Last Updated: November 03, 2017

After a decade spent battling an eating disorder, the last thing Amy wanted to do was embark on another diet or deal with dietary restrictions. So when her CrossFit husband tried to get her onboard the paleo train, she was resistant.

It wasn’t until she became the mother of three small children with food sensitivities that she decided to move the family toward a paleo lifestyle. And so began her introduction to Mark Sisson, the primal movement, and the Primal Health Coach program. She finally found something that made sense, that worked, and that was sustainable.

Talking about her experience with the program thus far, Amy says:

“It is not easy, but I think that makes it worth it. I know that I’m getting a lot out of it.”

In her video, Amy explains how she makes studying work with three small children, and shares her goals as a soon-to-be-certified Primal Health Coach.

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