What Is a Primal Health Coach?

A Primal Health Coach, like all well-trained health coaches, is a wellness expert who educates, motivates and guides clients toward lifestyle and behavior choices that support optimal well-being. But Primal Health Coaches go a step further. They collaborate with clients to create lives of maximum vitality using nutrition and fitness strategies based on scientifically validated ancestral health principles. The primal approach brings wellness back to the basics—eating, moving, living, and thriving as our bodies were designed to. To learn more about why primal is a distinction with a difference and what makes the Primal Health Coach Institute stand out among other health coaching schools, click the button below.

Health Coaching Is On the Rise


Colossal Growth

Health coaching is at the forefront of wellness trends according to the 2015 American College of Sports Medicine’s 9th annual Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends…and it has been since 2010. Health coaching has shown colossal growth in the last decade, increasing by 38% in just a few short years. This growing field shows no sign of slowing, especially in the face of current health trends and the failure of the Western medical establishment to provide adequate resources for disease prevention.


Health Coaches to the Rescue

The average patient-doctor interaction lasts seven minutes; just enough time to say a quick hello, get a run-down of symptoms, make a diagnosis, and prescribe a quick-fix drug to mask the condition. Meanwhile, 70% of all health care costs can be attributed to preventable diseases. In response, insurance companies are requiring corporations to provide more preventive health care measures. To offset costs, corporations are looking to support employees’ wellness endeavors, opening up job opportunities to health coaches in clinics, hospitals and corporate settings.


Evolving Consciousness

Health conscious consumers recognize the need for more guidance with their wellness choices, and more and more people are turning to health coaches for customized fitness plans, nutrition know-how based on the science behind healthy food, and an overall health program for their individual needs and circumstances. People are looking to Primal Health Coaches to devote time to their health needs and to nurture a client-coach relationship that cultivates lasting change and helps to prevent and treat chronic conditions.


High Demand

The Primal Health Coach is ahead of the curve, several steps in front of the conventional health guidance taught by many other coaching programs. Health coaching programs vary in terms of scope, intensity and cost, with the Primal Health Coach program dispensing the most in-depth scientific nutrition and fitness science in a convenient online learning system. We will help you identify your clients’ health goals, and excel at defining customized plans and guiding clients into putting those plans into action. With the continued growth of Paleo/Primal diet and lifestyle acceptance and popularity, the demand for this type of health coaching will continue to rise. Set yourself apart, by investing in the Primal niche.

A Coaching Program for All Types of Health Professionals

Whether you’re a nutrition coach, a life coach, a fitness coach or a healthcare practitioner, expanding your skillset to include Paleo/Primal offerings will open up new avenues of earning potentials and greater options for your clients’ specific needs.

PERSONAL TRAINERS will gain an excellent big-picture perspective regarding the importance of balancing stress and rest and deftly blending frequent low-intensity movement, regular brief, intense strength training sessions, and occasional all-out sprints. While many trainers possess specialized expertise and education credentials on workout modalities such as MovNat, Spinning, Zumba and other group exercise classes, the Primal Blueprint Health Coach program offers a healthy perspective on fitness that is applicable and complementary to these types of specialized workouts.

DIETITIANS, NUTRITIONAL CONSULTANTS AND PRIVATE CHEFS will benefit from an education on nutrition and macronutrients from the ancestral health perspective, particularly as it differs from the low-fat, grain-based principles still touted by conventional wisdom. The course material goes beyond the mechanics of good nutrition to cover mealtime habits, shopping and cooking strategies, and a healthy emotional approach to weight management and maximum enjoyment of fine cuisine.

LIFE and HEALTH COACHES will obtain practical tools to help clients improve their diets, fine-tune their workouts, and embody a sensible, balanced, “enjoy life” perspective that often gets overlooked when following traditional regimented diet and fitness protocols. The Primal Blueprint program is flexible and customizable to the realities of hectic modern life and the personal preferences of clients.

PHYSICIANS, NURSES, NURSE PRACTITIONERS, PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS and other hands-on medical caregivers who realize that prevention and lifestyle modification are the most effective means of addressing many health complaints and diseases will greatly benefit from this program, since formal medical training covers little to none of the ground covered in the Primal Blueprint Health Coach program.

HEALTH EDUCATORS who teach students, whether in a university setting or through private courses, will enhance their knowledge and ability to speak confidently on the principles of evolutionary health. Educators will gain a deep understanding of the origin and scientific rationale of the prominent Primal talking points.

Make a Living Doing What You Love

"Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart." - Rumi

The 13th-century Sufi mystic Rumi was on to something. Life is short. Shouldn’t you spend your precious time doing something you love and sharing your gifts with the world? Trust us: the world needs your particular skill set! When you align your passion for a particular type of work with your career pursuits, you no longer have just a job... you have a PURPOSE.

Is Primal Health Coaching Right for You?

If you’re looking to help people make better diet and fitness decisions, assist with stress reduction, appreciate play, and discover their core values and motivators, then the Primal Health Coach program is here to help. Become a Primal Health Coach, and in addition to empowering people toward long-term healthy change, you’ll…

  • Become a Certified Health Coach without having to invest in a two- to four-year university program
  • Learn a nutrition and fitness system based on ancestral health science that's proven to get results
  • Be your own boss. Set your own schedule, own your own business and let your entrepreneurial spirit shine
  • Do work that you’re passionate about, staying inspired with life while you inspire others
  • Determine your own financial worth on the path to financial freedom
  • Enjoy career flexibility, as the opportunities for health coaches continue to expand
  • Study from the comfort of your own home, online and at your own pace

Ready to become one of the world’s most trusted, experienced and knowledgeable health coaches? Get certified as a Primal Health Coach.

Establish clout. Elevate your career. Enrich your knowledge… with the only comprehensive ancestral health certification program in existence.

Discover What You’ll Learn in the Primal Health Coach Coursework

Got questions? We have answers. Gain instant access to the Primal Health Coach Curriculum Guidebook.

In this digital guidebook, we cover:

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  • Exactly what you’ll learn in each of the 20 chapters
  • The exams, and how to pass them
  • Our library of multimedia educational resources
  • The business tools we provide and the skills you’ll learn