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In this 5-day Online Masterclass top health coaches reveal...
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  • How they became masters of sales and marketing and are able to generate clients on demand
  • How they built lucrative careers doing something they love with tools available to everyone

Meet Our Hosts

Laura Rupsis

Over 10 years ago, Laura Rupsis left her lucrative corporate career to take control of her health, live by example, and help others. Now a certified health coach (PHCI, IIN), CrossFit Box owner, co-host of Health Coach Radio, and Director of Enrollment at Primal Health Coach Institute, Laura is ready to help you achieve your dreams.

Erin Power

With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, certified health coach and co-host of Health Coach Radio Erin Power has helped nearly 500 individual clients and counting find freedom from food fixation, and achieve an effortless relationship with food. Tune in to learn how she's done it and how you can too.



On the Growing Demand for Health Coaching and Why It's So Important

with Mark Sisson

Description:A lifelong devotee of health and fitness and the consummate health entrepreneur through his Primal brand, Mark discusses why he launched the Primal Health Coach Institute. Mark explains why health coaches are so important, how the coaching industry has evolved over time, where the growth opportunities are, what a health coach needs to be successful, and the definition of an entrepreneur. 

Getting Started: The Foundations of Building a Health Coaching Business

with Erin Power

Description: Stepping into small business ownership doesn't come naturally to many of us, and Erin Power is no exception to this rule. She shares the evolution of her business from shaky startup (that very first client), through the development and continued re-development of her coaching program, to where she sits today: a successful coach with a lineup of clients and a signature coaching methodology that is all her own. 

How to Know Whether You're an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Employee, and Why It Matters for Your Health Coaching Career

with Michelle Norris

Description: As an entrepreneur multiple times over, Michelle can tell who "has it" and who doesn't. But just because you don't feel you have the heart and spirit of a true entrepreneur, that's OK. Not only is it OK, but there is plenty of opportunity for everyone in this health coaching space. We discuss some hallmarks of entrepreneurship, what it means to be a business owner and who is an employee. We need all of these roles in this wellness journey. Which one are you and how can you leverage your strengths to be successful? 

What 4 Health Coaches Wish They Would Have Known Before Becoming Coaches

with Ste Lane, Mike Rutherford, Ali Watts, and Rachel Barber

Description: In this panel interview, four successful Primal Health Coach Institute grads keep it real. They share how they got started, what they are doing now and how they got there. We discuss the challenges they faced and what strengths they leveraged to overcome them. 


On Being Your Own Boss and the Power of a Personal Brand

with JJ Virgin

Description: JJ Virgin is a legend in the health, fitness, and nutrition coaching. In fact, she's been health coaching since before health coaching was even a thing. In fact: she can be considered one of the founding members of the entire industry. This interview is 50% necessary real talk, and 50% inspirational pep talk. JJ tells us why imposter syndrome is normal and necessary when embarking on something new and foreign; why it's important to build a personal brand that speaks in a language your target client can understand; and how being your own boss requires you to show up in a big way. We have so much to learn, from JJ Virgin.

The Art of Public Speaking and How to "Pitch Yourself" 

with Elle Russ

Description: The consummate extrovert and "Alpha Female" Elle shares the secrets of speaking in front of a crowd. Elle knows not everyone is as comfortable as she is being a public figure, however, there are baby steps you can take and practices you can nurture to get over it and get out there. Elle shares her experiences being in the limelight and her best tips to overcoming fear and anxiety related with public speaking.

How to Start and Leverage the Power of Your Very Own Podcast

with Brad Kearns

Description: Brad Kearns, a podcasting veteran from The Primal Blueprint podcast and his Get Over Yourself podcast, has a lot to share about the podcasting world. Brad makes a very convincing case for using podcasting as a way to leverage your voice. Not only that, he provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to get started. 

How to Self-Publish Your Own Health and Wellness Book

with Jake Taylor

Description: Many health coaches dream of publishing a book with their name on it. Jake Taylor is here to teach us exactly how to do just that. Self-publishing a book has become so easy it's almost fool-proof, and this means even an author without a large following—and without a publisher—can get a real, live, print book of their own making in their hands, and into the hands of their clients and collaborators, with relative ease.

Cookbook Publishing: What to Know Before You Launch Your Own

with Lindsay Taylor

Description: Lindsay Taylor has published several cookbook—a few in collaboration with established publishing houses, and one self-published effort. She shares, in awesome detail, many of the specifics to keep in mind when creating a cookbook of your own, whether it's intended to be a published book that you sell; a recipe guide as a bonus gift for your clients; or a small e-book to use as a lead magnet. We talk recipe development, recipe copywriting, recipe testing, food photography, editing, publishing, and more.


Sales Doesn't Have to Be Scary: How to Convert Prospects into Paying Clients

with Laura Rupsis

Description: Laura Rupsis spent a career in sales before transitioning to health coaching and health coach education. She uses her decades of experience to teach us how to take the intimidation (and the "sleaziness"!) out of sales. 

How to Use Facebook Advertising to Find and Attract Clients

with Dorothy Illson

Description: Facebook. For many health coaches, it is seen as a necessary evil one has to decipher in order to reach your target audience. Between the changing policies and algorithms, it can feel confusing and overwhelming. The good news is Dorothy Illson with Needle's Eye Media is here to break it down and simplify it for you. Dorothy provides actionable tips you can use today to leverage Facebook better and more efficiently. 

How to Leverage Your Existing Network to Find New Clients

with Ashley Sauvè

Description: The clients that you hope to work with are out there... you just need to go out and get them. In this interview Certified Holistic Nutritionist Ashley Sauvè teaches us some incredibly easy tactics around exactly where and how to get in front of your ideal clients. Hint: They might not all be online... Get out of your comfort zone and go out and find your clients. They're waiting for you!


How to Launch the Health Coaching Business of Your Dreams

with Michelle Leotta

Description: In this interview, Michelle Leotta of Health Coach Power Community shares the real reasons why some new health coaches fail to launch their businesses. Michelle gives some practical and actionable tips to get the practice of your dreams off the ground.

Building, Supporting, and Leveraging Your Online Community

with Luis Villasenor and Tyler Cartwright

Description: The co-founders of Ketogains, Luis and Tyler, know what it means to grow and manage a large community. In this conversation we uncover some of the opportunities and difficulties of managing large online communities; how they managed to grow not one but two enormous online groups; the benefit of sharing tons of free information with your followers; and how they leverage a free community into coaching program sales.

Scope of Practice: Understanding What You Can and Can't Do as a Health Coach

with Jonathan Posey

Description: Jonathan and Laura dig into the legal and legislative landscape for health coaches today. As the founder and director of the Council for Holistic Health Educators, he is actively fighting for the rights of the unlicensed practitioner to practice. He has his thumb on the pulse of licensure policy and gives us the scoop on what is happening. Spoiler alert! The good news is that it is absolutely legal to practice as a health coach everywhere. Jonathan breaks this all down for us so we can all go confidently into practice legally and without fear! 

How to Expand Your Offerings and Bring Your Tribe Together with Health Coaching Retreats

with Adam & Vanessa Lambert

Description: The powerhouse couple behind Bee The Wellness share how they kept community and connection central to their online-based health transformation programs and then leveraged that to build the business of their dreams—hosting health and adventure retreats around the world. 


How to Coach with Confidence

with Christine Hassler

Description: There are a lot of ingredients to a successful health coach, and the confidence to step into your calling is a big one. How can you develop your confidence? Master Life Coach Christine Hassler teaches us some tools to use to begin to strengthen your confidence as a coach. 

Health Coaching in Clinical Practice: Delivering Health to Patients Within the Sick Care System

with Dr. William Davis

Description: Dr. William Davis delivers the low-down on how health coaches can set themselves up to work alongside physicians and other licensed medical practitioners. With a bonus education on gut health practices for health coaches!

How to Use the Power of Story to Make You a Better Coach

with Amy Lucas & John Eric Staley

Description: In this interview, power couple Amy Lucas and John Eric Staley explain how to craft a personal narrative that can be used to promote yourself and gain clients. Discover the power of storytelling to inspire your clients to achieve their goals.

The Impact of Positivity and Resiliency on Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success

with Lauren Schwab

Description: A lifelong athlete, Lauren Schwab learned early on that the way she showed up in the world had a big effect on her personal, professional, and competitive outcomes. Lauren is a master cheerleader and pep-talker. She talks about some of her personal mantras to overcoming fear of failure, fear of success, and how every opportunity - good, bad, and indifferent - is put in front of us to help us grow. Health coaches at any stage of their business will benefit from the affirmations with which Lauren peppers us during this chat.

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Meet Our Expert Presenters

Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson, known as the "godfather of paleo," is the best-selling author of The Primal Blueprint and the award-winning blog Mark's Daily Apple. He's also the founder of several successful health companies, including Primal Kitchen™ and Primal Health Coach Institute™. 

JJ Virgin

Celebrity nutrition expert JJ Virgin is the author of four NY Times bestsellers, including The Virgin Diet and the Sugar Impact Diet. She teaches clients how to breakthrough food and carb intolerances, so they can finally lose the weight to transform their health and their lives.

Dr. William Davis

Dr. William Davis is a Milwaukee-based American cardiologist and author of Wheat Belly and Undoctored. He uses health coaches within his Inner Circle online communities to help people overcome the symptoms associated with gut dysbiosis. He is a staunch advocate for health coaching in the clinical space, declaring boldly that "health coaches know more about health than doctors do."

Michelle Norris

Michelle is a former corporate warrior and trained chef whose personal health issues and struggles with traditional medical orthodoxy inspired her to upend the way the world tackles health, wellness and prosperity. She soon became one of Paleo’s most outspoken evangelists, then co-founded and is now CEO of Paleo f(x)TM, the largest Paleo event in the world.

Jake Taylor

Jacob L. Taylor is the CEO of Farnam Street Investments, the host of the author interview series Five Good Questions, creator of the world’s first hikecast, and was an adjunct professor at UC Davis’s Graduate School of Management. His first literary effort, The Rebel Allocator, taught him important lessons in book publishing valuable to any aspiring author.

Christine Hassler

Coaching Director of Primal Health Coach Institute and author of Expectation Hangover, The 20 Something Manifesto, and 20 Something, 20 Everything. For over a decade, as a speaker, retreat facilitator, spiritual psychologist and life coach, and host of the top-rated podcast “Over it and On With It,” Christine has been teaching and inspiring people around the world.

Amy Lucas & John Eric Staley

Fusing their eclectic backgrounds as writers, wellness experts, and coaches, Presenting U. co-founders John and Amy teach strategic storytelling skills that help clients break through self-limiting beliefs and achieve lasting transformative results.

Lauren Schwab

Featured in USA Today Sports, Marie Claire Magazine, Mind Body Green, and on Good Day LA, ABC, and E! Entertainment, Lauren is an expert in health, wellness, and mind-body connection. Her 9-step process and associated wellness retreats, Unplugged Mornings, helps individuals reconnect back to their true self.

Brad Kearns

Brad Kearns is a New York Times bestselling author, Guinness World Record holding Speedgolfer, and former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete. He is the host of the Get Over Yourself podcast, covering healthy living, peak performance, and personal growth with levity and a little spice.

Dr. Lindsay Taylor

Lindsay is the Senior Writer and Researcher at Primal Blueprint. She has been a consultant, editor, and recipe developer for several of Mark Sisson’s bestselling books and is the coauthor along with Mark Sisson of The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook and The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook.

Tyler Cartwright

Tyler, in addition to being a success story of the ketogenic diet, is a founding member of Ketogains—a company devoted to helping individuals achieve body recomposition goals through the keto diet. He started his body recomposition more than 11 years ago weighing 505 pounds, today he has reduced his weight to 205 pounds, and has gone on to successfully coach others to do likewise.

Michelle Leotta

Michelle Leotta has been featured on ABC, CBS, NPR and in the movie “Lemonade” with her inspiring story of burnout recovery. Once working non-stop in the fast paced world of Big Advertising, she suffered with debilitating anxiety, fainting spells and IBS. As an Integrative & Functional Health Coach, Michelle has spent the past 10 years helping go-getter women heal from chronic stress and its accompanying symptoms.

Luis Villaseñor

Ketogains co-founder, bootcamp coach and international speaker, Luis is regarded as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals on low-carb and ketogenic dieting. He has become the “go to guy” when applying a low-carb diet to bodybuilding and strength conditioning, and has coached hundreds of clients toward successful body recomposition.

Rachel Barber

Rachel Barber is a certified Primal Health Coach and holistic healing expert. Having overcome many health conditions of her own—eating disorder, extreme food sensitivities, chronic illness, depression and anxiety—she now helps other people heal from chronic illness/symptoms and take their lives back.

Ali Watts

With over 10 years of experience, Ali is a qualified personal trainer, yoga instructor and certified health coach. She runs a number of businesses including Primal.Health and Ali Fitness Personal Training. She is also the host of the Ali Fitness Podcast.

Ashley Sauvè

Ashley is an evidence-based holistic nutritionist, blogger, and wellness chef. Her aim is to bridge the gap between alternative healthcare and western medicine by showing people how to think for themselves and why holistic doesn’t mean unscientific.

Michael Rutherford

Michael is a certified Primal Health Coach and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Michael works alongside his father—also a health coach—to positively impact the long-term health of an unhealthy and underserved corner of the population: truck drivers!

Ste Lane

Ste is a certified health coach and the owner and head coach at Peak Primal Health. He has helped dozens of clients of all ages and from all walks of life—from moms, to athletes, and even to kids in schools—step out of the culture of dieting and health BS, and into mindfulness.

Dorothy Illson

Dorothy is the founder of Needle’s Eye Media, a Facebook advertising agency. She is also the host of the Do Well & Do Good podcast—a podcast that shares the motivating stories of entrepreneurs and business-people who have achieved both personal and financial success by helping others, championing causes they care about, and making an impact.

Adam & Vanessa Lambert

Adam and Vanessa Lambert are the creators of Bee The Wellness, a personal coaching company with an emphasis on community and adventure. Bee The Wellness is dedicated to expanding lives through nuanced, personalized whole-food diets, FUNctional fitness, and mindful, fearless living.

Elle Russ

Elle is the author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution, a bestselling book on Amazon and a leading voice in the Paleo, Primal, Ancestral Health Movement. She is also a TV/Film writer and popular host of The Primal Blueprint Podcast, a top-ranked health show created by New York Times Bestselling author, Mark Sisson.

Jonathan Posey

Jonathan Posey is the founder of the Council for Holistic Educators, the only not-for-profit advocacy group that fights for health coaches right to practice. Jonathan travels all over the country, in boardrooms and in courtrooms, to ensure that there is a voice advocating for holistic health practitioners.



Curious about becoming a health coach, but don't know where to begin? Discover how some of the best in the business got their start and turned their passion for health and wellness into careers they love.


Do you have a health coaching credential, but feel stuck? Learn how top health coaches and marketing experts broke through to become great coaches and small business entrepreneurs.


Already coaching one-on-one, but want to make a bigger impact? Tune in to find out how successful health coaches are using strategies and technology available to everyone to expand their reach, earn more money, and help more people in the process.  

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