen the coach-client bond by mastering the art of listening, the science of asking questions, the craft of intuition, the skill of collaboration and the inspiration of a mentor. You’ll get all the tools necessary to start and run your health business, including fool-proof and tested marketing strategies and a ready-made 3-month coaching program.

The Primal Health Coach Certification Course is online learning at its best, with 20 chapters of multimedia educational resources, including audio, video, text, webinars, and supplemental eBooks. We start creating your health coaching practice in week 1 with business-building tasks that help you shape your business story, name, niche, value proposition, and product. You’ll gain hands-on coaching experience, craft your signature coaching program, establish a 90-day marketing strategy, and architect your very own sales and enrollment script all before graduation. And you’ll have the support of the Primal Health Coach team and your peers in our private Facebook community every step of the way.

There are no prerequisites to participate in the Primal Health Coach program. Expert coaches and aspiring health professionals alike will benefit from the course material and the prestige of being a certified Primal Health Coach. That said, this is an intensive educational program that’s similar to an upper-division level college course in health sciences. So be prepared to get those brain synapses firing!

What Are Our Graduates Saying?

We never stop learning, and neither do our coaches.

Our certification course curriculum is regularly updated and improved to align with the most current research and science. But the learning opportunities don’t end there.

Primal Health Coach grads gain access to the Business Resource Center, an ever-evolving library of inspiration, know-how and practical tools for getting your business up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible. 

Further, we keep skills sharp with live monthly webinars for all students and grads, and we host optional live events and masterclasses on coaching and how to run a successful business. 

We even offer an advanced Master Coach Certification Course for health coaches who’d like to become board certified.

Advanced Learning Opportunities

We’ve helped launch thousands of successful careers in the wellness industry and have seen firsthand the endless ways graduates are using their certifications to create passion-filled businesses. Because everyone’s dream career looks different, we also offer an advanced Master Coach Certification Course for Primal Health Coaches who wish to gain coaching confidence with additional live training and practice. 


Self-paced online program (Min. 20 weeks)

Begin at any time

Open to all

No prerequisites

Qualifies you to become a certified health coach

Covers health/wellness, coaching, and business building through a variety of learning modalities (text, audio, video, webinars, role playing, etc.)


12-week live virtual training

Delivered twice per year

Limited capacity (~72 students per cohort)

Being a certified Primal Health Coach is preferable but not required

Trains you to become a Master Primal Health Coach and qualifies you to become an NBHWC board-certified health coach

Refines coaching skills through live, experiential learning (advanced practicum, real-world exercises, synchronous education, personalized feedback, etc.)

The Primal Health Coach Institute Is Professionally Accredited

OK Health Coaches Association Approved Course

Our program is approved by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), the UK Health Coaches Association and the Health Coach Alliance, and is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) Certification & Accreditation Board.

Here are some of the qualities and attributes AADP looks at when accrediting an educational institution…

  • Have clearly defined and well-stated learning objectives.
  • Offer educationally sound and up-to-date courses.
  • Provide outstanding educational services to students.
  • Have demonstrated student success and satisfaction.
  • Have a competent advisory staff.
  • Promotes its courses truthfully.
  • Have an effective research and self-improvement program.

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Ready to become one of the world’s most trusted, experienced and knowledgeable health coaches? Get certified as a Primal Health Coach.

Establish clout. Elevate your career. Enrich your knowledge… with the only comprehensive ancestral health certification program in existence.

Discover What You’ll Learn in the Primal Health Coach Coursework

Got questions? We have answers. Gain instant access to the Primal Health Coach Curriculum Guidebook.

In this digital guidebook, we cover:

  • How the Primal Health Coach online program works
  • What to expect from and how to use the online student center
  • Exactly what you’ll learn in each of the 20 chapters
  • The exams, and how to pass them
  • Our library of multimedia educational resources
  • The business tools we provide and the skills you’ll learn