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Share Your Story

We all have a story to tell. How you came to find and select Primal Health Coach Institute as your school of choice, what your experience was with the program, how you completed the course to become a certified health coach, and how you have gone on to coach people toward lasting health and wellness is part of your story. Share it with the world and create a ripple effect. 

Introduce Your Friends

If you gained from your studies at Primal Health Coach Institute and think others could as well, tell your friends and followers about us. Introduce them to our admissions team and we'll take them into our care, helping them determine whether PHCI is a good fit for them. 

Earn Your Reward

We want to reward you for being part of our ambassador network and spreading the word about PHCI. For joining us in our mission to build a global network of health coaches, you'll earn a generous commission for everyone you refer to the Primal Health Coach Certification program. It's a win-win-win scenario. 

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